49 Notable Middle Names for Noah

Noah middle names that couldn’t be nicer…

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022

Greetings and congratulations on the arrival of your baby, Noah! 

Now that you’re hopefully stocked up with diapers and baby wipes, have painted the nursery, checked out car seats, strollers, buggies, etc., don’t forget to take time out to choose your son’s all-important middle name.

It’s well known that a middle name can impact the life of a child as much as their first name, so your choice can prove crucial.

If struggling to decide on an ideal middle name, then relax, take the weight off your feet, and browse through the list we’ve put together from various databases and discussion forums.

Without further ado, let’s see what we can find…

Middle name ideas for boys called Noah

  1. Noah Ace
  2. Noah Adam
  3. Noah Alexis
  4. Noah Alistair
  5. Noah Bjorn
  6. Noah Bradley
  7. Noah Braxton
  8. Noah Camden
  9. Noah Damian
  10. Noah Darren
  11. Noah Derrick
  12. Noah Easton
  13. Noah Eliezer
  14. Noah Ezra
  15. Noah Grey
  16. Noah Griffin
  17. Noah Harley
  18. Noah Harris
  19. Noah Hassan
  20. Noah Hector
  21. Noah Hendrix
  22. Noah Holden
  23. Noah Hunter
  24. Noah Jabari
  25. Noah Jace
  26. Noah Jensen
  27. Noah Kaiser
  28. Noah Kaleb
  29. Noah Kendrick
  30. Noah Kole
  31. Noah Lawson
  32. Noah Lennox
  33. Noah Lorenzo
  34. Noah Lucas
  35. Noah Maison
  36. Noah Marco
  37. Noah Marcus
  38. Noah Nikolai
  39. Noah Nixon
  40. Noah Onyx
  41. Noah Phoenix
  42. Noah Quinton
  43. Noah Randy
  44. Noah Raul
  45. Noah Skyler
  46. Noah Van
  47. Noah Wallace
  48. Noah Xander
  49. Noah Zev

My favorites are Phoenix (Greek origin: meaning ‘dark red’, or ‘crimson’) and Hunter (English origin: meaning ‘one who hunts’, or ‘natural born leader’), because both name flow naturally with Noah.

But that’s just me! You go ahead and pick whichever stands out for you.

The importance of picking a middle name

Deciding on a middle name can be an invaluable way to reflect your child’s unique personality for years to come. Did you know that middle names have become so popular that over 80% of kids are now given one?

There are endless reasons to select a middle name while searching for baby names. For instance, choosing the name of a dear departed relative, (or a variation of their name) is probably the most common. 

A more popular trend with parents today is to honor someone inspirational, such as a friend, leader (either political or spiritual), artist, author, or musician. This way, their qualities can be revered by the family for generations to come.

A middle name will enable your child to stand out from others with the same name – especially if there are two or three other Noahs in the classroom.

And finally, believe it or not, if kids get bored with their first name as they get older, it’s good to have an alternative (or nickname) as a useful ‘name option’!

Honoring family members and heritage

Middle names are a long-cherished way of honoring a dear departed loved one, whether it’s an uncle, aunt, grandparent, or a close family friend who’ve played a significant role in your life. What better way to show your affection for them while preserving their memory in your hearts?

Occasionally parent’s will opt to give mom’s maiden name to their child as a middle name as, apart from it connecting them more as a couple, it also celebrates a whole branch of the family tree.

If you check out your ancestry records, chances are you could discover an interesting great grandfather whose name, while resonating with the era in which he lived, now sounds perfectly modern and trendy as a middle name for Noah!

It’s also becoming fashionable to honor a dear loved one without even using their name! We have a friend whose grandma’s favorite flowers were irises. She’d grown them throughout her sizeable garden and even had several in her wedding bouquet. Needless to say, our friend naturally opted for Iris as her daughter’s middle name.

The nickname potential

Children sometimes feel they’ve been stuck with a lemon since their parents chose their name! However, a cool sounding middle name gives them a chance to ‘get out of jail free’ as it gives them an alternative option. This is where a good nickname can spring into play.

Why are nicknames so popular? We think that all humans respond to kindness, just like a family pet. Friends connect naturally by creating ‘pet’, or nicknames, for one another. Children usually begin making up nicknames at an early age while in small groups, which then define how they are viewed within that circle. 

A nickname can be trendy, cute, or powerful depending on the personality of its owner. Will it amuse others in a positive way? Will it evolve with your child? Most importantly, might it be ridiculed by the school bully?

Nicknames can help our kids lighten up and show others that they’re up for a laugh while, at the same time, they can symbolize trust and intimacy, all building blocks on the path to lasting friendships.

The puzzle with initials

Before deciding on that middle name, be sure your child’s initials don’t spell out something embarrassing or cringeworthy. Given that initials turn up everywhere from briefcases to bathtowels, give some thought as to how your sweet little Angela Susie Smith, Christopher Owen Walters, or Tommy Ian Thornton might feel if the school bully spots their initials, ASS, COW, and TIT printed clearly on their gym bags!

Meaning of the name Noah

Noah is a male name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘peace’, or ‘rest’.

In the Bible, Noah was renowned for building an ark for refuge from the great flood while gathering animals ‘two by two’.

From 2013 to 2016 Noah was the #1 most popular name in the United States and presently sits at #2.

Wrapping up

These are just some names we think link up well with Noah, but our list is certainly not exhaustive by a long shot.

If you haven’t found one here, don’t worry. Let it inspire you to initiate some creative brainstorming of your own. Good luck, parents!

Written by Neve Updated on October 11th, 2022