100+ Names That Mean Second Chance (Boy, Girl, Unisex)

Names that suggest forgiveness and a new beginning

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on May 30th, 2023

If you’re considering an out-of-the-ordinary name for your newly-arrived baby to indicate the beginning of a new chapter in your life (perhaps after a period of melancholy or despair), we get why you’re on the lookout for names that mean second chance.

Whether you’re planning to wipe the slate clean or just making a fresh start in life, parents from different cultures around the world have used names meaning second chance for centuries. 

Whatever your particular reasons may be, we’ve carefully drawn up an assortment of such names to help you. Please browse through our collection. We hope you’ll find one that your precious child will grow to love. Happy browsing!

female baby names

Aliana [Irish] “second chance”
Alauna [Latin] “renewal”
Amara [African] “grace”
Anahita [Persian] “immortal”
Anastasia [Greek] “resurrection”
Arpi [Armenian] “renewal”
Asha [Indian] “hope”
Athena [Greek] “goddess of wisdom”
Ava [Latin] “life”
Azriel [Hebrew] “God is my help”
Blythe [English] “happy”
Brynn [Welsh] “second chance”
Cassandra [Greek] “prophetess”
Chava [Hebrew] “life”
Clara [Latin] “bright”
Dahlia [Scandinavian] “second chance”
Eden [Hebrew] “delight”
Eliana [Hebrew] “God has answered”
Ella [English] “all”
Faith [English] “belief”
Gia [Italian] “God’s gracious gift”
Grace [Latin] “God’s favor”
Hope [English] “confident expectation”
Imogen [Irish] “second chance”
Inara [Arabic] “light”
Jada [Hebrew] “wise”
Kaia [Greek] “pure”
Kami [Japanese] “second chance”
Liberty [Latin] “freedom”
Lucy [Latin] “light”
Nessa [Hebrew] “miracle”
Nova [Latin] “new”
Olivia [Latin] “olive tree”
Ophelia [Greek] “help”
Penelope [Greek] “weaver”
Phoebe [Greek] “bright, pure”
Raven [English] “second chance”
Sophia [Greek] “wisdom”
Talia [Hebrew] “dew from heaven”
Tessa [Greek] “second chance”
Vivian [Latin] “alive”
Zoe [Greek] “life”

male baby names

  • Aaren [English] “second chance” 
  • Aarush [Indian] “beginning of new life”
  • Abel [Hebrew] “breath, or second” 
  • Abijam [Hebrew] “second father” 
  • Ademola [African] “second crown”
  • Aiden [Irish] “little fire”
  • Aine [Irish] “second”
  • Ander [Basque] “second chance”
  • Ansel [German] “God’s protection”
  • Arjun [Hindu] “second born”
  • Arren [Irish] “second”
  • Asher [Hebrew] “happy”
  • Atli [Scandinavian] “father of second chance”
  • Benji [Hebrew] “son of my right hand”
  • Benyamin [Hebrew] “son of the right hand”
  • Bodhi [Indian] “awakening”
  • Braxton [English] “second son”
  • Canaan [Hebrew] “second chance”
  • Casper [Greek] “treasurer”
  • Chance [English] “second chance”
  • Clemence [French] “mercy, leniency”
  • Danesh [Persian] “second knowledge”
  • Darcy [Irish] “second chance” 
  • Daren [English] “second born son”
  • Elian [Hebrew] “God has answered”
  • Fadi [Arabic] “saviour”
  • Faraj [Arabic] “relief”
  • Ian [Gaelic] “God is gracious”
  • Jaden [Hebrew] “God has heard”
  • Nathan [Hebrew] “gift” 
  • Oliver [Latin] “olive tree” 
  • Onur [Turkish] “second chance”
  • Phoenix [Greek] “rising from the ashes”
  • Quinlan [Irish] “second chance”
  • Quinn [Gaelic] “wise”
  • Saahil [Arabic] “guide”
  • Sean [Gaelic] “God is gracious”
  • Seth [Hebrew] “appointed” 
  • Theo [Greek] “God given” 
  • Wren [English] “second chance”
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on May 30th, 2023