45 Stunning Middle Names for Evelyn

Modern and distinguished middle names that pair perfectly

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022

Evelyn is an elegant and timeless name for any woman. Whether she’s 3 or 33, this name will stand her in good stead. She can be Evvie for one stage of life, and Evelyn as a mature and accomplished woman. 

Middle names can be adjuncts to the first name. They can match in language origin and culture, honor an ancestor or admired woman, or serve as a shorter name for casual use. Most importantly, you should like each name independently. After all, this is your daughter you’re talking about. Naturally, she deserves two best names!

We have curated this series of middle name choices for the first name Evelyn with both traditional and unisex middle names. We hope you’ll find the perfect middle name for your little Evelyn.

Traditional female middle names for Evelyn

  1. Evelyn Ada (AY-duh or AH-duh) — German, meaning ‘noble,’ This name is a shortened form of Adelaide and Adelina.
  2. Evelyn Adalee (a-da-LEE) — is of Hebrew origin, meaning ‘God is my refuge’ and ‘noble one.’ 
  3. Evelyn Aila (AY-luh or EYE-luh) — in Scottish Gaelic means ‘From the strong place.’ In Finnish, it means ‘Bringer of light.’
  4. Evelyn Alana (a-LAH-nuh) — Alana is a girl’s name of Irish origin, meaning “handsome, cheerful.’ The name was initially used by the daughter of a father named Alan.
  5. Evelyn Alice (AL-iss) — The name Alice is originally from Germany and means ‘noble.’ Before that, the French used the name Aalis, short for Adelais.
  6. Evelyn Amara  (ah-MAR-ah) — Originates in Italy, Greece, and Africa. The African root means ‘grace, immortal, and tribe.’ It comes from the root names Mary and Miriam.
  7. Evelyn Ana (AHN-yuh) — Ana is a girl’s name from Portugal and Spain and means ‘grace.’
  8. Evelyn Annabella (anna-BELL-ah) — This name started in Italy and means ‘loving.’
  9. Evelyn Aria (ARR-ee-ah) — The name Aria is a girl’s name of Hebrew, Italian origin meaning ‘air; song or melody or lion.’ A new popular alternative from the Game of Thrones cast is Arya (ARR-ee-yah).
  10. Evelyn Arianna (ARREE-ah-nah) — This classic name is making a comeback. It comes from Italy and Greece and means ‘most holy.’ Variations include both single and double ‘r’ letters or a single ‘r’ and a double ‘n’ in Arianna 
  11. Evelyn Ariel (AIR-ee-ul) — This Hebrew name means ‘lion of God.’
  12. Evelyn Avery (AYY-verree) — This girl’s name means ‘ruler of the elves’ in its native English beginnings.
  13. Evelyn Beatrice (BEE-ah-triss) — ‘She who brings happiness; blessed’ is the Latin and Italian name from the Latin name Beatrix and Viatrix meaning ‘voyager.’
  14. Evelyn Bethany (BETH-ann-ee) — The Hebrew name means ‘house of figs.’ Bethany is making inroads into the once-popular but possibly over-used Brittany or Beth. 
  15. Evelyn Bridget (BRIDGE-itt) — The name Bridget is from Ireland and symbolizes ‘strength or exalted one.’ It comes from the Irish-Gaelic Brigid.
  16. Evelyn Colette (ko-LETT) — The name is of French origin, meaning ‘people of victory.’ 
  17. Evelyn Daisy (DAY-zee) — This English name means ‘day’s eye.’ It is derived from Margaret and Marguerite in French.
  18. Evelyn Daphne (DAFF-nee) — This ancient name is from Greece and means ‘laurel tree, bay tree.’ Daphne was the nymph daughter of Peneus, a river god. 
  19. Evelyn Delilah (duh-LYE-lah) — The name Delilah is a girl’s name from the Hebrew meaning ‘delicate.’ 
  20. Evelyn Elisabeth (E-LISA-beth, ell-EE-sah-beth, or ell-EE-sah-bet) — Another popular name with Hebrew origins and means ‘pledged to God.’ This older spelling of Elizabeth has become more popular, possibly to avoid the inevitable diminutive Liz.
  21. Evelyn Grace (gr-ACE) — In its original Latin, the name came from the word gratia, meaning ‘grace.’ It is known as one of the ‘virtue’ names such as Hope and Charity that became popular with the Puritans in the 16th century.
  22. Evelyn Hattie (HATT-ee) — Hattie is from England and means ‘estate ruler.’ Harriet is the parent name, but Hattie is more prevalent in the US.
  23. Evelyn Irene (eye-REEN) — This Greek girl’s name means ‘peace.’ 
  24. Evelyn Iris (EYE-riss) — Meaning ‘rainbow’ in the Greek language, Iris was the goddess of the rainbow.
  25. Evelyn Josie (JOE-zee) — This adorable English name says that ‘Jehovah increases.’ 
  26. Evelyn Joy (JO-EE) — This name means just much it says joy. Other related names from the past are Merry, Glory, and Bliss.
  27. Evelyn Kate (KAY-T) — Meaning ‘pure,’ this English female name is shorter and jauntier than the original name Katherine and fresher than the Kathy from the mid-20th century.
  28. Evelyn Lillie (LILL-ee) — Lillie is a spelling variant of Lily/Lillian which means ‘lily; pledged to God.’
  29. Evelyn Mae (MAY) — The name Mae is from Britain and means ‘bitter or pearl.’ It is derived from May, named for Maia, goddess of motherhood and growth. Alternate spellings include May, Mei, and Maye.
  30. Evelyn Mallory (MALL-or-ee) — This French name for girls means ‘unfortunate,’ but the name has become popular since the 1980s sitcom Family Ties with Mallory being the name of one of the main characters.
  31. Evelyn Martha (MAR-tha) — An ancient name from the Aramaic language of the Holy Land means ‘lady.’ 
  32. Evelyn Matilda (muh-TILL-duh) — is an old-fashioned name that makes a big comeback. Matilda comes from Germany and means ‘battle mighty.’ If you’re raising a shieldmaiden, this is a great choice.
  33. Evelyn Melissa (muh-LISS-uh) — Another popular Greek girl’s name means ‘honey.’ The Greek word for honey is mell.
  34. Evelyn Paige (PAY-JUH) — Originally from England, it means ‘page to a lord,’ which was initially used by men.
  35. Evelyn Veronica (vehr-ONN-i-cah) — The classical Romans have given us many names from the Latin that are still popular today, 2000 years later. Veronica means ‘she who brings victory; true image.’ Evelyn Winter (WINN-ter) Say goodbye to the names of the past, Summer, Spring, or Autumn. This seasonal name is new, fresh, and refreshing.

