47 Gorgeous Names That Mean Pink 🌸💕

Names as vibrant as your little one

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on December 12th, 2023

You’re on a beautiful journey, selecting a name for your new arrival, especially if you’re drawn to names that mean pink. This color, a symbol of love and kindness, inspires a range of pink names that are not only visually stunning but resonate with gentle, nurturing qualities.

Today, let’s explore the world of pink names. Think of names like Rosalind, meaning ‘pretty rose,’ or Coral, evoking the soft blush of a coral reef.

In this blog, we’ll uncover a spectrum of cute pink-themed names, each with its unique charm and story.

So, are you ready to find a name that’s as vibrant and heartfelt as the color itself? Let’s start this colorful adventure together, discovering a name that perfectly suits your little one’s budding personality. 🌸💕

Female Names

  • Azalea (Greek) – A vibrant name representing a type of pink flower.
  • Begonia (Latin) – A unique name, also a type of pink flower.
  • Blossom (English) – Representing the bloom of flowers, it’s a delightful name.
  • Cerise (France) – Meaning “cherry,” it’s a charming and colorful name.
  • Dahlia (Sweden) – Named after a pink flower, it’s a beautiful and elegant choice.
  • Eglantine (France) – Meaning “wild rose,” it’s a distinctively unique name.
  • Fuchsia (Latin) – A vibrant name after a type of pink flower.
  • Gul (Turkey) – Meaning “rose,” it’s a radiant and floral name.
  • Hana (Japan) – This delicate name means “flower.”
  • Ianthe (Greek) – Meaning “purple flower,” it’s an exotic and vibrant choice.
  • Kamala (India) – Symbolizing “lotus,” it’s a serene and graceful name.
  • Lavender (English) – A type of pink flower, it’s a lovely and fragrant name.
  • Nerine (Greek) – After a type of pink flower, it’s a rare and unique name.
  • Orchid (English) – Named after a type of pink flower, it’s an elegant choice.
  • Peach (English) – Representing the pink fruit, it’s a sweet and cute name.
  • Quintana (Spain) – Meaning “fifth girl,” it’s a rare and distinctive name.
  • Rosa (Latin) – A classic name meaning “rose.”
  • Sakura (Japan) – Meaning “cherry blossom,” it’s an elegant and graceful name.
  • Tulip (Turkey) – Named after the pink flower, it’s a graceful and delicate choice.
  • Ume (Japan) – Meaning “plum,” it’s a sweet and simple name.
  • Violet (Latin) – Representing a shade of pink, it’s a timeless and classic name.
  • Warda (Arabic) – Meaning “rose,” it’s a lovely and floral name.
  • Yasmeen (Arabic) – Meaning “jasmine,” it’s a fragrant and beautiful name.
  • Zinnia (German) – A unique name after a type of pink flower.
  • Xochitl (Aztec) – Meaning “flower,” it’s a distinctive and unique name.

Male Names

  • Akane (Japan) – Meaning “deep red,” it’s a strong and vibrant name.
  • Jale (Turkey) – This Turkish name means “rosy,” exuding vibrancy.
  • Momo (Japan) – Meaning “peach,” it’s a sweet and endearing name.

Unisex Names

  • Lotus (Egypt) – A serene name representing a type of pink flower.
  • Rose (Latin) – A timeless and classic name meaning “rose.”

Pink Palette: Whimsically Inspired Names

In a burst of creative whimsy, we’ve spun together these unique pink-inspired names. Think of them as a playful nudge to inspire your own naming adventures!

  • Rosabelle (Inspired by Literature) – A blend of ‘Rosa’ and ‘Belle,’ echoing timeless beauty and the charm of classic literature.
  • Ellerose (Adaptation of Eleanor Roosevelt) – A strong and graceful name inspired by the iconic Eleanor Roosevelt, with a soft rose touch.
  • Aurorapink (Inspired by Art) – Combining ‘Aurora’ with ‘pink,’ symbolizing new beginnings and the soft glow of morning light.
  • Coralie (Inspired by Nature) – Evocative of the soft pink shades of coral reefs, Coralie is lyrical and serene.
  • Dianthus (Botanical Inspiration) – Named after the genus of flowers including pinks, reflecting a love for nature and delicate blossoms.
  • Melpinkia (Inspired by Greek Mythology) – A melodious blend of ‘Mel’ and ‘pink,’ with a hint of Greek mythology.
  • Cherietta (Inspired by Music) – Influenced by ‘Cherish’ and Cher, resonating with adoration and vibrant pink spirit.
  • Fleurrose (French Artistic Flair) – A tribute to French elegance, combining ‘Fleur’ and ‘Rose’ for romantic sophistication.
  • Lilapink (Inspired by Literature) – Fusing ‘Lila’ from literature with the playful connotations of pink.
  • Sakura (Japanese Cultural Reference) – Meaning ‘cherry blossom,’ Sakura captures the beauty of pink blossoms and symbolizes renewal.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on December 12th, 2023

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