50 Spellbinding Middle Names for Ava

Magical middle names she will cherish forever

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022

A name is the most meaningful, enduring gift you can possibly offer your child. As it actually represents who they are, hopefully they’ll wear it as they would an amulet, or a favorite piece of jewelry throughout their life.

Now you’ve chosen the perfect first name for your beloved newborn – classy, simple, sophisticated and beautiful – it’s time to consider the ideal middle name for Ava, one that will pair perfectly!

While you’re perusing, researching, and imagining, we’ve put together some great combinations of choices for middle names. Fifty of today’s most common names are paired with names that are complementary, easy to use, and even easy to spell.

A middle name (or even two!) can be unique and adventurous; perhaps names you loved but which felt a bit too ‘edgy’ to use as a first name.

There are loads of ways to pick a great name pairing. If you don’t fancy using the name of a dear, departed relative (grandfather or grandma) as a first name, choosing it as a middle name might be a cool option!

Or maybe you’d prefer to go for something modern or rare? What’s fun with choosing a middle name is the freedom you have to be creative.

We got rather picky with this selection; only those middle names that ring beautifully with Ava have made the cut! 

Middle name ideas for girls named Ava

Let’s jump right into our list, which includes ideas from parents of real Avas, along with a few of our own, thrown in for good measure:

  1. Ava Aarya
  2. Ava Adalee
  3. Ava Alice
  4. Ava Aubrie
  5. Ava Bailey
  6. Ava Beatrice
  7. Ava Blair
  8. Ava Brittany
  9. Ava Cameron
  10. Ava Catherine
  11. Ava Clementine
  12. Ava Drew
  13. Ava Dylan
  14. Ava Eleanor
  15. Ava Ella
  16. Ava Emerson
  17. Ava Estelle
  18. Ava Francesca
  19. Ava Gabriella
  20. Ava Grace
  21. Ava Harleigh
  22. Ava Isabelle
  23. Ava Jaycee
  24. Ava Josephine
  25. Ava Joy
  26. Ava Kaitlyn
  27. Ava Kendall
  28. Ava Lennox
  29. Ava Logan
  30. Ava Mackenzie
  31. Ava Maddison
  32. Ava Margot
  33. Ava Nathalia
  34. Ava Noor
  35. Ava Olive
  36. Ava Reagan
  37. Ava Rebecca
  38. Ava Rylee
  39. Ava Scarlett
  40. Ava Sky
  41. Ava Teresa
  42. Ava Victoria
  43. Ava Violet
  44. Ava Willow
  45. Ava Winter
  46. Ava Xiomara
  47. Ava Zoe

My favorites have to be Ava Estelle and Ava Xiomara. Estelle just sounds sweet and charming, while the middle name Xiomara signifies a strong, brave woman. We think they’re both great picks, but, hey, go with whatever sounds best to you!

Tips for choosing the perfect middle name

To begin with, keep it simple! Write some names down – how do they look? Say them out loud – how do they sound? Do the first and middle names flow together like waves or do they seem a tad clunky?

Easy, huh? Well now you’ve got a shortlist, here are three things to consider before picking your middle name for Ava.

A middle name preserves the family heritage.

Last names as middle names? Often, a family might give mom’s maiden name to their child as a middle name, connecting both families and preserving the family tree.

A middle name can help you stay connected with your heritage or culture, acknowledge your family’s roots, and become a central part of your child’s personal identity. 

It can also be used to honor the memory of a family member and give an insight into your child’s cultural background.

A middle name can become your nickname

Ah, nicknames! 

Middle names do more than just serve as a forgotten part of your family identity. They can be used as nicknames, and, in some cases, as an actual middle name. 

A middle name nickname can sound cool, cute, powerful, trendy, etc. Just remember, does it mean something special? Does it make people smile? Will it grow with your child? Does it SUIT your baby, or, as they grow older, will they feel embarrassed by it? And, most important, will it be a name that smarty-pants kids could make fun of in the school playground?   

It could be the name of your favorite author, singer, film star, or even a name that’s just been one of your longtime personal favorites! 

The full name powerplay – a sure-fire winner!

Remember getting into trouble as a kid and mom or dad addressing you ominously by your full name including all middle names? Yikes! Everybody knows that the use of a child’s full name wields great power! There’s nothing quite like the ‘dread’ created when parents call their kids by their full name to get their attention – fast!

When kids are being rebellious, or running riot – as soon as mom or dad play the full-name card, they know there’s big trouble afoot!

We offer this as a sage reminder not to pick a middle name will lead to embarrassment (her and you) as you bellow it across the playpark.

Meaning of the name Ava

Ava, a name that’s loved by many due to its short powerful sound and easy spelling, is a popular choice with parents. 

What makes it special? It comes from the Latin word for ‘life’, and means, ‘breathes life into’.

The name Ava might also be another version of Eve or Eva, which comes from the Hebrew name, Havva, meaning, ‘life’ or ‘lively.’

Yet another meaning for Ava is ‘voice or sound’, which has Persian origins.

It’s also a name that dates back to medieval, Germanic times. 

The popularity of the name, Ava, has been growing rapidly over the past few years in both the United States and Europe. In fact, Ava was the third most popular name for a baby in both 2020 and 2021.

Wrapping up

A middle name is often as important as their first and last, and can end up playing a major part in how they identify with the world and those around them.

We hope you’ll find something from our list that will go perfectly with your little Ava. 

Just keep in mind there’s no right or wrong way to choose a middle name, so just relax and let your imagination do the rest!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022