Best Toys & Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls (a VERY picky list)

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023
6 year old girl plays with toys

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As parents and nerds when it comes to research, we’ve carefully compiled a list of the best toys, games and puzzles for 6 year old girls. They will challenge and engage her in ways that are both super-fun and educational.

We know that although 6 year olds come in all shapes and sizes, they do have a few things in common; play is now very social and sophisticated. It often involves friends and intricate role play.

Our picks of the best toys for 6 tear old girls


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If you have or know a six year old girl who loves Harry Potter, you should get this Kano Coding Kit (check price on Amazon) for her. It comes with a wand for her to build and will teach her coding magic. This kit will teach her all kinds of tricks and spells. It gives her the chance to pretend she’s a real wizard. Any six year old would be entertained getting to practice the magic they’ve seen in the movies while learning to code.

Why She’ll Love It: She’ll stay entertained for hours learning to code magic spells. She’ll be like the little wizard she’s dreamed about being.


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Looking to encourage your daughter’s creativity, but not in the mood to break out the messy finger paints? This kid-sized Wooden Weaving Loom (check price on Amazoncomes with 91 yards of rainbow colored yarn and an illustrated booklet to get your daughter started.

The included needle is quite large, so it’s easy for small hands to maneuver, and working on this loom will encourage creativity and fine motor skill development.

Why She’ll Love It: She can take pride in her work by wearing her creations or displaying them as decorations.


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Every girl needs her secrets, right? With this Ever After High Spellbinding Secret Chest (check price on Amazon), she can set a voice-activated password for extra privacy and store little keepsakes away from the world. She can also record special memories up to sixty seconds long on the keys, which can be played back when inserted into the lock.

Using the voice password can be tricky; be sure she uses the same tone when unlocking the box that she used to set the password.

Why She’ll Love It: She can safely stash her valuable trinkets away from prying eyes. She’ll also love being able to relive the memories she has logged, and can always record new ones over previous recordings.


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These wooden blocks building set (check price on Amazon), colored with non-toxic stains, are so well crafted that they could last for generations.The hues signify the natural elements of earth, fire, water, and air and they are perfect for working on those fine-motor skills.

Your daughter can also use them as puzzle blocks by piecing them together in the tray to form a lovely design.

Why She’ll Love Them: Painted in vivid colors that are sure to tickle her imagination, your daughter will have plenty of fun creating unique designs.


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Since it magnifies objects up to 30 times, this is an ideal toy to bring on those outdoor excursions. With the Terra Kids Children’s Spyglass Telescope (check price on Amazon), she’ll be able to observe the world of animals and plants and begin to take a keener interest in the natural world. This is an affordable gadget that’s great for encouraging curiosity and exploration.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s compact and colorful, so she’ll enjoy taking it around with no extra hassle.


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What six year old isn’t a fan of legos? The LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box (check price on Amazon comes with a variety of different colors and lets her build whatever structure comes to mind. Having so many different colors means she can design as colorfully as she pleases. Being a larger set, she will have plenty of lego pieces to build with. This lego set is good on its own or paired up with another lego set. This set also comes with architecture pieces such as windows and doors.

Why She’ll Love It: She’ll have fun with all the different colored pieces. She can build anything her imagination comes up with.


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If your daughter is up for a challenge, she can play this game as is or, for easier gameplay, your family can use the variation designed for kids five and up.

To end the curse placed on the mummy, players must reach the Pharoh’s sarcophagus without getting caught by said cursed mummy.

Playing Pharaoh’s Gulo Gulo (check price on Amazonimproves your child’s ability to strategize and recognize colors, and is the perfect time for a fun history lesson.

Why She’ll Love It: This game is a great group activity that your daughter can one day pass on to her own kids.


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This award-winning game is ideal for your daughter’s growing mind. Compatible with most iPads, it features games designed to enhance skills in areas such as math, reading, spelling, creativity, and more.

This particular purchase includes five games along with the actual Osmo Genius system (check price on Amazon). You can continually expand your daughter’s game library, as Osmo makes programs for kids ages five to twelve.

Why She’ll Love It: This is the perfect marriage between technology, learning, and fun. Plus, she won’t get bored easily, considering the vast array of available games.


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Whether you are on a road trip or a quiet night in with your girl, the Mattel Games Blink (check price on Amazonis a super fun and colorful card game that takes the best elements of snap up to a whole new level.

