47 Middle Names for Charlotte

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022

No wonder parents often agonize over the perfect baby name. After all, what can be more important than finding the perfect moniker for your little one?

Having decided on the beautiful name Charlotte for your baby girl, you may still be struggling to decide on an ideal middle name. 

Will it flow naturally and blend seamlessly with her first and last names? Remember – something simple can still prove inspirational if it contains a personal family connection.

So if you’re stuck for ideas, try browsing through our list of captivating middle names for babies named Charlotte.

Middle name ideas for girls named Charlotte

Some middle names for Charlotte that will make her stand out are:

  1. Charlotte Adalee
  2. Charlotte Adelaide
  3. Charlotte Braylee
  4. Charlotte Brooke
  5. Charlotte Chandler
  6. Charlotte Corinne
  7. Charlotte Della
  8. Charlotte Demi
  9. Charlotte Elle
  10. Charlotte Ellen
  11. Charlotte Frankie
  12. Charlotte Freya
  13. Charlotte Grace
  14. Charlotte Gwen
  15. Charlotte Harper
  16. Charlotte Hayden
  17. Charlotte Itzel
  18. Charlotte Ivy
  19. Charlotte Jane
  20. Charlotte Janelle
  21. Charlotte Kaisley
  22. Charlotte Kaiya
  23. Charlotte Lainey
  24. Charlotte Lana
  25. Charlotte Lexie
  26. Charlotte Lia
  27. Charlotte Maddison
  28. Charlotte Madelyn
  29. Charlotte Olivia
  30. Charlotte Paige
  31. Charlotte Phoebe
  32. Charlotte Piper
  33. Charlotte Raquel
  34. Charlotte Raya
  35. Charlotte Samara
  36. Charlotte Saoirse
  37. Charlotte Tessa
  38. Charlotte Thalia
  39. Charlotte Valerie
  40. Charlotte Veda
  41. Charlotte Willa
  42. Charlotte Winter
  43. Charlotte Ximena
  44. Charlotte Xiomara
  45. Charlotte Yareli
  46. Charlotte Zahra
  47. Charlotte Zainab

My own favorites have to be Olivia and Grace as they both roll off the tongue beautifully. 

Olivia is a Latin name meaning ‘olive tree’ and is the feminine version of the boy’s name Oliver – while meanings for Grace include ‘goodness’, ‘charm’, and ‘generosity’. In Greek mythology, the name Grace means beauty and joy. 

The importance of picking a middle name

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when picking a middle name, in fact you don’t even need to choose one. Having said that, over 80% of all parents give their children middle names because it’s so traditional, with 10% giving two or more. 

Some think a middle name will distinguish their child from others with the same first name. On the other hand, a middle name can actually enhance a child’s name, especially when it represents a person or a loved one who is close to the family.  

A middle name can be used to honor a dearly beloved family member, friend, or godparent. Or even one of your favorite authors, film stars or inspirational figures. 

Consider how the middle name will sound in relation to their first and last names. Parents often choose a middle name that echoes their child’s first name, while others may go for a more unique (or even outlandish!) moniker, making them stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps the middle name you opt for can be your ‘second choice’ first name – the one that didn’t quite make it to the top of the tree!

Whatever you decide, be sure the middle name you choose is one your child will cherish and be happy with.

3 things to consider while choosing a middle name:

Honoring family members with middle names

Middle names are a way of honoring a loved one who has passed away. You could choose the name of a grandparent, aunt, or uncle to carry on their memory, or of someone who was close to you and played a special part in your life. This is a great way for your child to remember them.

And did you know there are ways to honor a family member without actually using their name? For instance, say your mother’s favorite flower is a rose (she might even have had roses in her wedding bouquet), why not consider Rose (or Rosalie) as your middle name for Charlotte, while honoring mom through the floral connection?

Nickname potential

A middle name can also be a way to give your child a cute nickname. One attraction a nickname is found in the ways you can shorten it, for example; Sam for Samantha, Jo (or Joey) for Josephine, etc.

Floral names are currently becoming red-hot favorites for nicknames, such as Daisy, Blossom, Petal, Poppy, or Magnolia to name but a few. Or, if you feel colorful, how about picking a name like Blue, Hazel, Jade, Magnolia, Goldie, or Olive?

Use your imagination and remember, if it’s short and sounds good, doesn’t confuse anyone, and isn’t a moniker the school bully can poke fun at, then it will probably work.

The full-name power play

Nothing sounds more ominous than the sound of mom or dad calling kids by their full (first, middle and last) name. The tried and tested, ‘full-name power play’ warning continues to strike fear into the heart of even the most anarchic child.

Every kid knows that when mom or dad plays the full-name card, then trouble is brewing fast.

On the other hand, this could even help you decide on a great middle name. Try calling out all your choices to see which ones slip off the tongue most naturally. Who knows, this way you could even come up with a winner.

About the name Charlotte

The French name, Charlotte, is the feminine form of Charles, and means ‘petite’ and feminine’. It’s currently the 9th most popular name in the United States, having first been popularized by England’s Queen Charlotte Sophia, the wife of King George III. 

Heir to the British throne, Prince William, along with his wife Kate Middleton have recently named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana; meaning that Princess Charlotte may soon become the most famous Charlotte in the world!

Among other famous Charlottes are the renowned English author Charlotte Bronte, who wrote the classic masterpiece, ‘Jane Eyre’. 

Wrapping up

Hopefully you’ll find the perfect middle name you’re looking for in the above list, otherwise we think it could at least kick start your own creative journey!

These are just a few names that go well with Charlotte, though the list is far from exhaustive. Let’s know what you come up with, parents – and happy hunting!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022