The Best NEW Toys & Gifts for 7 Year Old Girls

Searching for the perfect toy or gift for a 7 year old girl? Look no further. As parents and research nerds, we have compiled the ultimate list. Each one is appropriate for her physical ability and expanding social skills; they play to her strengths and test her in ways that are challenging but fun.

She’s through the most radical physical changes and now her motor skills are developing in a slower, more refined way. This means she’ll concentrate on mastering more nuanced physical skills. She will constantly embark on new challenges and will enjoy showing you new tricks on her stunt scooter or bicycle.

Our Top Picks

- Carefully curated gift ideas for 7 Year Old Girls -

#1 The 3Doodler Powerpuff 3D Printing Pen Set

The 3Doodler (check price on Amazonis a Top Toy Of The Year finalist. It brings incredible 3D printing pen technology and makes it super-fun and child-safe.

This awesome girls’ STEM toy encourages tactile learning, spatial awareness, planning, and creativity.

The 3D pen uses BPA-free and non-toxic plastic, so is perfect for children. As the plastic comes out of the pen it quickly cools allowing 3D lines to be built up into the air.

Why She’ll Love It: Drawing in 3D is mesmerizing and fun, plus if she loves the Powerpuff girls, this will be a sure-fire hit.

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#2 Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

“Build a Wand. Learn To Code. Make Magic.” The strapline from Kano (award-winning STEM toy manufacturer) says it all. Any seven-year-old girl who’s into Harry Potter will be spellbound as she codes her own wand-waving magical games.

She’ll be able to program all kinds of tricks, from making objects fly to controlling fire. This kit (check price on Amazonrolls education and entertainment into one magical experience.

Why She’ll Love It: She’ll pretend to be a Hogwarts student, learning and practicing spells that she has created and coded.

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#3 Wild Pixy Fairy Garden with Solar Panel

Every 7-year-old girl needs a fairy garden. It’s the rule!

If she hasn’t got one yet, then look no further. The Wild Pixy Fairy Garden (check price on Amazon) is a cut above the rest. First off, it arrives boxed in a gorgeous cardboard packaging; next, the actual fairy, her house, bridge, bench, and other accessories have been beautifully designed and feel sturdy; finally, there are solar powered LEDs and glowing rocks which make for a magical twinkling nighttime ambiance.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a fairy garden! What’s not to love? And this one feels contemporary, classy, and well-designed.

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#4 Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies 4Victory Blaster

This blaster (check price on Amazoncan fire four darts before your girl has to reload, and those darts will sail up to 75 feet towards her target. It also has the capability of sending secret messages. She can give a decoder to her friend, who can use it to decipher writing on the dart and send a hidden communique back.

Since the blaster has its own built-in decoder, your kiddo can instantly read the reply. Better still; old messages can be erased and new ones written with a special pen that easily stores away in the blaster.

Why She’ll Love It: This toy is in pretty colors but has a sassy edge.

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#5 Razor A Kick Scooter

Razor A Kick Scooter

Who said that shredding the streets was a boy’s only club?

This scooter (check price on Amazoncomes fitted with replaceable urethane wheels and can support up to 143 pounds. The handlebar is adjustable for a safe and comfortable ride, and it has a rear brake for smooth stops.

The aluminum frame is lightweight but sturdy, and the scooter folds up for easy storage and transport.

Why She’ll Love It: This two-wheel scooter is plenty capable of doing fun tricks and comes in several colors so that she can pick one that matches her style.

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#6 JuniorScope Microscope For Kids

JuniorScope Microscope (check price on Amazonis the perfect gift for any seven year old girl interested in science. It comes with glass slides, test tubes, a petri dish, and other lab instruments; everything she’ll need to feel like a proper scientist while peering at microscopic animals, vegetables, and minerals.

It comes with a microscopy book that will introduce her to the science of optics and micro-organisms in a fun and accessible way.

Why She’ll Love It: It is essentially a real microscope, not a gimmicky toy.

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#7 Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System

If your little lady loves to sing and dreams of being on America’s Got Talent, then you may have just found the perfect gift! The Singing Machine Karaoke System (check price on Amazon) streams music from her phone/tablet via Bluetooth or can play her favorite CD.

This all-in-one party machine features a 54 LED disco light, microphone, RCA cables to connect lyrics to your TV, record button and USB connector, and a wooden cabinet which gives the inbuilt speaker a nice and powerful sound.

Why She’ll Love It: There are two extra mic inputs so she can sing with her friends and even record her performances and play them back later.

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#8 Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

This is a lovely addition (check price on Amazon) to a dance-lovers bedroom. When wound up, it plays Swan Lake, and it offers plenty of space for your little girl’s jewelry and special trinkets.

The decals are lovely, especially if your daughter is a fan of pink, so it is the perfect accent piece to place on a dresser or nightstand.

Why She’ll Love It: With several designs to choose from, she can pick her perfect jewelry box. She’ll also love watching the ballerina twirl as the music plays.