She’ll love the high-level thrill of this game – just don’t play it immediately before bedtime as kids will need to unwind after the excitement. To win she’ll need sharp eyes and fast hands. Two players must try to match the shape, count, or color on each player’s cards to either one of two discard piles. It really is exciting!

Why She’ll Love It: It is colorfully designed cards, moons to triangles to stars.


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JuniorScope Microscope (check price on Amazon) lets your six year old girl pretend she’s a scientist. It’s easy to use and comes with a full kit. This way, your six year old will have the accessories she needs to feel like a real scientist. She’ll be able to view samples such as plants, DNA and insects. JuniorScope is composed of a low and high powered microscope to be able to view different samples. This microscope might be for kids, but functions just as an actual microscope.

Why She’ll Love It: Using this microscope can make her feel like the scientist she’s always dreamed about becoming. It’ll let her conduct fun little experiments.


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Finding indoor activities can be a challenge, especially if you’re not in the mood to clean up a huge mess after your kiddo is done playing. With puzzles, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can also rest assured that your daughter is working on her motor skills, improving her ability to focus, and will get a real sense of accomplishment from being able to see the results of her work. No Dogs on The Beach (check price on Amazonis a charming and adorable scene that any 6-year-old should love.

Why She’ll Love It: She’ll have fun assembling the puzzle and watching the image of the dogs come to fruition. Once she has finished, you can even frame it for a nice wall decoration in her room.


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If your girl is a fidgeter, the Infinity Cube Fidget Toy (check price on Amazonmight be a worthwhile purchase. It has a mesmerizing mechanism which keeps rolling and opening forever! This toys meets ASTM international toy safety standard which will assure you that your young fidgeter can pass on to siblings and friends.

Why She’ll Love It: Whether she’s feeling stressed, anxious, or even just bored, these toys will give her something with which to occupy her mind.


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Practicing drawing and writing isn’t just fun for your six-year-old girl, it’s important to the improvement of her small motor skills. Devices like this LCD writing tablet from Sunany (check price on Amazon). allow her to doodle to her heart’s content without ever running out of paper or ink! The simple 8.5″ tablet features a black background with a stylus pen that can be used to draw or write.

The thickness of the line being created increases with the pressure applied to the pen, just like real drawing mediums, making her creations feel more fluid and realistic. To erase her current work and start anew, all she has to do is press the “trash” icon located at the top of the device — this clears the screen, readying the tablet for her next work of art.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a chance for her to practice her drawing and writing skills again and again without running out of supplies or making a mess.


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In the 90’s, Magnetic Poetry was the it trend; let’s admit it, it’s still a ton of fun, and your six-year-old can improve her reading and vocabulary skills with this easy-to-stick set that’s just for kids. The Story Maker (check price on Amazon) has more than 150 magnetic tiles featuring words and phrases that are color-coded by parts of speech, making it a great teaching tool for understanding the difference between nouns, verbs, prepositions, and others.

This quirky mix-and-match set doesn’t have to be reserved for the fridge, either! Any magnetic surface, like a wall-mounted magnet board, is ideal for enjoying this toy.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a chance to learn new words and use the same toy to tell new stories each time.


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Toys that encourage your six-year-old to move her whole body are great for her gross motor skill development, especially if they’re geared toward agility like these colorful EZ Steppers (check price on Amazon). The bucket-shaped steppers are a classic agility toy, updating the dangerous coffee-can creations of the past into safe plastic units with high quality line.

To use, your girl simply steps on the steppers’ slip resistant surface as their wide bases remain on the ground. The sturdy cords will allow her to remain stable as she moves around and shows off her new silly walk, building her balance and strength all the while.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a new, creative way for her to get up and moving, plus they’re great for building balance abilities


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Six is a great age for introducing basic STEM tools, as kids are beginning to have the cognitive and motor skills to understand them and use them correctly. This handheld microscope from Learning Resources significantly simplifies the ubiquitous magnification tool, turning it into a digital, USB-powered device that fits right into her hand. Once the Zoomy Handheld Digital Microscope (check price on Target) is plugged into a computer, interactive whiteboard or projector, she’ll be able to move the device over the object she’s examining to get a closer look on the screen, even adjusting focus by simply turning the top of the device.

She can also capture high-quality stills and video of what she’s viewing by clicking or holding the camera button on the top of the device.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a great introduction into magnification technology that’s just the right size and intensity level for a six-year-old, plus she can capture stills and video for later.


