47 Poetic Middle Names for Gabriella

Gabriella middle names that sound good enough to sing

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022

So you’ve finally chosen a name for your new baby girl, Gabriella, but can’t quite decide on a middle name to go with it?

A middle name is a great way of adding that extra special ‘something’ to your child’s name and there are so many wonderful options to choose from, limited only by your own imagination!

Today, 80% of children receive middle names compared with 30% 100 years ago, meaning that more parents are choosing middle names for their kids than ever before.

Here’s a list of names we’ve put together, (some from parents of real Gabriellas!) to help you make up your mind.

Middle name ideas for a girl named Gabriella

  1. Gabriella Aaliyah
  2. Gabriella Aila
  3. Gabriella Brianna
  4. Gabriella Bridget
  5. Gabriella Calliope
  6. Gabriella Cassidy
  7. Gabriella Dakota
  8. Gabriella Dalary
  9. Gabriella Elianna
  10. Gabriella Eliza
  11. Gabriella Fiona
  12. Gabriella Frida
  13. Gabriella Georgia
  14. Gabriella Giana
  15. Gabriella Hadassah
  16. Gabriella Hallie
  17. Gabriella Isabel
  18. Gabriella Itzel
  19. Gabriella Jolene
  20. Gabriella Jordan
  21. Gabriella Kali
  22. Gabriella Karina
  23. Gabriella Lana
  24. Gabriella Laura
  25. Gabriella Maci
  26. Gabriella Madalyn
  27. Gabriella Nevaeh
  28. Gabriella Nicole
  29. Gabriella Olive
  30. Gabriella Ophelia
  31. Gabriella Paige
  32. Gabriella Paislee
  33. Gabriella Raelyn
  34. Gabriella Raquel
  35. Gabriella Reese
  36. Gabriella Sage
  37. Gabriella Sara
  38. Gabriella Siena
  39. Gabriella Sky
  40. Gabriella Tiffany
  41. Gabriella Tinsley
  42. Gabriella Vanessa
  43. Gabriella Veda
  44. Gabriella Yara
  45. Gabriella Yareli
  46. Gabriella Zara
  47. Gabriella Zhuri

My two favorites are Sage and Cassidy as they both seem to slip easily off the tongue, complimenting the classic Gabriella. Traditionally, the name Sage means ‘wise’ or ‘healthy’, while the name Cassidy has its roots in Ireland, and means ‘the clever one’.

The significance of picking a middle name

There are really no hard or fast rules for choosing middle names, in fact, technically, you don’t actually need one! 

The real significance of picking one is that names in the middle position can personalize a child’s first name and make it even more special if it represents a person or idea important to the parents. 

A middle name can also be a way of arriving at a compromise with your partner if you can’t agree on a first name, or if you fancy giving the baby more than one name.

It can also offer your child an alternative name option for when they’re older in case they become tired of their first name.

It’s said that picking a name is a bit like designing a room. Though there are rules for matching patterns and colors, ultimately the most important factor is that it works for you. 

One thing to consider is to make sure that your choice of middle name is compatible with the first and that they both sound good together. Another is to pick a name that reflects your child’s personality and character traits.

And remember to make sure your child’s initials don’t become an unexpected, embarrassing accident, for example – Andrew Simon Smith (ASS), or Felicity Maria Lewis (FML). Initials like these emblazoned on your child’s backpack would surely be an open invitation for the schoolyard bully!

Honoring family members and preserving cultural heritage

Honoring family members or other special people in your life, is a favorite and time-honored way of choosing a middle name. You could possibly do some research on your family tree and come across a forgotten ancestor with an unusual, appealing name that will offer your child a sense of history. 

If there’s a much-loved family member whose memory you’d like to cherish, choosing their name as your child’s middle name would be a beautiful way of showing how much they mean to you..

You could also pick a middle name that preserves your family’s cultural heritage or honors your family roots. Is there a place of special significance to you, such as the town (or region) where you were born? Perhaps that would make an unusual and unique middle name? Or how about the place where you met your spouse? Any of these might work.

Middle names as potential nicknames

If you’re worried about your daughter using her middle name as a nickname, don’t be! Nicknames, along with their diminutives, can be playful, cute, and clever; and can sometimes take on an unexpected life of their own.

Middle names can make great nicknames. A nickname-rich name like Samantha could become Sammi, Sammers, or Samzi. If you choose a cute or funny middle name for your daughter, she may possibly end up using it as a nickname anyway.

The full-name power play

If you want to be sure your daughter always uses her full name, then choosing a middle name that’s different from her first can be a great way to do it. This will clearly distinguish her from friends at school with whom she happens to share the same first name.

On another note, what can sound more ominous than the sound of a parent slowly calling their child by their full first, middle, and last name? This is commonly known as the ‘full-name power play’, and is used to strike fear into the heart of any misbehaving kid. Every child knows that whenever mom or pop plays the full-name power card – trouble’s on its way. 

Meaning of the name Gabriella

The name Gabriella is of Italian origin, its Hebrew meanings being, ‘Devoted to God’, ‘Angel of God’, or ‘Messenger of God’.

Despite being an older, classic name, Gabriella has recently gained new popularity and works well with many of today’s name choices. Nicknames include: Ella, Gabby, and Bree.

The name Gabriella is associated with the qualities of strength, power, and determination.

Wrapping up

Choosing a middle name for your daughter Gabriella can be daunting, but with a little imagination, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect ‘one’.

If not, these are just a few of our ideas for middle names to go with Gabriella. By no means is the list exhaustive. 

Maybe it’ll inspire you to get your brain into gear and come up with your very own, perfect middle name. Happy hunting!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022