50 Perfectly Matched Middle Names for Leo

Leo middle names that roar!

Written by Neve Updated on November 13th, 2023

Picking a first name for your new baby is hard, as a name plays a huge influence on how other people see a child. That’s why most parents take so much time searching in books or Google to find an ideal first name.

Yet strangely enough, it’s the task of choosing a middle name that usually makes parents unravel at the seams as there are so many things to consider, such as:

  • Does it sound right?
  • Which family member to honor?
  • Will other kids make fun of it in the schoolyard?

A first name is unique to the child who owns it, but what makes it even more distinct is a well chosen middle name. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of amazing middle names that should hopefully inspire you while making your decision. So without delay, let’s see if we can track down a middle name for Leo.

Middle name suggestions for Leo

  1. Leo Ahmir
  2. Leo Alistair
  3. Leo Amari
  4. Leo Bjorn
  5. Leo Boone
  6. Leo Caden
  7. Leo Callum
  8. Leo Carson
  9. Leo Cory
  10. Leo Dalton
  11. Leo Darren
  12. Leo Devon
  13. Leo Eliezer
  14. Leo Emmitt
  15. Leo Fletcher
  16. Leo Flynn
  17. Leo Gage
  18. Leo Garrett
  19. Leo Gideon
  20. Leo Harris
  21. Leo Hendrix
  22. Leo Henrik
  23. Leo Isaiah
  24. Leo Ishaan
  25. Leo Jabari
  26. Leo Jace
  27. Leo Jacoby
  28. Leo Jay
  29. Leo Kamari
  30. Leo Kyler
  31. Leo Lawrence
  32. Leo Layton
  33. Leo Maddox
  34. Leo Nikolai
  35. Leo Nixon
  36. Leo Omari
  37. Leo Onyx
  38. Leo Paxton
  39. Leo Quinn
  40. Leo Raiden
  41. Leo Roman
  42. Leo Scott
  43. Leo Shawn
  44. Leo Travis
  45. Leo Uriah
  46. Leo Vincent
  47. Leo Wade
  48. Leo Westley
  49. Leo Yusuf
  50. Leo Zander

Our two favorites are Gideon (of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘woodsman’), and Maddox (of Welsh origin, meaning ‘fortunate’). The monosyllabic, powerful name Leo requires a longer tag of character and substance to complement it, and we reckon both Gideon and Maddox fit the bill perfectly. 

But there are countless choices here, so go ahead and pick a name that sounds right for you. 

Why a middle name is significant

Deciding on a middle name for your son is crucial, but remember, what works for him needn’t necessarily work so well for others, so think carefully before choosing the right moniker for Leo. 

Names with religious or spiritual significance to you and your spouse often make classic options for middle names. You might even consider a traditional family surname to keep the lineage buoyant.  

Whatever route you decide to go down, make sure the middle name is something you both agree on as parents and that it’ll be loved and treasured by your son throughout his life. 

Remembering a family member – honoring your heritage

Many families choose middle names for their child in honor of a beloved relative, such as a grandparent, uncle, aunt, or close friend who’ve played a significant role in their lives. This will demonstrate your affection for them while, at the same time, preserving their memory within your heart.

Another popular way of connecting both families is by giving mom’s maiden name to your child as a middle name. This also serves to continue the family tree.

There are even ways of honoring family members without actually using their name. For example, if your dear departed grandma’s birthstone was a sapphire (which she may have worn on a pendant throughout her life), you could give your daughter the middle name Sapphire, honoring grandma through the gemstone connection.

Your cultural background could also offer a great source of inspiration, especially if you refer to your country of birth for name alternatives that would acknowledge your roots. 

Or perhaps do a little research and investigate your family tree. That way you might discover an ancestor with an attractive and unique name to offer your child as a middle name, connecting him with your family heritage.

Middle name or nickname?

Kids have always loved nicknames, mainly because they’re unique and help them stand out from the crowd.

A nickname normally arises within a small group of children and develops into a powerful symbol of how your child is seen within that circle. It can also create a bond of intimacy and trust, both crucial attributes in the forging of longstanding friendships.

As our children grow, their nicknames give them a chance to lighten up and show others that they’re up for a laugh. Apart from this, a kid’s nickname can sure help out the teacher if there are three or four Jasons or Matildas in their classroom!

Full name alert


Nothing is scarier than the ominous sound of mom or dad addressing a renegade child with the ‘full name warning’. Every kids knows that when they hear their first, middle, and last name hollered, trouble’s on the way!

But the ‘full name’ approach can also be a great way of trying out all of your potential middle names to see which one makes the perfect fit. Experiment with your partner (or another willing volunteer) by calling them out loudly till the name you’ve been searching for finally emerges as that magical, elusive middle name!

Meaning of the name Leo

The name Leo is of Latin origin and means ‘lion’, and is a much used name for boys in many countries, especially the United States, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. 

Some famous Leos include Russian author Leo Tolstoy, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, musician Leon Bridges, and basketball player LeBron James. 

Astrologically, Leo is regarded as the 5th sign of the zodiac with the characteristics of those born under this sign being compassion, generosity and natural leadership.

Wrapping up

Middle name options for a wild and powerful name like Leo are endless, so although our list isn’t totally exhaustive, let it spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing in your quest to discover a moniker of your own for Leo.

Happy hunting, parents!

Written by Neve Updated on November 13th, 2023