Top 10 Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls (New for 2018)

Does the thought of shopping for your 13-year-old girl give you nightmares? Are you tempted to call it a day and purchase the old fall back of a gift card?

Don’t worry, no judgment here; we totally get it. After all, shopping for teens is hard! Before you throw in the towel and march up to the checkout counter with your prepaid card in hand, however, allow us to give you some sage shopping tips. We have picked out ten gifts for 13 year old girls that are guaranteed to be a hit at any gift giving occasion.

Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Girls


If your girl is constantly snapping photos on her phone, we bet she would love to have a real camera that prints actual pictures. Lightweight and stylish, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 itself is simple to set up. It runs on two AA batteries, features an integrated flash, and has a built-in selfie mirror. Since teens and selfies go together like bread and butter, we figure this will be a great selling point for the camera itself. But you don’t just get the camera with this kit.

You also receive a matching case, two packs of films, snap-on color filters, and a ton of materials for DIY photo projects. No way your girl scoffs off this present!

Why She’ll Love It: Your girl will have a blast making her own scrapbooks, decorating her bedroom, and adding a personal touch to her school locker.

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The My Audio Pet mini Bluetooth speakers are a great (and adorable) way to get your girl to take a break from those headphones. They easily pair to any Bluetooth device, are rechargeable with a USB cord, and come with a lanyard so your special girl can attach them to anything. Don’t let their size fool you; although these speakers can easily fit in your hand, they still offer a nice sound quality. Plus, they come in sixteen designs, so you are sure to find one that resonates with your teen’s style.

Why She’ll Love It: These mini speakers will make for some great teenage decor as they will fill her room with all of her favorite tunes. You can even get her two so that she can link them together for a stereo sound that will blow her away!

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If you have a teen who is open to a less traditional, but totally fun, form of exercise, why not give the gift of a pogo stick? (Btw, we’ve done a whole guide on modern pogo sticks.) They are great for keeping fit, expand on valuable coordination and balancing skills, and are a great conversation piece for your girl when she has friends over.

The Flybar Foam Master is made by a company that has been in the business of pogo sticks since 1918, it features non-slip footholds, a padded frame, padded handlebars, and a wide bounce tip. It can support 60 – 180 pounds and, with a little practice, your girl can learn some pretty impressive tricks.

Why She’ll Love It: On top of all the fun that pogoing can bring into life, she will be happy to learn that she can burn up to six hundred calories by playing for just one hour. Entertainment and exercise in one package? Heck, sign us up too!

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#4 Dikale 3D Printing Pen

Are you feeling stumped as you try to find a unique gift for your young artist? Look no further! The Dikale 3D Printing Pen is lightweight and built with an ergonomic design for easy handling. It’s relatively easy to get the hang of (more so than other models) and so she’ll soon be creating three-dimensional masterpieces in no time.

Easy to read lights guide your teen through the heating and plastic filament loading process. Once the plastic has sufficiently melted inside the pen, your girl is free to begin crafting. While some customers have complained about filament jams, this is pretty common and the Dikale 3D Penhas a better reputation than most other pens.

Why She’ll Love It: This pen allows her to create anything her heart desires, so her living space is always uniquely customized to suit her personality. As we all know, few things are as important to teenage girls as expressing themselves.

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#5 Domezan Karaoke Microphone & Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If your girl is into music, performing, or anything media related, she will swoon over this gift. With a glowing LED screen, 4 – 6 hours of sing time, and built-in sound effects, the Domezan Karaoke microphone is much more than a karaoke toy.

It can wirelessly connect to Bluetooth devices, be used as a speaker for music, record the music she makes, and more. Weighing in at not quite a pound, this microphone is an all-inclusive media gift that will provide your teen, and her friends, with hours of amusement.

Why She’ll Love It: With seemingly endless options for customizing her sound, she will be able to create plenty of unique music and put on some American Idol-worthy performances.

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#6 Fugetek FT-568 Professional Alloy Selfie Stick

If your teen is the reigning queen of selfies, she will adore this twist on the classic selfie stick. It extends up to 49 inches, so your gorgeous model will have the option of a close-up or a fun action shot.