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#9 Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Your daughter can work on her drawing skills with this simple yet enjoyable toy (check price on Amazon).

The LED-lit background makes for easy tracing while the frame holds the paper in place. Your daughter can use the included graphite pencil and colored pencils to create her masterpieces or break out her own art supplies for a bit more color variety.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a wall adapter so be sure to have three AA batteries on hand.

Why She’ll Love It: Your daughter can mix and match a variety of included images, as well as download additional illustrations, to create a unique piece of art.

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#10 “Fun” Ayomi Be You

"Fun" Ayomi Be You - 30cm with Glitter Trailer By Nici

If your kiddo is looking to expand her stuffed animal collection, then you can’t go wrong with this cute little toy (check price on Amazon). Great for a constant companion, this plush doll is soft, cuddly, and sports a unique look.

Why She’ll Love It: With its large, endearing eyes, charming accessories, and funky hair, this is a unique toy for her to show off to her friends.

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#11 PLAYMOBIL Paddock with Horses and Foal

PLAYMOBIL Paddock with Horses and Foal

What young lady doesn’t wish she could own a horse farm? With a bit of assembly, your daughter can have a miniature version of that dream in her own bedroom (check price on Amazon).

This set includes two horses, a foal, a human figure, and plenty of other extras for her to enjoy, plus she’ll improve her fine motor skills as she pieces this set together.

Why She’ll Love It: This is a toy that offers endless possibilities for imaginative games, and, since it has so many accessories, is perfect for a play date.

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#12 Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Activity Kit

Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Made Easy Activity Kit: Butterfly

With over 140 decorative stickers, your little girl can create beautiful works of art (check price on Amazon). All she has to do is peel and place the stickers on the frame, and it is ready to be hung in a window with the included cord and suction cup.

She will get the gratification of seeing her work pay off beautifully, all while working on her fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and ability to focus.

Why She’ll Love It: She will love being able to have a fine piece of art hung so prominently in the home.

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#13 Bit Coding Robot

This adorable tiny robot (check price on Amazonteaches your girl how to code. She draws lines for Bit to follow. Different colors will illicit different responses from him as he glides over them. Once she has learned the beginner basics, she can move onto OzoBlockly for more coding fun. Creating Bit code involves nothing more than drawing, dragging, and dropping. This makes learning to code Bit super simple and easy for her.

Why She’ll Love It: This is a fun and easy way for her to learn code. She’ll stay entertained seeing Bit respond to whatever coding commands she gives it.

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#14 Figrol Fidget Spinner

Figrol Fidget Spinner

It does seem like these little trinkets (check price on Amazon) are everywhere, doesn’t it? While the scientific jury might still be out with regards to their effectiveness, many parents rave about the fidget spinner’s ability to relieve tension and improve the focus of their children.

This particular gadget has bright LEDs, so your daughter can put on a light show as she fidgets away the worries of the day. Although tricky, you can replace the battery when needed.

Why She’ll Love It: Whether she’s using it to improve her concentration or just to play around, she’ll love the vividly colored lights.

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#15 Smart Globe Discovery

Smart Globe Discovery

This isn’t your grandma’s globe. The interactive panels and smart pen (check price on Amazon) allow your daughter to have a world of information (pun intended) right at her fingertips.

There are 19 activities for her to complete, including quizzes and countless fun facts about continents, countries, capitals, and more. Better still, this globe comes with a volume control and, when not in use, makes a great decorative item to keep on display in her room.

Why She’ll Love It: This globe is perfect to encourage fun learning so that studying will feel more like a game than work.

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What to Expect From Your 7 Year Old Girl

7-year-olds are becoming very self-aware and will start to form their own opinions about the world. You may find that she starts to walk and talk pretty grown up. Don’t forget, though, she is still highly sensitive and needs your warmth and encouragement. Enjoy having a hug and holding hands, because soon she may feel she’s too old for it.

Here are a few things you can look out for as she lives her eighth year (Source):

Body, Hand and Finger Skills

  • There is a big variance in how girls now develop;
  • Enjoys skating or riding bikes;
  • Fantastic runner;
  • Loves to climb.

Emotional Development

  • Able to complete tasks by herself;
  • Mindful of others;
  • More independent;
  • Tends to sulk if upset;
  • Sensitive to how friends perceive her;
  • Doesn’t like to lose and may cheat or storm off to avoid it;
  • Has high expectations of herself and gets disappointed if she fails to meet them;
  • Knows about right and wrong.

Cognitive Development

  • Speaks fluently and uses idioms and slang;
  • Able to focus and ignore background distraction;
  • Great problem-solver;
  • Better at judging the time of day.

Wrapping up

Make the most of your little sweetheart whilst she’s still happy to kiss and cuddle. Soon she may get embarrassed, thinking that she’s too old for it.

Our list of toys has been selected to match her physical skills and her love for solving problems. Let us know how she gets on with them.

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