51 Distinguished Middle Names for Elizabeth

Middle names that make Elizabeth sparkle

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on October 11th, 2022

Now that you’ve picked the classic, sophisticated name Elizabeth for your daughter, you may be stuck while finding an ideal middle name. But don’t worry, we love name-matching and have come up with a variety of names that could provide at least one middle name for her.

So without further ado, let’s browse through the list to find an exceptional middle name, not forgetting that these are just some ideas that could spark your own imagination.

Middle name ideas for Elizabeth

  1. Elizabeth Aaliyah
  2. Elizabeth Addilyn
  3. Elizabeth Adelaide
  4. Elizabeth Belle
  5. Elizabeth Braelyn
  6. Elizabeth Brielle
  7. Elizabeth Cara
  8. Elizabeth Cassidy
  9. Elizabeth Della
  10. Elizabeth Denisse
  11. Elizabeth Drew
  12. Elizabeth Elliana
  13. Elizabeth Ellis
  14. Elizabeth Felicity
  15. Elizabeth Frankie
  16. Elizabeth Giana
  17. Elizabeth Giselle
  18. Elizabeth Hadassah
  19. Elizabeth Harlee
  20. Elizabeth Ivory
  21. Elizabeth Ivy
  22. Elizabeth Jaycee
  23. Elizabeth Jaylee
  24. Elizabeth Julieta
  25. Elizabeth Kaliyah
  26. Elizabeth Kara
  27. Elizabeth Kassidy
  28. Elizabeth Laura
  29. Elizabeth Leanna
  30. Elizabeth Leighton
  31. Elizabeth Lorelei
  32. Elizabeth Maci
  33. Elizabeth Maisie
  34. Elizabeth Marceline
  35. Elizabeth Mavis
  36. Elizabeth Nellie
  37. Elizabeth Noemi
  38. Elizabeth Noor
  39. Elizabeth Paige
  40. Elizabeth Quinn
  41. Elizabeth Reese
  42. Elizabeth Saige
  43. Elizabeth Simone
  44. Elizabeth Sky
  45. Elizabeth Tessa
  46. Elizabeth Tiffany
  47. Elizabeth Vera
  48. Elizabeth Vivienne
  49. Elizabeth Winter
  50. Elizabeth Yaretzi
  51. Elizabeth Zoie

Our two favorites have to be Kara (the Greek meaning is ‘pure’ – while the Irish is ‘friend’) and the equally short, but sweet-sounding, Tessa (from Greek; meaning ‘to gather’). Tessa is also an Old English derivative of Theresa.

Now it’s time for you to choose. Bear in mind that a name with one or two syllables may be a more appropriate match-up for the longer, four-syllabled Elizabeth. Remember not to string three long names together unless you want your daughter to get frustrated filling in all those forms as she gets older.

Significance of a middle name

In today’s world there’s no longer just a handful of ‘appropriate’ names to choose from. Parents now select from a vast range plucked freely from history, art, literature and popular culture. At the same time, they leave no stone unturned when picking unusual or unique middle names for their children.

Try to choose a name that reflects your child’s personality and which doesn’t sound uneven or out of place. Some kids grow up disliking their first name (you’d better believe it!) and opt to use their middle name instead, so pick something practical, if only in a scaled-down form.

Honoring a public figure, relative, or ancestor

A long-standing way of honoring a beloved family member (or someone else close to you) is to pass on their name, or a variation of it, to your child as a middle name.

Remembering a departed aunt, uncle, or grandparent this way helps your son or daughter feel more connected with their roots or cultural heritage, while retaining their distinctive identity through their first name.

Have you considered looking through your family tree to trace an ancestor with an attractive, unusual sounding name which might offer your child a sense of her own history? Also, if your choice of middle name has a tale attached to it, they’ll love to hear it again and again as they get older.

You could even honor a best friend, sporting hero, favorite movie star, or, as there are no hard or fast rules these days, you could opt for an obscure reference or place name that only you or your family will understand.  

Nicknames are fun – though be careful with those initials!

Nicknames usually arise within small groups and can come to symbolize how a child is perceived within that circle. Among these groups, nicknames can evolve into intimate relationships because they’re known only between other group members.

Though nicknames can look and sound cute or trendy, be sure the one you choose will grow with your child and not become a source of embarrassment as they get older.

No one knows why kids love nicknames so much. Maybe it’s because they make them feel special or because they’re just fun. No matter the reason, nicknames often develop from middle names.

The name Elizabeth is packed with nickname options such as Liz and Beth, the vintage Betty or Beth, and the more contemporary Libby, Zibby, or Ellie.

And another thing – be sure their initials don’t spell out anything embarrassing! Young Arnold Simon Sternberg (ASS), or little Penelope Molly Taylor (PMT) may wonder why their plainly initialled gym bag (or satchel) is attracting all those sniggers in the schoolyard, especially from the school bully! 

The rhythm of the full name

Try calling first, middle, and last names out loud to determine if they flow smoothly. Or write them clearly on paper to see if they look nice together. If you’ve decided on a long first name (such as Elizabeth), and have a long surname, you may want to go for a short middle name.

Sooner or later your children will, without exception, push your patience buttons to the limit, at which time you’ll find yourself fearsomely addressing them by their full name, e.g.; MEREDITH JASMINE CHANDLER, FOR THE ZILLIONTH TIME – PLEASE TIDY YOUR BEDROOM! This may occasionally happen in a public place, so best make sure their full name doesn’t sound too cumbersome.

About the name Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a female name of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God Is My Oath’, and was the name of the mother of John the Baptist in the Bible.

This name has remained in the top 25 list of most popular girls names in America for the last century, with many experts predicting a huge surge in the number of parents naming their newborn daughters Elizabeth in honor of the recently departed, and much loved, Queen Elizabeth ll of Great Britain.

Wrapping up

So there we have it, folks, we hope you’ve found the perfect fit for a middle name for your Elizabeth. If not, maybe it’ll act as the springboard you need to get your brain going with ideas of your own. Enjoy the adventure!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on October 11th, 2022