45 Enchanting Middle Names for Ella

Ella middle names to melt your heart

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022

Deciding on the perfect name for your baby is not an easy choice as there are so many factors to consider. While preoccupied with buying diapers, baby wipes, strollers, car seats, and designing the nursery, etc., make sure you don’t forget about that all-important middle name for your child!.

Believe it or not, a middle name can impact the life of your child as much as their first, so choosing the right one for your baby girl can play a crucial part in welcoming her into the world.                      

To help you decide, here’s a list of 45 names drawn from various discussion forums, databases and meetings we’ve actually had with parents of real Ellas. We hope one will make a perfect fit for your daughter.  

Middle names that go with Ella

Why not repeat them aloud as you browse through – something magical might happen! 

  1.  Ella Aaliyah
  2.  Ella Adelaide
  3.  Ella Bexley
  4.  Ella Brianna
  5.  Ella Catalina
  6.  Ella Dani
  7.  Ella Denisse
  8.  Ella Elliott
  9.  Ella Ellison
  10.  Ella Felicity
  11.  Ella Frances
  12.  Ella Gabrielle
  13.  Ella Giavanna
  14.  Ella Harmony
  15.  Ella Hazel
  16.  Ella Isabelle
  17.  Ella Izabella
  18.  Ella Jayda
  19.  Ella Jordan
  20.  Ella Kamari
  21.  Ella Kassidy
  22.  Ella Lauryn
  23.  Ella Leighton
  24.  Ella Maci
  25.  Ella Makenzie
  26.  Ella Mallory
  27.  Ella Naomi
  28.  Ella Nevaeh
  29.  Ella Paige
  30.  Ella Penelope
  31.  Ella Quinn
  32.  Ella Reese
  33.  Ella Rivka
  34.  Ella Samira
  35.  Ella Sariah
  36.  Ella Sky
  37.  Ella Tiffany
  38.  Ella Tori
  39.  Ella Veda
  40.  Ella Vienna
  41.  Ella Willow
  42.  Ella Ximena
  43.  Ella Xiomara
  44.  Ella Yaretzi
  45.  Ella Zaniyah

Our favorites are Frances (from Latin, meaning ‘free one’); and the exotic sounding Kamari (of Arabic origin, meaning ‘moon’). Though both names blend melodiously with Ella, there are many options here, so pick one or two that look and sound best to you.

The significance of a middle name  

Picking a middle name for children is a landmark decision that could enhance how they’re viewed by others. Ideally, your choice of middle name will flow smoothly with their first and last names like a stream, won’t confuse or upset relatives too much, won’t be made fun of by smartypant kids at school, and, most of all, won’t embarrass your daughter as she blooms into a young lady!

Some basic tips for choosing an appropriate middle name:

  • If you have a particularly long surname, pick a shorter middle name.
  • If the first and last names are short, a longer middle name will add some panache.

Honoring family members and heritage 

Around 55% of middle names are chosen to honor a specific family member like an auntie, uncle, grandparent, or godparent. Choosing a middle name to reflect the memory of a loved one who’s made an impact in your life is the surest way of preserving their memory within your hearts.

We’ve known parents give moms’ maiden name to their child as a middle name, connecting couples even more while preserving the family tree.

You could also honor a family member without actually using their name! We have a friend whose mother’s favorite flowers were jasmin (she even had some in her wedding bouquet), so gave her daughter the middle name Jasmin to honor of her dear grandma through the floral connection.

If you’re from a specific cultural upbringing, why not consider giving your child a middle name that acknowledges your heritage, such as the place you were born? Perhaps track down your family tree and locate an ancestor with an unusual, colorful name, giving your child a true sense of history.

How about a nickname?

What’s fun about middle names is their potential for unearthing playful, clever and cool  nicknames. Nicknames can take on a life of their own and be impossible to predict.

The middle name Catherine could quickly become Kate, Cat, Katie, or Kitty, while Penelope could easily morph into Pip, Poppy, Nel, Posy, or Lola.

Kids love nicknames because it makes them feel special and important, but mainly because they’re fun! They also come in useful when there are other kids in the class with the same first name. Nicknames sure help out the teacher who has three or four James’s or Elizabeths to deal with!

Kids tend to fashion nicknames for each other when they’re in a small group, the names coming to represent how they’re viewed within that circle. This can blossom into a confidential symbol of 

trust and friendship, important attributes while bonding and breaking down barriers with others.

The full-name ‘here comes trouble’ remedy!

We think there’s nothing more menacing than the sound of mom or dad loudly calling a rebellious kid by their first, middle, and last name. “SOPHIA CHARLOTTE ANDREWS – STOP PAINTING YOUR BABY SISTER’S FACE AT ONCE”! The age old and reliable ‘full-name powerplay’ technique has stood the test of time as a way of stopping any child in their tracks, pronto!

Believe it or not, this can also be an equally effective means of coming up with that elusive middle name you’ve been struggling with. Take the names you’ve yet to decide on, call them out loudly (and slowly) in the full-name warning style and, bingo!, you could find a combination that flows easily off the tongue, making it your middle name of choice.

Meaning of the name Ella 

The name Ella has multiple meanings and origins, the most prominent ones being the Hebrew for ‘goddess’ and ‘beautiful’, and the Spanish for ‘young girl’ and ‘fairy maiden’.

The name Ella has steadily grown in popularity since the year 2000, peaking at #12 in America’s Top Names list in 2012. It now features regularly as a top 50 name.

Notable celebrities who’ve named their daughter Ella are Mark Wahlberg, Annette Bening, Eric Clapton, and John Travolta.

Wrapping up 

Choosing a middle name can be bothersome, so hopefully you’ve found one here, though our list isn’t exactly comprehensive. 

Remember – these are just a few ideas to help get your collective brain into gear. If nothing else, let it be a starting point for some creative gymnastics of your own.

Good luck, folks!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022