70+ Names That Mean Home (Male, Female, Gender-friendly)

Nothing beats the thrill of coming home

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on June 23rd, 2023

If you’re looking for names that mean home, it could bode well for the arrival of your precious newborn into the world, especially if he or she becomes the final piece of the jigsaw that magically transforms your house into a warm, loving home.

Wherever in the world your precious child may visit, or perhaps eventually live, their unique name will mean they can look back on those fun, childhood days spent fondly with friends and family in their formative years.

We hope you enjoy delving through our handpicked list of names that mean home. If you believe in the saying, ‘Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home,’ then you’re sure to find one here.

Female baby names

  1. Amane — [Japanese] “peaceful home”
  2. Anvita — [Sanskrit] “who bridges the gap, who connects the home and heart”
  3. Araya — [Thai] “home”
  4. Aroha — [Maori] “love, compassion, empathy, sympathy, care, concern, warmth, appreciation, gratitude”
  5. Ashiyah — [Hebrew] “myrtle tree; symbol of home”
  6. Bailee — [French] “one who looks after the home”
  7. Beth — [Hebrew] “house”
  8. Cerys — [Welsh] “love; beloved; home”
  9. Domitila — [Latin] “little home”
  10. Gruham — [Indian] “home; house”
  11. Hestia — [Greek] “goddess of the hearth, home, and family”
  12. Homi — [Persian] “my home”
  13. Inoa — [Hawaiian] “name; a gift to the home”
  14. Jannat — [Arabic] “paradise; heaven; home of the righteous”
  15. Kaimana — [Hawaiian] “power of the sea; diamond; home by the sea”
  16. Kyeong — [Korean] “respectful home”
  17. Nidia — [Latin] “nest; home”
  18. Nokomis — [Native American] “my grandmother’s home”
  19. Oikos — [Greek] “home; household”
  20. Ola — [Nigerian] “wealth; riches; home”
  21. Penelope — [Greek] “weaver; symbolizes the art of homemaking”
  22. Raksa — [Thai] “protection for home”
  23. Ren — [Japanese] “lotus; symbolizes purity and enlightenment; also represents a peaceful home”
  24. Saige — [English] “wise person who is at home in nature”
  25. Sela — [Hebrew] “rock; symbol of a strong and stable home”
  26. Serene — [English] “calm and peaceful home”
  27. Seryna — [Polish] “a home in the mountain valley”
  28. Tala — [Tagalog] “palm tree; symbolizes a welcoming and hospitable home”
  29. Umi — [Japanese] “ocean; symbolizes a tranquil and calming home by the sea”

Male baby names

  1. Abode — [English] “a place of residence”
  2. Aiken — [Scottish] “oak tree; one who dwells at the oak tree”
  3. Asher — [Hebrew] “happy home”
  4. Bower — [English] “a pleasant dwelling”
  5. Domus — [Latin] “house or home”
  6. Dwyn — [Welsh] “a home or a household”
  7. Heston — [English] “enclosed settlement”
  8. Home — [English] “a place of residence”
  9. House — [English] “a building for human habitation”
  10. Ilan — [Hebrew] “tree, or a family or a household”
  11. Inman — [English] “dweller in or near a home or dwelling”
  12. Jago — [Cornish] “home ruler”
  13. Kael — [Gaelic] “slender, fair, home”
  14. Kaedon — [Gaelic] “companion or friend of the home”
  15. Kaito — [Japanese] “the sea or the home”
  16. Kaveh — [Persian] “home, or family”
  17. Kenan — [Hebrew] “possession or a dwelling place”
  18. Maison — [French] “house or home”
  19. Mila — [Slavic] “gracious home”
  20. Nevaeh — [English] “heaven spelled backwards, a symbol of the ultimate home”
  21. Oikos — [Greek] “home or household”
  22. Orin — [Irish] “fair-haired one who dwells in or near the home”
  23. Ren — [Japanese] “lotus; love; relationship; kindness; humanity; house”
  24. Roan — [Irish] “descendant of the red-haired one who dwells in or near the home”
  25. Ruslan — [Turkish] “Lion of the home, or protector of the home”
  26. Saxon — [English] “dwellers in the home or settlement”
  27. Teague — [Irish] “poet or philosopher who dwells at the home or near the river”
  28. Toshi — [Japanese] “a wise or enduring home”
  29. Ugo — [Italian] “mind or spirit of the home”
  30. Winthrop — [English] “friendly home”

Unisex baby names

  1. Ashiyana — [Hindi/Urdu] “home”
  2. Bayt — [Arabic] “house”
  3. Hacienda — [Spanish] “estate, large house”
  4. Heim — [German] “home”
  5. Jia — [Chinese] “home, family”
  6. Kevät — [Finnish] “home, dwelling”
  7. Kitenga — [Kikuyu] “home, dwelling place”
  8. Kuca — [Serbian] “house, home”
  9. Maison — [French] “house, home”
  10. Nchi — [Swahili] “home, country”
  11. Nyumba — [Swahili] “house, home”
  12. Oikos — [Greek] “house, home”
  13. Perle — [Norwegian] “home, dwelling”
  14. Roost — [English] “bird’s nest, place of rest”
  15. Shtëpi — [Albanian] “house, home”
  16. Tama — [Maori] “home, place of residence”
  17. Teguh — [Indonesian] “strong, firm, stable (like a home)”
  18. Uthando — [Xhosa/Zulu] “love, home”
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on June 23rd, 2023