Little Kids Singing (Adorable and Scarily Good!)

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on October 11th, 2022

Nearly everyone, particularly parents, are amused and heartened when they hear little children singing. Their voices sound so innocent and charming that few can resist smiling, thinking to their own childhoods. There are some children, however, that reach far beyond the normal vocal talents of most children. Here are some marvelously talented singers that will leave you amazed.

Heavenly Joy lives up to her name

2015’s “America’s Got Talent” stand-out Heavenly Joy Jerkins, 5, might be the new generation’s next Shirley Temple. She has talent, charm, and enthusiasm enough for a school full of kindergartners. Her dancing, singing, and staging sense are certainly worthy of attention in the entertainment world. It seems that Hollywood caught her audition as well. Heavenly is now an actress at the ripe age of 9, lately appearing in House of Joy (2013) and Blazing Samurai (2021).

From grocery store to talent finalist

Calum Courtney, all of 10 years old, wowed the judges of “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2018. His cover of Smokey Robinson’s song, “I Wonder Who’s Loving Her Now” brought the audience to its feet with his mature stage presence and spot-on vocals. His mother says Calum has high-functioning autism but never gets nervous when singing in public. Both his grandparents performed on London’s West End stages, so there’s that family influence again. His journey began when he spontaneously broke into song in a local Asda Groceries store. The video of that performance went viral. His BGT performance even garnered two thumbs-up from tough judge Simon Cowell. No surprise that Calum ended up in the finals of the competition.

Little Sophie pays tribute to ‘old blue eyes

Sophie Fatu,5, is an American jazz singer from Charleston, West Virginia. On 2018’s “America’s Got Talent,” she sang Frank Sinatra’s famous “My Way.” Although she didn’t advance further than the judge’s cuts, don’t worry. She is currently an actress, jazz singer, and model at just 6. She comes by performing talent honestly. Her mother, Victoria Fatu, is a well-known concert pianist. Her father, Christian Fatu, Romanian born, is a prize-winning concert violinist.

“No one” can diva like Natalie

When she was just 10, Natalie Okri of North London, England, appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” season 6, singing Alicia Keyes’ “No One.” She’d love to be a diva, just like Beyoncé. Check out her moves! She certainly had the audience on their feet and dancing along. She finished third in the year’s competition, just behind Susan Boyle. She is now a young R&B and Soul singer on her way to stardom.

Shaney-Lee, the UK cowboy

Shaney-Lee Pool, 7, lives on a small farm “just by the airport in Bristol,” England. The tiny boy is a huge Country & Western music fan. His favorite singers include Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Shaney-Lee takes his cowpoke persona seriously. He rode his Shetland pony, Bobby Brown, to the “Britain’s Got Talent” audition, leaving the pony secured in the parking lot of the building. He performed John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads” and brought the house down and the audience to its feet. Shaney-Lee has all his moves down, too, from singing into the mic to tapping his foot.

Angelica belts out songs like no other

Angelica Hale 9, wants to follow the footsteps of Whitney Houston. Her appearance on an audition at “America’s Got Talent” in 2017 stunned the audience singing “Rise Up.” Just four years ago, after a serious illness, her kidneys failed. Her mom donated a kidney to save Angelica. From Atlanta, Georgia, this 4th grader has an amazingly mature voice. Her performance left the judges and audience non-plussed. It’s hard to imagine such a tiny girl could find such a big voice inside her. Angelica is certainly on her way to singing stardom.

How do you raise a super-star?

Let’s not forget where all these little stars found their singing talents. It begins in the crib. Science News reports that researchers at the University of Miami found a deep connection between parents and infants when music when parents sang to their babies. Connection through song is an ancient human heritage. Why not let it be part of your life and that of your infant? Here are some precious babies finding their voices.

Here’s a sweet two-year-old singing “Don’t Let Me Down,” early version.

Tiny girl loves “Baby, Baby”. What a stage presence!

Two-year-old Makenna loves Adele and makes sure you know it.

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on October 11th, 2022