Gender-neutral names for Evelyn

  1. Evelyn Alexis (ah-LEX-iss) — was used initially for boys in Greece. It means ‘defender.’ 
  2. Evelyn Blake (bull-AKE) — Blake is from England and means ‘fair-haired, dark.’ 
  3. Evelyn Carter (CARR-terr) — In older England, a carter was a cart maker or a driver of carts. 
  4. Evelyn Emery (EM-er-ee) — is German, meaning ‘industrious.’ 
  5. Evelyn Harper (HARR-per) — Another representation of employment giving the name. In England, the last name Harper was used to denote that the individual played the harp. Harper is in the Top 10 in the US for girls.
  6. Evelyn Karter (KAR-ter) — And, again, we have the job of naming the English persons who transported goods by cart. The alternative spelling to Carter is the Kardashian method in action.
  7. Evelyn Macy (MAY-see) — In Olde England, Macy meant ‘hill.’ Macy Gray made this standard last name a popular choice for given names for girls.
  8. Evelyn Monroe (munn-ROH) — From the Scottish, the name means ‘mouth of the Roe River.’The nickname for the male version is Moe which might look terrific on any toddler.’

The art of picking the perfect middle name

Middle names can serve many purposes. They can honor an ancestor. Great Auntie Violetta may have provided the financial means for your children to go to college, and a wonderful way to honor her family generosity is by using her name for your first-born’s middle name. 

If you have chosen a first name that is long, hard to pronounce, or a bit too unusual for most children, you can use their middle name instead of the first name for all but the most formal occasions. Hortensia Jane can be known as Jane. This will be especially important in avoiding your little girl being called ‘Horse.’ 

Also, don’t minimize the value of a middle name to be shouted across the street! Jane demands attention in a way that Hortensia just doesn’t.

Wrapping it up for little Evelyn

As you’ve seen, there are lots of ways to match your little Evelyn to a great middle name that will serve her well. Keep a list of your favorites. You may consider asking relatives and friends what they think about some of your top choices

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022