47 Middle Names for Jade That Sparkle

Jade middle names that dance on your tongue

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022

Having decided on a beautiful name for your child, you may still be for that elusive middle name that rings perfectly with Jade. 

A name is unique to the person who owns it, and what could make it even more distinct than a delightful middle name? 

Although middle names are optional, they can sure help single out your child from others with the same first and last names and can even offer your child an alternative choice if they become tired of their first name as they get a little older!

So keeping in mind there are no hard or fast rules when choosing – other than they must sound fabulous together – here’s our list of exciting middle names for Jade.

Middle name ideas for a girl named Jade

  1. Jade Aaliyah
  2. Jade Ainsley
  3. Jade Allyson
  4. Jade Amaia
  5. Jade Ariah
  6. Jade Bailey
  7. Jade Brynn
  8. Jade Calliope
  9. Jade Cassandra
  10. Jade Delaney
  11. Jade Della
  12. Jade Elaina
  13. Jade Eliza
  14. Jade Felicity
  15. Jade Finley
  16. Jade Giana
  17. Jade Gwendolyn
  18. Jade Hadassah
  19. Jade Harleigh
  20. Jade Indie
  21. Jade Isabel
  22. Jade Ivanna
  23. Jade Janiyah
  24. Jade Jaylee
  25. Jade Kai
  26. Jade Kallie
  27. Jade Lacey
  28. Jade Leanna
  29. Jade Maci
  30. Jade Mackenzie
  31. Jade Naomi
  32. Jade Natasha
  33. Jade Oaklyn
  34. Jade Ophelia
  35. Jade Paige
  36. Jade Paislee
  37. Jade Queen
  38. Jade Raina
  39. Jade Reese
  40. Jade Samara
  41. Jade Savanna
  42. Jade Tessa
  43. Jade Tori
  44. Jade Vienna
  45. Jade Yareli
  46. Jade Zahra
  47. Jade Zuri

My favorites are Leanna (“Light and beautiful woman”) and Tessa (a short form of Theresa). I love how they both flow with a certain charm to compliment Jade, now you decide what sounds and looks best for you.

Why choose a middle name?

Having a middle name comes with numerous benefits. While giving your child an extra sense of individuality, it can also greatly influence how others see them while providing them with a feeling of comfort and security.

Middle names can be unique and adventurous – perhaps even a bit too ‘edgy’ for a first name! Some parents choose a middle name to commemorate an event such as the place they were engaged – or simply the name of a favorite artist, musician, or actor.

As we’ve mentioned, there are no hard or fast rules and you don’t actually need one, but there are many great reasons for picking a middle name, such as honoring a much loved relative or improving an already great sounding first and last name.

Check out these other great reasons for choosing a middle name for your child:

Honoring family members and cultural heritage

Passing along the name of a dear family member or loved one in the form of a middle name is a foolproof way of showing your love for them while at the same time securing the memory of that person within your hearts.

Sometimes a couple give mom’s maiden name to their child as a middle name. This can strengthen the bond between both families and your family tree.

If you have a special cultural background, why not give your child a middle name that acknowledges your roots, (eg., the place where you were born)? Maybe even track down some of your family tree and locate an ancestor with an unusual, attractive name, offering your child a true sense of history.

Nickname potential

An important thing to consider when choosing a middle name is how well it sounds with your child’s first name. Make sure both names flow together nicely. Along with their first and last names, your child’s middle name will stay with them for a lifetime, sometimes even becoming their nickname.

Why call each other by nicknames? As humans we naturally respond to kindness and affection – just as with a family pet! A sure way of connecting with a friend is to create a ‘pet’ or nickname for them. With children, nicknames usually begin within a small group, eventually representing how they are viewed within that circle, like an intimate symbol of love, trust and friendship.

And, also, watch it! Don’t forget to make sure your kid’s initials don’t spell out something too embarrassing when displayed on their gym bag or briefcase. Peter Elliot Edwards or Andrea Simone Sherbow may cringe when they discover themselves advertised as P.E.E. or A.S.S. The school bully would have a field day that your child may never live down!

Avoid sounding silly when hollering across the park at your child! 

Who can forget how it felt to hear mom or dad calling us out by our full first, middle and last names? As parents, we know there’s no better way to grab your kid’s attention than by calling their full name with conviction, (Eg., ‘Jade Tessa Morrison – don’t dare paint the dog’!) Every kid knows that when a parent plays that full name powerplay card, they’re in BIG trouble! So why not try out your potential middle names by loudly practicing this warning? Who knows, the one that rolls off your tongue the easiest could become the elusive one you’ve been looking for! 

There are so many reasons to give your child a middle name, and we’ve listed just a few. Ultimately, the decision is yours and what’s best for your family. We hope our lineup helps you make that decision.

Meaning of the name Jade

Jade is, of course, a precious and fashionable green gemstone, much sought after in jewelry and in ornaments, while the name Jade, one of the top hundred most popular names in the United States, is considered extremely spiritual and means ‘longevity’, ‘wisdom’, ‘stone of heaven’, and ‘jewel of the heart’.  

Wrapping up

We hope you find the perfect middle name for your daughter Jade on our list. If not, then hopefully you’ll feel inspired to do some brainstorming of your own, using it as a starting point to get you going.

Best of luck on your middle name hunt!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 31st, 2022