49 Awesome Middle Names for Adeline

Adeline names that dance!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022

Welcome and congratulations in choosing such an elegant name as Adeline for your daughter. Having made your decision, you may be faltering over that all-important middle name, or perhaps unconvinced that your child even needs one.

With so many things to think about both practically and emotionally, we’re not surprised to see you struggling with this common dilemma.

Because we love the intricate art of name-matching we’ve created a list of middle names from various sources and databases (and even chatted with lots of parents of Adelines) just to help you get started.

So relax and scroll through our list – perhaps you’ll find the elusive middle name you’ve been looking for.

Middle name ideas for Adeline

  1. Adeline Aila
  2. Adeline Alessia
  3. Adeline Alexia
  4. Adeline Alisson
  5. Adeline Amara
  6. Adeline Blaire
  7. Adeline Blake
  8. Adeline Blakely
  9. Adeline Bria
  10. Adeline Camryn
  11. Adeline Chloe
  12. Adeline Dahlia
  13. Adeline Demi
  14. Adeline Elise
  15. Adeline Ellianna
  16. Adeline Francesca
  17. Adeline Freya
  18. Adeline Giuliana
  19. Adeline Gloria
  20. Adeline Hattie
  21. Adeline Haven
  22. Adeline Irene
  23. Adeline Isabel
  24. Adeline Jaycee
  25. Adeline Jayda
  26. Adeline Kadence
  27. Adeline Kaisley
  28. Adeline Khaleesi
  29. Adeline Leia
  30. Adeline Leighton
  31. Adeline Macy
  32. Adeline Maddison
  33. Adeline Nellie
  34. Adeline Nicole
  35. Adeline Novalee
  36. Adeline Olive
  37. Adeline Ophelia
  38. Adeline Palmer
  39. Adeline Pearl
  40. Adeline Queen
  41. Adeline Quinn
  42. Adeline Raya
  43. Adeline Sasha
  44. Adeline Skyler
  45. Adeline Tiana
  46. Adeline Tori
  47. Adeline Ximena
  48. Adeline Zara
  49. Adeline Zoe

The two that stand out for us are Gloria (from Latin, meaning ‘glory’), and Dahlia (from Hebrew, meaning ‘flowering branch’), as both flow gently with the distinguished sounding Adeline.

But these are just our thoughts – now it’s your turn to unveil a name that looks and sounds right for you.

The benefits of a middle name

Despite there being no hard or fast rules for picking middle names (they’re not even legally required), more than 80% of today’s kids now have one.

Some of the benefits of having a middle name:

  • A middle name distinguishes your child from other kids with the same name (especially in the classroom).
  • If a child grows to dislike his or her first name, their middle name can become a ‘safety net’, or alternative preferred name.
  • Provides an ideal compromise between parents who are still undecided on one particular name.
  • What better way to say ‘I love you’ to a dear departed friend or relative than offering their name to your child, while at the same time safeguarding their memory within the family?

Honoring a family member or ancestor

Make your daughter’s middle name catchy or noteworthy by honoring a grandparent, great great aunt, or (and why not?) the founder of your family’s dynasty from times long past.

Checking your ancestry records could lead you to a long forgotten grandparent with a name that’s perfect for your daughter and whose memory you could revive in the blink of an eye. And though their name may have been common then, it may sound extremely trendy today.

On another note, we know someone who remembered that her dear departed aunty wore a pendant containing the quartz crystal citrine throughout her whole life. Both the stone and it’s name fascinated our friend so much that, unsurprisingly, her daughter’s middle name became Citrine.

Another middle name suggestion is the age-old practice of offering mom’s maiden name to your child, bringing both families closer together and further preserving the family tree.

If coming from a particular cultural environment, why not offer your child a middle name that acknowledges this, such as the name of the region or village where you were born? This could help her with a real insight into her cultural roots. 

Potential for nicknames 

Nicknames make people more personable, can act as a term of endearment or affection, and, most of all, kids love them.

Whether it’s because a nickname makes them feel special or just because they’re fun, nicknames are here to stay and are mostly created from middle names.

They usually originate among small groups of children, quickly becoming symbolic of how a child is viewed within that circle. Nicknames often nurture bonds of intimacy and trust among young friends, sometimes extending over the course of a lifetime.

Some middle names have endless creative nickname options. For instance, Edward is ripe for Ted, Teddy, Ned, or Eddie, while Madeline easily becomes Mads, Maddie, Lyn, or even Mad Dog! So don’t hesitate to offer your child a nickname-rich middle name.

The full-name deterrent!

A winning formula that often works while choosing a middle name is to call them out aloud to hear how they resonate with your child’s first and last names. While many parents write them down to see what they look like, it also helps to know what they’ll sound like when heard aloud.

Who can forget mom or dad hollering out our full name whenever we’d stepped over the line? For example: ‘CONOR MARLON DEXTER – STOP PAINTING THE CAT’, is a failsafe device that soon stops any rogue kid in their tracks. So a little practice while picking that middle name will make sure that it sounds good, especially when called out loudly across the park!

Meaning of the name Adeline

The Germanic meaning of Adeline is ‘noble’, while its Hebrew counterpart is ‘ornament’; while the qualities of a girl named Adeline are that she’s sensitive, curious, persuasive, and zany!

While the name is a diminutive of Madeline, its most popular nicknames are: Adele, Ada, Delia, Ada, and Lena.

Over the last 20 years, the name Adeline has enjoyed such a surge in popularity that it sits comfortably within the list of America’s top 50 girl’s names.

Wrapping up

If not enchanted by any of the middle names on our list, don’t worry – at least it should spark your imagination into life to do some brainstorming of your own.

Have fun with your adventure!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022