45 Plant and Flower Names for Boys

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Welcoming your new little one into your life is the most natural thing in the world, and if you and your partner are earth-conscious nature lovers, you may be considering naming your baby boy after a favored plant or flower — perhaps one that’s had special meaning in your life.

Plants can be unique in appearance and ability; growing up tall and strong, or having bright, eye-catching blooms are lovely metaphors for virtues your young son can aspire to.

Ready to choose a name that will help him blossom? Let’s dive in.

  • Basil – Basil is a unisex name that means “brave or intrepid.” Basil is also one of the most commonly used annual herbs.
  • Zephyr – Zephyranthes Grandiflora is a type of rain lily that is native to Mexico and South America.
  • Alder – Alder is yet another botanical baby name. The alder tree is common throughout Europe and Russia.
  • Sorrel – Name your kiddo after this tangy herb. The French moniker means “reddish-brown.”
  • William – William Augustus is the name of a pink flower from the Dianthus genus. It is also known as Sweet William.
  • Akhtar – This Persian boys’ name means “flower.”
  • Bud -Bud is a casual name that conjures up images of soon-to-bloom flowers.
  • Coleus – This flowering plant is known for its multicolored leaves and feather-like protrusions.
  • Cedar – Cedar is a stately name with natural connotations. The cedar tree is revered by many cultures and religions.
  • Crisanto – Crisanto is a Spanish name with Greek origins. It means “golden flower.”
  • Heath – A heath is a large area of uncultivated land. It’s the perfect place to find native flora.
  • Bentley – Bently is an Old English name for a place with “bentgrass.” Unfortunately, this plant-inspired name might be lost in translation. Many people are likely to assume you snatched the moniker from the popular car manufacturer.
  • Forest – The Forest is home to many plants and flowers.
  • Flax – Linum usitatissimum, aka flax, is a heavily cultivated plant. Flax fibers can be spun into yarn and woven into fabric.
  • Anthony -Anthony is an English baby name that means “praiseworthy.” It stems from the Latin word anthos, which means “flower.”
  • Fleury – Fleury is the masculne version of the French word fleur. It translates to “flower.”
  • Zahur – This African name means “blossom.”
  • Chicory – Chicory is a flowering plant that’s also known as the blue daisy.
  • Fern – This green, shade-loving plant conjures up images of the forest floor.
  • Fiorello – In Italian, this masculine given name means “little flower.”
  • Indigo – This is the name given to the purple dye that comes from the Indigofera plant. It’s a lovely and exotic first name for any newborn child.
  • Kapua – This unisex Hawaiian name means “flower child.”
  • Flurin -Flurin is a Roman name that means “flowering.”
  • Nitzan – The gender-neutral Hebrew name means
  • Aciano – Aciano means “blue bottle flower.” This moniker is Spanish in origin.
  • Elon – Elon is a biblical Hebrew name meaning “oak tree.” One of the most well-known bearers of this name is Elon Musk, the co-founder of Payal, founder of SpaceX, and CEO of Tesla.
  • Talasi -This gender-neutral Native American name means “cornflower.”
  • Yarrow – Yarrow is a flowering herb that is native to Europe and North America. It is the perfect moniker for a rugged yet sweet little boy.
  • Yeong – This gender-neutral Chinese name means “flower petal.”
  • Bai – Bai comes from the Chinese words for “splendid” and “flower.” With “Chick” being the most obvious nickname choice, this name might invite unwanted comments and ridicule.
  • Ambuj – The Hindi boys’ name means “from the water” or “lotus.”
  • Anh – This Sino-Vietnamese name means “flower” or “petal.”
  • Consus – The Latin occupational name refers to the act of sowing or plating.
  • Florus – Florus is a charming boys’ name that comes from the Latin word for “flower.”
  • Guiying – This herb-inspired Chinese name refers to laurel, cinnamon, and cassia.
  • Haruka -Depending on the characters used, Haruka can mean “distant flower” or “sunny weather.”
  • Gul – In Turkish, this name refers to “roses.”
  • Kalei – This Hawaain name means “flower wreath” or “beloved.”
  • Leilani – Add a tropical note to your baby’s birth certificate with this name meaning “heavenly flower.”
  • Neta -While primarily a female name, Neta is a potentially gender-neutral moniker. It means “flowers” or “shrubbery.”
  • Pushpa – In Sanskirt, this name refers to “the flower.”
  • Nitzan -This gender-neutral Hebrew name means “flowering.”
  • Tsvetan – This Bulgarian name translates to “flower” or “blossom.”
  • Alon – This Israeli surname means “oak tree” in the Hebrew language.
  • Xochipilli – Xochipilli is the Aztex god of flowers. He is often referred to as the “Prince of Flowers.”
  • Ash – Ash is a name that applies to the flowering plants in the olive and lilac families. This short yet charming boys’ name is the perfect pick for parents with a love of flora and fauna.
  • Asco – Asco is a derivative of the Germanic word asc. It refers to the ash tree.
  • Neophytos – This Greek name means “newly planted.” Both Neo and Phytos serve as suitable nicknames.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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