47 Marvellous Middle Names for Mia

Mia names that sound like magic

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022

Congratulations! After endless discussions (and maybe a few differences of opinion along the way) you’ve finally come up with a perfect name for your daughter – Mia.

Now that you’ve made such a beautiful choice, make sure you’re not out of ideas when picking that all-important middle name.

A middle name can influence your daughter’s life as much as her first, so choosing the right one is vital as you welcome her into a world where all eyes will be upon her.

After researching various discussion forums and talking with numerous parents of real Mias, we’ve put together a list of middle names, one of which could perfect for you.

So without further ado, let’s see if you can track down a middle name that shines.

Middle name ideas for Mia

  1. Mia Aaliyah
  2. Mia Abigail
  3. Mia Alessandra
  4. Mia Alexa
  5. Mia Alexis
  6. Mia Bethany
  7. Mia Bridget
  8. Mia Brooke
  9. Mia Calliope
  10. Mia Camille
  11. Mia Danielle
  12. Mia Demi
  13. Mia Dorothy
  14. Mia Elaine
  15. Mia Elle
  16. Mia Frankie
  17. Mia Hannah
  18. Mia Haven
  19. Mia Jayda
  20. Mia Jianna
  21. Mia Kamiyah
  22. Mia Katalina
  23. Mia Lauren
  24. Mia Lexi
  25. Mia Mackenzie
  26. Mia Mallory
  27. Mia Maxine
  28. Mia Millie
  29. Mia Naomi
  30. Mia Oakley
  31. Mia Paige
  32. Mia Penelope
  33. Mia Piper
  34. Mia Rylie
  35. Mia Serenity
  36. Mia Shay
  37. Mia Sydney
  38. Mia Talia
  39. Mia Tessa
  40. Mia Tiffany
  41. Mia Vivienne
  42. Mia Willow
  43. Mia Ximena
  44. Mia Zaniyah
  45. Mia Zelda
  46. Mia Zoe
  47. Mia Zora

Our faves have to be Penelope (from Greek, meaning ‘weaver’), currently one of the most popular girl’s names in America, and Willow, named after the willow tree (which defines stability, hope, and healing). We love how both names flow naturally with the short, sweet sounding Mia. 

But those are just our thoughts, now it’s your turn to pick a middle name that fits perfectly…

The benefits of a middle name

Though not legally required, 80% of today’s children are now given a middle name compared with the 30% of just 100 years ago.

A middle name can provide your child with a sense of individuality while adding a sense of comfort and security. It can be unique, adventurous, even a bit more ‘edgy’ than a first name, even offering your child an alternative option if they become bored with their first name when they grow older (yes, it happens)!

A middle name (or nickname) also sets your kid apart from others who share the same first name, especially in the classroom.

Honoring family members

Middle names are a time-honored way of remembering a dear departed aunt, uncle, grandparent, or close family friend who may have played a major part in your life. What better way of telling them, ‘I love you’?

Or check out your ancestry records to discover a great grandad or grandma with a name that might sound just perfect in today’s retro obsessed times.

Some choose to remember a loved one without even using their actual name. We recently spoke with a parent whose dear grandmother’s birthstone was amber and who had worn a beautiful amber pendant for over forty years. On receiving the pendant as part of her gran’s inheritance, she had no hesitation in giving her daughter the middle name, Amber.   

Perhaps honor your cultural roots by giving your child a middle name that reflects your historic background, or place where you were born. This will undoubtedly help your child feel even more connected to his or her family tree.

What’s in a nickname?

Nicknames (or ‘pet’ names) are back-up names usually made up in the company of other kids as expressions of endearment or affection, and often come from simple things that stand out,  like the person’s hair, height, or some personality trait.

Nicknames are here to stay. Kids love them, they’re fun, make them feel special, and often create lasting bonds of friendship and affinity. Why not give your child a middle name rich with potential nicknames, for instance, Charlotte, which could become Charley, Lola, Lottie, or Chaz. Or Christopher, evolving into Kit, Chip, Kris, or Christy.

Nicknames can also be a godsend for teachers in the classroom when they’re fielding the questions of three or four little Deborahs or Patricks all at once, though remember to avoid names the school bully can quickly make fun of in the school playground…

The full name power play

Still not sure which of your potential middle names to pick? No problem – why not say your child’s full name aloud to actually hear how they all sound together? While many parents write names down to see what they look like, hearing them resonate when calling them out loudly has a far greater impact when deciding which names sound most melodious together.

Remember the ominous sound of mom or dad calling us by our full name to get our instant attention? ANDREW CHRISTOPHER SMITH – STOP SPRAYING WATER OVER YOUR LITTLE BROTHER NOW! There’s no better way to make cantankerous kids stop in their tracks…

Meaning of the name Mia

Mia is a name of Australian origin and means ‘moon’. It’s a fun name that can be tied to a number of different heritages, including Scandinavian and Spanish.

Mia began as a short form of Maria, ultimately derived from the Hebrew name Miryam, and is now firmly featured among the top ten girls names in America and has now surpassed its mother name Maria as the #1 girl’s name beginning with M.

Wrapping up

So, what do you think? While our list might not be exhaustive, we hope you’ve found a name or two that could end up as possible candidates as a middle name for Mia. Otherwise, maybe it’ll inspire you to do some more brainstorming of your own on your quest to find what you’re looking for. Best of luck with your adventure!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022