The Best NEW Toys & Gifts for 5-Year-Old Girls

If you’ve been looking for the best toy or gift for a 5 year old girl, this carefully crafted list is just what you need. This hand-picked selection is perfectly suited to her complex role play and fantasy games, her refined motor skills, and her newfound ability to concentrate and solve puzzles.

Remember, whilst she may act more grown up, play is still her primary method of learning.

Our Top Picks

- Carefully curated gift ideas for 5 Year Old Girls -

#1 Firestar Roller Skates

Firestar Roller Skates

Nothing says childhood like a good pair of roller skates.

Available in several sizes, these Firestarter Skates (check price on Amazon) have a Velcro closure while sporting a lace-up design. The urethane wheels are replaceable, and can even be tightened to provide a slower maximum speed.

These skates can be used in a rink or outside on the pavement.

Why She’ll Love Them: They’re fashionable and functional, so she will be the envy of the neighborhood when she sports these skates.

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#2 Moonlite Storybook Projector (Starter Pack)

The multi-award-winning Moonlite Storybook Projector (check price on Amazon) is an ingenious little device that clips to mom or dads smartphone and uses its torch to project images onto the wall. And here’s where it gets even cleverer.

The images in the ‘story reels’ match stories that are read from the smartphone. So mom or dad can read the story from their phone using the Moonlite app and, at the same time, project the corresponding image as they go. The app also plays cute sound effects to create a truly immersive storytelling experience.

The result is a magical ‘moonlit’ storytime that will have your girl entranced. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Why She’ll Love It: This starter kit comes with two magical stories and is neatly packaged in a book-like box that will sit on the shelf with her other favorite tales.

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#3 My Fairy Garden – Tree Hollow

Help your little angel grow her very own garden in this fairy castle. Calla’s castle (check price on Amazonis equipped to grow a variety of plants and is a really creative way for your little girl to learn about sustaining the environment. Little details like a chandelier and swinging doors will add to the excitement. The fairy, Calla, can even fly using an attachable cord.

Why She’ll Love It: Think back to the first time you planted a seed and saw it grow into a beautiful plant and how great that made you feel. Now, you can enjoy that experience with her!

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#4 LEGO Disney: Princess Belle’s Enchanted Castle

LEGO Disney Princess Belle's Enchanted Castle

This is a great kit for a girl who loves her fairy tales. It comes with a mini Belle and Beast/Prince, and she can assemble several other castle characters to join the cast.

The LEGO Disney Palace (check price on Amazon) itself is a two-story creation with plenty of rooms, like the library and kitchen, that your daughter can build.

As always, LEGO toys are great for working on fine motor skills, direction following, and creative play.

Why She’ll Love It: Once she finishes building the palace, she will be able to engage in lots of imaginative free play.

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#5  Cotton Canvas Playroom Teepee

This gorgeous gray and white striped children’s teepee (check price on Amazon) is perfect for her playroom. Made from 100% cotton canvas and wooden pine poles, it feels natural, earthy, and soft to touch. At 47.2 inches by  70.9 inches and with a height of 53.9 inches, it is big enough to create a fun hideaway for a 5-year-old while fitting comfortably in most children’s rooms.

This teepee has a cute 5-wall design and comes with a removable floor mat.

Why She’ll Love It: It comes with a matching carry case so she can take it on holidays or sleepovers.

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#6 Minion Turbo Dave

Minion MiP Turbo Dave

This minion won’t help your kiddo take over the world, but it will offer hours of entertainment.

Turbo Dave (check price on Amazon) has over 140 phrases, sounds, and jokes that are activated by touch and noise, as well as from your smartphone or tablet if you download the bonus app.

Your daughter can play games with Dave, control his movements, and even learn some coding with the bonus block-based coding option.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a despicably fun toy that she can use for free play or structured learning.

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#7 KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

Any five year old girl would love playing with a dollhouse. The Majestic Mansion dollhouse (check price on Amazon) takes it to another level. Your five year old will stay entertained for hours playing with the little toy family along with all its features and accessories. The dollhouse is composed of eight rooms that can be decorated as she pleases. It includes an elevator, garage, and pets. All features that make this mansion dollhouse much cooler than an ordinary dollhouse.

Why She’ll Love It: A four feet mansion dollhouse will make her imagination go wild. She’s guaranteed to enjoy decorating all the different rooms and acting out scenes with the toy family.

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#8 Yamaha Girls Powered Ride-On

Yamaha Girls Powered Ride-On

Is there a better way to get your kiddo outdoors than giving them their very own ATV?

This four-wheeler Yamaha Ride-on  Quad (check price on Amazon) has two speeds and can drive in reverse. With a top speed of 5 mph, assembling this vehicle is fairly straightforward and can be done in under 30 minutes.

The tires are hard plastic with good traction capability, and the battery provides up to three hours of continuous use.

A complete recharge of the battery takes about 14 hours, so be sure to plan ahead when you want to take this ATV out of the garage for the day.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s her very own four-wheeler, so it’s safe to say that she’ll have a blast.

