150 Chilly Winter Names That Mean Snow, Cold, Ice, or Frost

Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

Whether you’re due in the midst of the season of snow and ice or simply have a special fondness for the wintertime, wintery baby names meaning snow, cold, ice, or frost have a unique touch. Snow, ice, and frost are beautiful to look at, but they’re also powerful forces of nature; much like your baby, they arrive on their own schedule and with their own agenda!

There are lots of lovely male, female, and unisex names meaning snow, ice, cold, and frost, as a significant portion of the world’s cultures experience these phenomena and have language describing it.

Let’s dig out the perfect snowy name for your little one, shall we?

Male baby names

  • Buz – In Turkish, Buz means “ice.”
  • Led – Led is the Russian word for “ice.”
  • Nix – Nix is Latin for “snow.” This modern-sounding moniker is perfect for any baby born during the winter.
  • Kanrou – The masculine Japanese name means “cold son.”
  • Frost – Frost is a Scandinavian name that means “frozen.”
  • Ledus – In Latvian, Ledus means “ice.”
  • Himanshu – This unusual Indian name comes from the elements for “cold, frost, winter,” and “ray beam.”
  • Morozoko – Morozoko translates to “Father Frost” in Russian. Morozko is a character from a classic Russian fairy tale.
  • Fannar – This relatively modern Icelandic name translates to “snowdrift.”
  • Yas – This name comes to us from the Navajo people. It means “snow.”
  • Siku – This one-syllable Inuit name means “ice.”
  • Ilgar – Ilgar is an incredibly popular name in Azerbaijan. It means “first snow.”
  • Izotz – Izotz means “ice” in Basque.
  • Canelo – Canelo translates to “cinnamon” in Spanish. This spice is often associated with winter holidays. In Spanish-speaking places, Canelo is a common nickname for people with red hair.
  • Murrlan – The Albanian name means “cold, strong wind from the North.”
  • Himesh – Himesh means “lord of the snow.”
  • Jack – This English name means “God is gracious.” However, the name Jack is closely associated with Jack Frost, a well-known European variant of Old Man Winter.
  • Warrin – Warrin is an indigenous Australian name that means “winter.”
  • Pyry – This adorable baby name means “blizzard” in Finnish.
  • Tin – Tin is the Navajo word for “ice.” Tin is the perfect name for an indigenous boy who is born during winter.
  • Ishard – Ishard comes from the Germanic elements for ‘ice” and “brave.”
  • Sioc – This unique Gaelic name means “frost.”
  • Jaki – This rare Icelandic moniker means “iceberg.”
  • Andri – Andri is Norse for “snowshoe.”
  • Dong – In Chinese, this name means “winter.”
  • Szron – Szron is a Polish name that means “frost that settles on the trees.”
  • Barrug – Barrug is a Welsh name meaning “white, fair, and blessed.” Barry is a potential nickname.
  • Boreas – Boreas is the Greek god of the north wind.
  • Aquilo – In the ancient Roman tradition, Aquilo is the god of the north wind. He is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Boreas.
  • Himaghna – In Indian, this name means “sun that melts the snow.”
  • Noel – This sweet French name means “Christmas.” It is the perfect title for any kiddo born in the heart of the winter holiday season.
  • Urmas – This one comes from the Estonian words for “frost” and “catkin.” This name is quite popular throughout Europe.
  • Albus – Albus is an English name that means “white.” This moniker is perfect for someone looking for a reminder of snow, ice, and frost. Albus Dumbledore is also a beloved character from “Harry Potter.”
  • Vetle – This charming Norwegian name means “winter traveler.”
  • Aspen – Aspen means “cold water” or “quaking tree.” It is also the name of a popular skiing destination in Colorado.
  • Finn – This name has taken off in recent years. It means “white” or “fair.”
  • Zima – Zima means “winter” in Bosnian.
  • Hall – This simple Finnish name translates to “frost.”
  • Tushar – Tushar is a Sanskrit name that means “cold, frost, snow.”
  • Antizgar – Antisgar is a Basque name meaning “frost.”
  • Alluaq – Alluaq is a Greenlandic name that means “hole in the ice for fishing.”
  • Ayaz – This Turkish name means “frost” or “dry, cold air.”
  • Fraser – Fraser fir trees stay green all winter long. These lovely evergreens are popular Christmas tree picks.
  • Vinter – Vinter is the Danish word for “winter.”
  • Eirwen – In Welsh, this name means “blessed snow.”
  • Alba– Alba is the Latin word for “white.” It is the root of many snow-related words and names.
  • Yukio – This masculine Japanese name means “snow.”
  • Rudolph – This Germanic name means “famous wolf.” Rudolph is also the main character from the revered television program “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”
  • Vindkaldr – Vindkaldr name means “wind-frozen.” This too-cool name comes to us from Norse mythology.
  • Everest – This lofty name is inspired by the world’s largest mountain. Mount Everest is known for its frigid temperatures and killer blizzards.
Emily Polash
Written by Emily Polash Updated on May 31st, 2022

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