47 Middle Names for Lucy With a Lyrical Twist

Lucy names you’ll love!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on October 11th, 2022

Having finally decided on a beautiful name for your child, Lucy, let us help you come up with a middle name that sits perfectly between first and last.

Though you’ve probably been preoccupied with organizing cribs, toys, diapers, baby clothes, and other essentials for your new arrival, remember that a well chosen middle name can affect the life of your child as much as their first.

So without further ado, let’s look through the list of names we’ve gathered from various databases and discussion forums (even from parents of girls named Lucy), and see if it gets your creative juices flowing.

51 Middle name ideas for Lucy

  1. Lucy Aaliyah
  2. Lucy Adalee
  3. Lucy Adalyn
  4. Lucy Addilynn
  5. Lucy Blaire
  6. Lucy Blake
  7. Lucy Blakely
  8. Lucy Braelynn
  9. Lucy Catalina
  10. Lucy Cecelia
  11. Lucy Celeste
  12. Lucy Daniella
  13. Lucy Davina
  14. Lucy Delaney
  15. Lucy Eileen
  16. Lucy Elaine
  17. Lucy Eliza
  18. Lucy Francesca
  19. Lucy Frankie
  20. Lucy Freyja
  21. Lucy Gia
  22. Lucy Giselle
  23. Lucy Gwendolyn
  24. Lucy Hadassah
  25. Lucy Hallie
  26. Lucy Harmony
  27. Lucy Iliana
  28. Lucy Indie
  29. Lucy Iris
  30. Lucy Jaelynn
  31. Lucy Jamie
  32. Lucy Jaylah
  33. Lucy Kaliyah
  34. Lucy Kamila
  35. Lucy Kamryn
  36. Lucy Legacy
  37. Lucy Leighton
  38. Lucy Lia
  39. Lucy Nellie
  40. Lucy Nicole
  41. Lucy Noah
  42. Lucy Ophelia
  43. Lucy Paisleigh
  44. Lucy Paityn
  45. Lucy Quinn
  46. Lucy Raegan
  47. Lucy Raya
  48. Lucy Sariyah
  49. Lucy Tiana
  50. Lucy Vienna
  51. Lucy Zara

The relevance of a middle name

In today’s world there is no longer a paltry handful of ‘allowable’ names, but a multiple choice of names found in popular culture, literature, art, and history from around the world.

With this freedom of choice comes great responsibility: How to pick a name that’s both dignified and exclusive? Will it be difficult to pronounce (or hard to spell)?  

If a child’s first and last names are relatively unexciting, a well chosen middle name can spice it up and personalize it more, especially if it reflects a favorite person or place in your life.

A distinctive middle name sets your child apart from others with the same name and can even serve as a fall back or ‘safety net’ if your child decides she doesn’t like her first name as she gets older, opting to use it as her preferred name.

Honoring family members; conserving heritage 

A simple way of saying ‘I love you’ to a dear family member, be it an uncle, aunt, grandparent, or ancestor, is to offer their name to your child as a middle name. 

Or did you know that you needn’t even use their actual name in order to honor them? We knew someone parent who remembered her dearly departed grandma, an avid gardener with a passion for roses (she even grew over a dozen varieties), by giving her daughter the middle name Rose.

Looking through your ancestry records could uncover a long lost grandparent (or great grandparent) whose memory you could revive in the blink of an eye and whose name, though seeming rather antiquated, may sound quite trendy as a middle name for your child today. 

Conserving your family’s cultural roots by giving your child a middle name that reflects, perhaps, a mountain, river, or region where you were born can enable them to feel more connected to their long-established and time-honored family history.

Keeping things closer to home, some moms offer their child their maiden name as a middle name, bringing couples closer together while at the same time strengthening the family tree.

Nicknames and initials

Nicknames, usually short and informal, aren’t taken too seriously, and are basically used as a term of endearment. They can also take on a life of their own, while sometimes being impossible to predict.

Nicknames are generally created among small groups of kids and quickly evolve into how a child is seen within that group. Deep links of trust and intimacy often develop through the use of nicknames, leading to friendships that sometimes extend long beyond childhood.

Most teachers will agree that nicknames can prove extremely useful in a classroom that boasts several Mathews (Matty, Huey, Matz), or Stephanie’s (Steffi, Annie, Tiffany), all fighting for attention at the same time!

Deciding on a nickname calls for a little imagination. If it sounds good and is short, doesn’t confuse too many people, and isn’t something the school bully can ridicule, then it’ll probably work.

Full name power play (or a parents’ secret weapon!)


Remember when mom or dad wanted to stop us in our tracks and get our immediate attention? Nothing sounded more scary than hearing them use the ‘full name power play’ tactic. Hearing our first, middle, and last names called together loudly is enough to petrify even the most rebellious kid!

With this in mind, if still undecided on your child’s middle name, we suggest you call them out slowly, listening to which ones gel together with first and last names. You’ll be surprised how quickly you arrive at the ideal combination, and far more effective than just writing them down and looking at them on paper.

Meaning of the name Lucy

The classic, endearing name Lucy is the English form of the Roman Lucia, which itself derives from the Latin, meaning ‘light’. It’s also found in the Bible, where it means ‘bringer of light’. Apparently both names Lucy and Lucia were once given to girls born at dawn.

Lucy currently sits at #47 in the list of most desirable girls’ names in the U.S., having grown in popularity ever since the madcap 50’s sitcom, I Love Lucy, starring Lucille Ball.

When The Beatles’ came up with the iconic Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds in the 60’s, just as the lovable, but bossy Lucy was grabbing all the kudos from Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts Gang, the name’s popularity soared into the top five most popular names.

Wrapping up

So what do you think? We hope our list sparks your imagination and gives you some ideas in your quest to find the perfect middle name for your daughter, Lucy. 

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on October 11th, 2022