5 Pro YouTubers Your Scooter Kid Will Love

It was hard to ignore the ABC News article headline written by Emily Bissland and posted on February 24th, but in fact it’s today’s reality: “Why scooter kids can earn big bucks and dream of the Olympics.” Her profile covered the rise of “scooterdom” and the willingness of even the littlest boys to take big risks, even when moms clad them in so much safety gear, it would take yards of bubble wrap to do the job better.

If your little scooter knows no boundaries, whether at a skate park or roaming around the neighborhood, he doesn’t even have to qualify for Olympics to grab some fame. Moms and dads, thrilled by the prowess of their little dudes, have no qualms about posting action shots of their children on the Internet.

The savviest parents understand the nuances of “getting hits,” so a child could morph into a legend on YouTube. But while you wait for that to happen, acquaint your child with five of the hottest scooter professionals on today’s scene. There are more but these should get you started until you can add your little daredevil to the list. (Source)

5 of the best Pro Scooter YouTubers

1. Raymond Warner is only 26, but the U.S. born championship pro scooter rider needn’t do anything but show up for an in-person appearance to pack the skatepark with local with pre-teens. Warner is more than a touring champ; he also conducts camps for wannabe YouTube stars throughout the western hemisphere. Check him out…

2. Just two years ago, Dylan Sinclair, an Australian teen, competed in the “age 16 and up” category, despite being just 15. Frasier Chronicle reporters and fans held their collective breaths while watching this fearless competitor do his thing. Said Tim Earle, “He beat half the best scooters from across the world and it launches him now to taking on the pro division.” Will scootering be an Olympic sport? Perhaps; a good reason to keep the name Dylan Sinclair in mind:

3. Professional scooter rider Matthey J. McKeen was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and shows no fear when he appears at competitions, exhibitions and he’s even been featured on MTV broadcasts. Named Best Street Rider back in 2006 when he was only 14, he has since expanded his repertoire and gotten a college degree in film making. See him do his thing here and you’ll know why Matt continues to make international “best scooter pros” lists:

4. Californian Jeremy Malott snagged victories at the U.S. Championships and San Diego 8, but his goal has always been using his professional status to inspire kids to be fearless and use proper techniques to ride safely. Jeremy’s favorite places to train are parks and flow terrains and he takes pride in his biggest accomplishments that include his signature “corked 20 and flip drop-in, with 1080 bar spin.” His clever moves have taken him to places as China and England. See why his star is rising:

5. His friends call Dakota Scheutz “Kota” but scooter enthusiasts around the world know him as “The Machine” because he is considered one of the foremost American professional freestyle scooter riders. The wealth of medals and trophies he has accumulated during his 22 years on earth prove it. The first competitor ever to win all major international competitions, Kota knows fame is fleeting and practices 5 hours every day to maintain his edge:

Don’t count out these adorable future pros

1. It’s a family affair for the Waesch Brothers whose dad built the brothers a ramp in their back yard, so they can practice daily. Who has time to get into spats over toys when this much energy is expended by these bros? See what they’re up to on this video and plan to be inspired:

2. How young is too young? Watch this 3-year-old show off his stuff inspired by pro scooter rider Ryan Williams…

If your little one shows this much talent, he or she could go pro some day and support you in the manner to which you would love to become accustomed!

3. She’s out of diapers now, but this 23-month-old girl with promising moves in 2013 could be leading the pack:

Girls as pro scooter riders? Why not? Of course, the proper outfit is–for little girls–a must, so until a clever juvenile fashion house comes up with scooter wear for girls, a princess skirt and matching cardigan should do:

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