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Bikes aren’t the only fun to be had on two wheels — a durable Razor kick scooter (check price on Target) offers kids a cool, no-pedal alternative. If your six-year-old girl goes gaga for pink, she’ll love the bright, rosy shades featured in this design. The deck features the Razor logo with fun floral bursts, and the handlebars are decked out in eye-catching, iridescent pink, purple, and holographic streamers.

It’s a zippy way to get around that offers a boost to her gross motor skills and balance abilities, but she’ll also be able to stop on a dime with a highly functional rear fender brake. Thanks to the maximum rider weight of 143 lbs, it’s a scooter she can keep enjoying as she grows as well as one she can share easily with siblings.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a fun alternative to her regular bike that can be a bit easier as she masters balance, and the bright body design has special appeal for pink-lovers


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At any age, those who love to create take joy in having their very own space in which to do so. This easy-to-clean deluxe art master kids desk from Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk (check price on Walmart) offers your six-year-old both room to spread out and some spaces to stash her special art supplies to your mutual benefit. It features a broad work surface with recessed wells for her to store crayons, pencils, and other tools, and an attached dry-erase surface offers a base she can doodle on and wipe clean with dry-erase markers.

The desk’s arching top features tons of additional storage as well as a convenient soft light to illuminate her work space, and its sides feature built-in bins perfect for storing books, craft paper, boxes of supplies, and any other necessities. The desk set also features a comfortable New Traditions chair that’s just the right size for your six-year-old.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a special space of her very own to create her very own works of art, featuring tons of storage space and a chair that’s just her size.


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Riding a bike is a great workout, and for kids, the learning process helps to improve gross motor skills, balance, and proprioception. If your six-year-old girl is a new learner, this girls’ bike from RoyalBaby (check price on Walmart) is an ideal choice for her first bicycle. It comes with detachable training wheels, so she can have an easy, safe start and progress to two-wheeled riding when she’s able.

This sweet bike has a comfortable, soft seat, a bright pink body, white tires with pink rims, and a striped pink and white classic front bike basket for her to store her toys and essentials in as she pedals around. The bike’s knobby tires offer great traction on most surfaces, and the brake lever is designed to be kid-friendly and easy to operate.

Why She’ll Love It:  It’s an ideal first bike thanks to detachable training wheels and a kid-friendly hand brake, and the pink body, basket, and bell add lots of feminine flair.


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Staying warm and cozy is just a little bit more stylish when she’s wrapped up in this soft crocheted mermaid tail blanket (check price on Amazon). Available in several shades of pink, purple, blue, and green, the trendy blanket opens at the bottom and back, allowing her to get in and out of her blanket easily while still maintaining its fun mermaid tail style. It features a lovely hand-knitted scale pattern and realistic flaring ridged fish tail, all made from extra-soft acrylic yarn.

The breathable blanket is able to be machine washed in cool water and tumble dried while maintaining its shape and color, making it a bit more durable than some similar blankets on the market.

Why She’ll Love It:  It’s a colorful way for her to express her inner mermaid while enjoying a warm, cozy blanket that’s also great for naps and bedtime

What to expect from your 6 year old girl

Right, dad, quit being silly in front of her friends! At this age she is easily embarrassed and places huge value on what she believes her friends think of her.

The biggest changes are now seen in her social and cognitive ability. She will start spending more time with friends and thinking and reasoning in complex ways.

Watch out for these milestones this year (Source):

Body, hand and finger skills

  • Becoming accomplished at drawing;
  • Loves to concentrate and master new physical skill such as skating and skipping;
  • Constantly moving. She’s a pocket rocket!
  • Ties shoelaces

Emotional development

  • Gets excited very easily;
  • Easily embarrassed;
  • Loves to fool around;
  • Can struggle to make decisions;
  • Puts self to sleep;
  • Better able to manage feelings;
  • Sometimes highly competitive and jealous;
  • Gets very frustrated

Cognitive development

  • Loves to read favorite books over and over;
  • Matches words;
  • Can write name;
  • Does basic arithmetic;
  • Can discuss sameness and difference between objects;
  • Love to use long words

Wrapping up

6 year olds revel in their new found abilities. They will enjoy showing off their latest big word or skateboarding trick. With heightened self-awareness, though, comes sensitivity; she can be easily embarrassed.

She may be growing up fast but she still loves to play. The main difference now is that she prefers to play with friends than by herself.

Our list of toys for 6 year old girls has been carefully chosen to match her abilities. They are all super fun and will help her to learn in an enjoyable gentle way.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023