48 Edgy Middle Names for Liam

Liam names that zing

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on October 11th, 2022

Having finally chosen a beautiful name for your child, Liam, you’re probably now thinking about diapers, strollers, painting the nursery, or any one of those endless chores that naturally distract you from focusing on that all-important middle name.

With this in mind we’ve created a list of potential middle names to help you decide, or at least spark your imagination, to come up with a name of your own. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Middle names for a boy named Liam

  1. Liam Aiden
  2. Liam Alfredo
  3. Liam Alonzo
  4. Liam Andrew
  5. Liam Anthony
  6. Liam Archer
  7. Liam Blaine
  8. Liam Blake
  9. Liam Boone
  10. Liam Briggs
  11. Liam Bruno
  12. Liam Calvin
  13. Liam Casey
  14. Liam Damir
  15. Liam Dane
  16. Liam Dean
  17. Liam Edgar
  18. Liam Edward
  19. Liam Ezra
  20. Liam Fox
  21. Liam Gael
  22. Liam Grey
  23. Liam Hayes
  24. Liam Henry
  25. Liam Hugo
  26. Liam James
  27. Liam Jaxon
  28. Liam Kendrick
  29. Liam Kingston
  30. Liam Ledger
  31. Liam Lennon
  32. Liam Maurice
  33. Liam Memphis
  34. Liam Nico
  35. Liam Nova
  36. Liam Oliver
  37. Liam Pierce
  38. Liam Quinn
  39. Liam Reece
  40. Liam Reed
  41. Liam Ronan
  42. Liam Sam
  43. Liam Santiago
  44. Liam Tate
  45. Liam Trace
  46. Liam Walker
  47. Liam Wilson
  48. Liam Zayne

Our favorites have got to be Ezra, a fun, quirky name with Hebrew roots meaning ‘help’, and Quinn, a popular, gender-neutral name of Irish origin meaning ‘wise’.

Now scan through the list carefully yourselves to come up your own middle name for Liam.

Why middle names are important

In today’s world there are endless choices when it comes to picking middle names. Nowadays they’re usually drawn from literature, film, family heritage, or any aspect of popular culture.

But with that freedom comes great responsibility: Is the name easy to pronounce? Difficult to spell? A bit too ‘trendy’? How to pick something dignified, yet personal?

Be sure to choose a name that will complement your child’s special personality and that he’ll be comfortable with throughout his life. Make sure that it flows easily with the first name and doesn’t sound too ‘clunky’. 

Though middle names are not legally required, over 80% of today’s kids receive one. Apart from traditionally being used to honor or remember a family member, a more popular trend is to pick a favorite artist, author, singer, or inspirational political or spiritual leader.

A middle name can distinguish your child from others with the same name, even serving as a preferred name (or ‘safety net’) if your child should become bored with their first name when they get older (it happens!)

Honoring a family member

The most time-honored way of remembering a family member is by passing down the name of an uncle, aunt, grandparent, great grandparent (or a possible variation of it), to your child as a middle name. This will invariably give them a sense of family connection while their first name lets them retain their unique, independent identity.

Many of today’s moms offer their own maiden name to their child as a middle name, preserving their side of the family tree while enhancing the bond between both parents..

Some parents we know have checked out their ancestry records and found great great grandparents with quirky or unusual sounding names. When used as a middle name for their child, it soon becomes clear that it actually sounds fashionably cool.

Or why not honor someone without actually using their name? Perhaps that person whose memory you’d like to preserve had a favorite flower, such as jasmines, roses, or lilies. Or a treasured birthstone like sapphire, ruby, or amber. Any one of these could become a trendy middle name that your child would be happy to remember a loved one by.

How about nicknames?

Nicknames are often created among groups of kids as they develop new bonds with each other and can quickly come to symbolize how a child is seen by others within that circle.

Nicknames create connections of friendship, intimacy and trust between children which can often last a lifetime.

Whether powerful, trendy, or just cute, a nickname usually reflects the personality of its owner, with many kids adopting them permanently, even at the expense of their first name!

As long as it’s short, sounds cool, doesn’t confuse too many people and – most importantly – isn’t a nickname the schoolyard bully can poke fun at, then it will probably work perfectly.

The full name powerplay test

An excellent and reliable way of deciding on middle names for your child is by loudly calling them out along with their first and last names. This has far more impact than just reading them silently from a notebook or a piece of paper. This way, you should soon arrive at a middle name that slips off the tongue naturally and which will suit your son or daughter to a tee!

Remember, sooner or later you’ll inevitably be called on to address your child loudly by their full name (JENSON MIKEY CASSIDY – STOP SOAKING YOUR LITTLE SISTER WITH THAT GARDEN HOSE!) in an effort to grab their immediate attention. All kids know that when mom or dad call them by their full name, then trouble’s brewing.

About the name Liam

The name Liam is of Irish origin and means ‘protector’, or ‘strong-willed warrior’. It’s also a modernized version of the traditional name William.

This name is one of the fastest rising Irish names in the United States and has been the #1 most popular boy’s name there since 2017, surpassing Aiden, Patrick, Kevin, and Sean.

Among famous people named Liam are: Liam Neeson the actor; Liam Gallagher, lead singer of rock band, Oasis; and Liam Hemsworth, the Australian actor who recently starred in The Hunger Games.

Wrapping up

So there we are. We hope you’ve discovered a name or two in our list (which, by the way, is far from exhaustive…) Otherwise hopefully it will kick start your own creative adventure in your quest to unearth the perfect middle name for your beautiful son, Liam.

Happy name hunting, folks!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on October 11th, 2022