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Names meaning stone or rock

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on February 22nd, 2024

Forget the fluff — you are here for names that mean stone or rock. Well, we’ve done some detailed research and are now confident about this carefully curated list of uncommon and powerful names. Who knows, your search may be about to end, perhaps we’ve found the special name you are looking for!

These rock-related names, like the classic Peter, meaning ‘rock’, and the modern Slate, embody strength and endurance. Each name, rich with history and resilience, symbolizes unwavering character.

These names embrace stability and permanence, connecting your child with timeless traits. Imagine your little one, named after these enduring elements, carrying a legacy of strength into the world.

Let’s go!

Female Names

  • Adrisara (Indian) – A name that captures the essence and fortitude of stones, offering a unique choice.
  • Alaina (French) – Denotes a ‘precious rock,’ making it a name of significant value.
  • Ashma (Indian) – With ‘rock’ as its meaning, this name is synonymous with resilience.
  • Chantal (European) – Signifies ‘stone,’ embodying steadiness and robustness in a beautiful way.
  • Cybele (Greek) – Associated with ‘stone,’ this name carries mythical strength and an enduring spirit.
  • Gala (Unknown) – Represents a ‘rock from the earth,’ suggesting reliability and strength in its uniqueness.
  • Gemma (Italian) – This “precious stone” name shines with enduring charm and beauty.
  • Halle (Unknown) – Its meaning ‘rock’ conveys strength and steadfastness, making it a powerful choice.
  • Hyacinth (Greek) – A name that blooms with the sweetness of “blue larkspur; precious stone.”
  • Iolite (Greek) – Symbolizing a violet-colored gemstone, it offers a distinctively colorful identity.
  • Ishild (Unknown) – Emphasizes resilience with its meaning ‘iron,’ presenting a robust character.
  • Isolde (Irish) – Its translation to ‘iron’ reflects a nature both strong and enduring.
  • Itziar (Unknown) – This rare name meaning ‘old stone’ stands for durability and strength.
  • Jade (Spanish) – A sleek name that evokes the coolness of “stone of the side.”
  • Jetta (Unknown) – Its meaning ‘stone from Gagai’ adds an exotic charm and distinctiveness.
  • Lapis (Persian) – Referring to a ‘blue colored gemstone,’ it’s as unique as it is colorful.
  • Lorelai (Unknown) – This name, meaning ‘lurking rock,’ combines beauty with an essence of strength.
  • Meena (Indian) – A gem of a name, resonating deeply as it means ‘gem,’ perfect for your precious one.
  • Nelka (Unknown) – Representing ‘stone,’ it embodies strength and solidity in its essence.
  • Nell (English) – A name that brings the imagery of a river’s stone, symbolizing strength in subtlety.
  • Nilaratna (Indian) – Means ‘blue rock,’ adding a layer of beauty to its powerful essence.
  • Onila (Spanish) – This ‘small rock’ name is perfect for someone unique, standing out as an excellent choice.
  • Parnel (Unknown) – With ‘rock’ as its meaning, it speaks to resilience and inner strength.
  • Petra (Greek) – Symbolizing “rock, stone,” it’s a name that stands resilient through time.
  • Ruby (Latin) – Evoking the vibrancy of a “deep red precious stone,” it’s a name rich in color and value.

Male Names

  • Dustin (Norse) – Symbolizing “brave warrior, or Thor’s stone,” it carries a valiant and pioneering spirit.
  • Mason (English) – Rooted in the craft of working with stone, it’s a well-established name with a strong base.
  • Peter (Greek) – Stemming from Petros, it brings the solidity and reliability of “rock” or “stone” to the forefront.

Unisex Names

  • Adrisara (Indian) – Echoing the essence and resilience of stones, it’s a name that stands out for anyone.
  • Hyacinth (Greek) – Blending the beauty of “blue larkspur; precious stone,” it suits any child beautifully.
  • Jade (Spanish) – Cool and versatile, this name inspired by “stone of the side” fits any child perfectly.
  • Petra (Greek) – Embodying “rock, stone,” it offers strength and resilience for a child of any gender.

Sculpted in Stone: Names with a Solid Twist

We’ve chiseled out a collection of names inspired by the enduring theme of stone, each artistically crafted to offer a blend of strength and character. Dive into these suggestions for a touch of creative inspiration!

  • Peter (Greek Origin) – A name built on the solid foundation of ‘Petros,’ meaning rock or stone, Peter is enduring and timeless.
  • Alana (Celtic Influence) – Drawing from ‘ailin,’ meaning little rock, Alana combines charm with resilience.
  • Sienna (Italian Artistic Influence) – Named after the earthy tones of Sienna, Italy, this name celebrates the enduring qualities of stone.
  • Roxanne (Persian Origin) – Originating from ‘Roxana,’ which means bright or dawn, it’s reminiscent of the enduring nature of rock.
  • Gemma (Italian Origin) – As precious as the gemstone it signifies, Gemma is a name of beauty and lasting value.
  • Stanley (Old English) – Merging ‘stone’ and ‘lea,’ Stanley symbolizes a connection to the earth and its enduring strength.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on February 22nd, 2024

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