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#9 Schleich Horse Club Riding Center with Accessories Set

Made of durable plastic parts, this play-set will entertain all of your little equestrian’s needs letting her own imagination create beautiful stories that she can bring to life. She’ll be able to build fences, open doors, and exercise her horses. The riding center has its own hay racks, drinking troughs, and tack holder. It’s even decorated with pretty stickers and has little flowers under the windows.

Why She’ll Love It: She’ll be able to fully explore all of the possibilities of having fun with her horses while taking care of them and keeping them safe.

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#10 PLAYMOBIL Black Baron’s Castle

PLAYMOBIL Black Baron's Castle

This is a great toy if your daughter wants to have a medieval adventure. It comes with several figures and accessories, and she can use any of the PLAYMOBIL Super 4 sets to add on to her fun.

The Black Baron’s Castle (check price on Amazon) folds up for easy transport, so it’s perfect for show and tell at school or for play dates.

Why She’ll Love It: Your imaginative little girl will be able to create plenty of scenarios with this set.

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#11 Ravensburger Race To The Roof

Ravensburger Race To The Roof

If you’re looking for a group activity that your young daughter can participate in, look no further.

Race to the Roof (check price on Amazon) is a game that involves a race between players where the attic is the finish line. You can expand your child’s vocabulary by identifying the objects drawn on the house-board, and each game has enough variation to keep your child engaged.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s a simple but fun game, with rounds lasting about 20 minutes to prevent her from becoming bored.

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#12 Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit

Disney Moana Girls Adventure Outfit

Whether your kiddo wants an awesome Halloween costume or just needs some extra flair for her role-playing games, she’ll love this official Disney Moana outfit (check price on Amazon).

The skirt is cute, with that authentic Moana fringe, and the top is nicely detailed.

Many parents report that it runs a bit on the big side, so keep that in mind when you are picking a size.

Why She’ll Love It: This costume does a great job at staying true to its source material, so she’ll really feel like she has slipped into the Moana character as she plays.

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#13 Water Rocket Kit

Water Rocket Kit

Does your kiddo have an inclination towards science? Even if the answer is no, odds are, she will get a kick out of this toy.

The Water Rocket (check price on Amazon) is easy to assemble, and she can watch her creation fly up to thirty feet in the air. Although the kit includes a bottle, you can grab any empty soda bottle for future uses.

One thing this kit doesn’t come with is a bicycle pump, which is necessary for the launch.

Why She’ll Love It: Although it’s great educational fun, let’s face it; the real cherry on the cake will be when she gets to see her creation fly into the air.

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#14 Osmo Creative Set with Monster Game

Osmo Creative Set with Monster Game (Add-on)

If you have an iPad and the Osmo Genius Kit (check price on Amazon), then you’re all set to use this fun expansion pack.

With three included games, your daughter can work on her creative skills, problem-solving abilities, and much more. This add-on comes with a Creative Board and erasable markers; once the included markers run out, you can purchase any dry-erase marker to use on the board.

Easy to set up, this is an excellent way to put that iPad to good use.

Why She’ll Love It: Whether she wants to solve a puzzle or create her own pictures, this toy will capture her imagination.

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#15 PicassoTiles 60 Piece Set

PicassoTiles 60 Piece Set

This is a great toy for working on early geometry lessons and fine-motor skills. You can purchase additional PicassoTiles (check price on Amazon) building sets so your girl can design even larger creations, but there are certainly enough pieces here to have plenty of fun.

Why She’ll Love It: She’ll get to learn about colors, shapes, and magnets as she builds. This is a great kit for her to play with by herself, but can also be enjoyed in groups.

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What to Expect From Your 5 Year Old Girl

Your 5 year old girl is developing complex language and reasoning skills. In fact, sometimes she can be a little too clever for her own boots! As well as her cognitive abilities, she is also developing new physical skills and will often love showing them off.

Watch out for some of these developmental milestones (Source):

Body, Hand and Finger Skills

  • Balances on tiptoes or one foot;
  • Skips;
  • Learns skills such as rollerblading or bike riding;
  • Cuts with scissors and ties knots;
  • Colors carefully within lines

Emotional Development

  • Enjoys group play more than playing alone;
  • May get into competitive sports and physical games;
  • Can concentrate for longer;
  • Expresses complex emotions like jealousy;
  • Aware of bodily needs, eg, being hungry;
  • Has become better at sharing

Cognitive Development

  • Begins to write words;
  • Knows right from left;
  • Pays more attention to what others are saying;
  • Now has vocabulary of over 5,000 words;
  • Understands concepts of past, present and future;
  • Can discuss the definition of words

Wrapping up

Your 5 year old girl is now a sophisticated little person. However, whilst she will start to talk and act more grown up, don’t forget that she is still a child who loves nothing more than to play and be silly.

This list of toys will perfectly match her developmental stage, providing hours of fun. Let us know how she gets on with them.

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