45 Charming Middle Names for Chloe

Chloe middle names that sound complete.

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022

Congratulations! After months of emotional and animated discussions you’ve finally decided on a beautiful first name for your daughter: Chloe. 

Having spent all that time deciding on a first name, we hope you haven’t run out of ideas now that it’s time to choose a perfect middle name!

If so, we invite you to relax, put your feet up, and have a look through the list of potential middle names we’ve put together based on our talks with parents of real Chloes, plus searches through endless discussion forums and databases.

So without further ado, remembering there are no hard or fast rules for picking middle names, here are some great middle names for a girl called Chloe.

Middle names that go with Chloe

Try speaking them out loud to see what happens!

  1. Chloe Adaline
  2. Chloe Alessia
  3. Chloe Averi
  4. Chloe Avianna
  5. Chloe Blair
  6. Chloe Brittany
  7. Chloe Cataleya
  8. Chloe Clementine
  9. Chloe Davina

    10.  Chloe Delaney

  1. Chloe Ember
  2. Chloe Emerie
  3. Chloe Felicity
  4. Chloe Francesca
  5. Chloe Greta
  6. Chloe Gwen
  7. Chloe Hailey
  8. Chloe Heaven
  9. Chloe Hope
  10. Chloe Ivory
  11. Chloe Izabella
  12. Chloe Jayda
  13. Chloe Jazmine
  14. Chloe Kamryn
  15. Chloe Kayla
  16. Chloe Laura
  17. Chloe Luna
  18. Chloe Madeleine
  19. Chloe Miracle
  20. Chloe Natalie
  21. Chloe Nevaeh
  22. Chloe Olivia
  23. Chloe Ophelia
  24. Chloe Phoebe
  25. Chloe Promise
  26. Chloe Ruth
  27. Chloe Ryleigh
  28. Chloe Skyler
  29. Chloe Summer
  30. Chloe Victoria
  31. Chloe Vivienne
  32. Chloe Winnie
  33. Chloe Wynter
  34. Chloe Yara
  35. Chloe Zendaya

Our favorite picks would have to be Luna (from Latin, meaning ‘moon’) and Summer, as both names slip eloquently off the tongue to complement the fragrant-sounding Chloe. There are so many choices, now it’s time for you to choose the one that sounds right for you.

The significance of a middle name

Although a middle name isn’t legally necessary, they’ve now become so popular that 80% of todays’ kids are now the recipients of a middle name (while 10% have two or three)! 

If a child’s first and last names are fairly conventional, a middle name can be a great way to ‘personalize’ their name, especially if it represents a person, place, or idea symbolic in some way to you as parents.

A middle name can even come to the rescue as a ‘back up’ or precaution against a child growing bored with, or disliking their first name (and, yes, it does occasionally happen)!

Having an unusual or unique middle name helps your child to stand out, especially when sharing their first name with other kids in class!

Honoring family members – preserving your heritage

Honoring a dear family member or friend through the medium of your child’s middle name is a perfect way to demonstrate your affection for loved ones while safeguarding their memory within your hearts. Choose the name of a grandparent or relative who has been specially influential in your lives. 

You can even honor a departed family member without actually using their name. For instance, if your dear grandmother’s favorite gemstone was a ruby (she may have worn one on a pendant since she was a child herself), why not contemplate Ruby as your middle name for Chloe while honoring grandma through the ‘precious stone’ connection?

Middle names are increasingly being used to continue a family name or to conserve its cultural heritage, especially if it’s a fun way of ensuring your children stay connected with their family roots.

By checking your ancestry records you could discover a great grandparent with a name that could be ideal for your child; a cool way of honoring your family heritage while, at the same time, finding a name which, though sounding traditional back then, might sound seriously trendy today.

Nickname potential

What’s in a nickname? We all respond naturally to affection and kindness, just like a family pet! One sure way of bonding with a friend is by creating a ‘pet’ or nickname for them.

Some kids feel more comfortable using their nickname as it’s important to have a unique, personal name that they’re known by among their intimate circle of friends. 

Another feature of the ‘nickname attraction’ is about the number of different ways you can shorten a middle name. Catherine could become Cat, Kate, or Kitty, while Penelope might morph into Pen, Pip, Lola or Poppy.

And what about those initials? These days, initials follow us all over the place; on towels, briefcases, schoolbags, etc. So be extremely careful to not end up embarrassing your kid with your choice of middle name initials… For instance, how might little Patrick Eamon Eddison or Angela Susan Smith feel when followed around the playground by the school bully who’s spotted the initials P.E.E. and A.S.S. printed clearly on their gym bags!

How not to sound silly when hollering at your child in public!

Any parent knows that the best way to grab a wayward kid’s attention is by calling them out by their first, second, and last name. For example, ‘BARBARA DIANA HEPBURN – STOP PAINTING THE CAT NOW!’ will surely stop your little budding artist immediately. 

Just make sure the middle name you’ve chosen slips smoothly off the tongue along with the others and doesn’t sound too clunky when called out across the park!

Meaning of the name Chloe

In Latin, the name Chloe means ‘flourishing’ or ‘like a green shoot’ (literally referring to young shoots of foliage that appear in Spring), its bearer representing the qualities of beauty, youth, and vibrancy. 

The name Chloe has been one of the most popular 100 names in the United States since 1998, and in 2020, rose to #26 on the list.

Coolest nicknames for Chloe are Clo, Clover, Lola, and Co-Co.

Wrapping up

Admittedly our list is far from exhaustive but we hope it inspires you in your search for the perfect middle name for your daughter. 

As ever, the decision’s in your hands, so take your time and have fun. Happy hunting, parents! 

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022