Kumar Grant family pic

Kumar Grant

Kumar Grant, BSc, is the proud father of three children, currently aged 18-months, 4-years, and 8-years. This makes him something of an expert in surviving parenthood. (So good, so far.) Parenting kids of three different ages and stages, Kumar is fantastically well-placed to write about family life and to be We The Parents’ chief toy and gear reviewer – it’s a hard job, promise! In this role, and with the help of his children, he researches and tests the toys and gear that (apparently) families need.

A keen cyclist, scooter rider, and sports enthusiast, Kumar enjoys introducing his children to various outdoor activities and then supporting them when they develop the bug.

(Oh, and by the way, the “BSc” was Physics and Philosophy which Kumar studied at the prestigious University of Bristol, England. Kumar uses his science training to go deep with his research and interrogation of primary scientific sources. Only credibly evidence-based claims make it into his writing.)

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