Compatible with smartphones, digital cameras, and GoPros, the Fugetek FT-568 mount is secure, and the handle is made from rubber so that your girl can easily get a grip. It connects to devices via Bluetooth and offers controls that include an easily reachable zoom function. It can even be attached to a tripod if she doesn’t want to risk the handle getting in the frame.

Why She’ll Love It: Lightweight and full of options, she can easily fit her whole group of friends into the camera frame when the stick is fully extended.

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#7 Apple iPad mini

If your teen is ready for her own tablet, look no further than the high powered iPad mini. It packs plenty of power into a small package, featuring a 2.4 GHz Apple A5 processor and a 7.9-inch screen that has a lovely 1024 x 768 resolution.

It can record in 1080p and has a battery life of up to ten hours. Available in several storage sizes and with optional Wi-Fi service available, this tablet is small enough to take anywhere but large enough to provide an excellent touch-screen experience.

Why She’ll Love It: Whether she is using it to surf the net or watch movies, it’s a media device she can easily travel with and show off to her friends.

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#8 Gallery Studio 82 Piece Deluxe Art Set

The Gallery Studio kit features a myriad of supplies, including oil pastels and colored pencils in an array of gorgeous tones and shades. The wooden carrying case is sturdy and fashionable, and all of the included supplies are of high quality.

Why She’ll Love It: This kit is perfect for both established artists or a young person who has yet to find their passion might be inspired by a decent set of art supplies. You’re never too old to doodle and draw!

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#9 Girls Jewelry Making Pendant Necklace Kit

With easy to follow instructions, your creative teen can design her own necklaces. She can choose from over 200 images and pick the appearance of her pendant from the included square, oval, heart, or circle shaped bases. The Pinwheel Pendant Jewelry Kit set also includes glass covers and chains, so she won’t need to hunt for any extra materials.

Why She’ll Love It: Teenagers love finding things to do with their friends, and this jewelry kit fits that bill easily. There are plenty of materials to go around so everyone can add a unique flair to their necklace.

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#10 “You’re Braver Than You Believe” Adjustable Bracelet

The teenage years can be hard. You might find that your girl is having a tough time with the changes in her body, getting into dramatic squabbles with her besties, or experiencing difficulties with her growing academic responsibilities. As the adult figure in her life, you might be finding it hard to give words of wisdom. After all, teenagers aren’t always the easiest to advise or comfort. This one size fits most “Braver” bracelet comes with an empowering message and is handmade from recycled materials.

Why She’ll Love It: Whenever your girl is having a bad day and feeling like nothing she does is enough, she can look down at her wrist and remember that she is loved. She is intelligent. She is brave.

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What to Expect From Your 13 Year Old Girl

Your girl has made it to the teenage years and is now changing physically and mentally on a daily basis. This is a time of life when experiences vary wildly from child to child. Some mature quickly, some slowly, and some in spurts that can seem totally random. As puberty progresses, she will likely have mood swings, a growing need for independence, and rely heavily on her peer group.

At this age, it is best to expect the unexpected, but you can look out for some of these milestones (source):

Body, Hand and Finger Skills

  • Growth spurts that may happen all at once or sporadically;
  • Bouts of incoordination as the body develops;
  • Full height may be reached;
  • Enjoyment of physical challenges

Emotional Development

Cognitive Development

  • Growing need to solve own problems;
  • Forming opinions on fairness and justice;
  • Taking part in community activities with more ease;
  • May seek out leadership roles in clubs and/or sports

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Check out our carefully curated lists of games, puzzles and toys for different ages and stages. The items on each have been chosen to match your kid’s physical, emotional and cognitive abilities.

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Sometimes your newly minted teen might make you want to tear out your hair. Do yourself a favor; recognize that there is no shame in feeling that way. We know that you love your girl more than life, but it’s not like it’s ever been easy to live with a hormone-driven girl who has one foot in adulthood hood and the other firmly planted in childhood.

Embrace both of these aspects in your teen when you are shopping for a great gift. Look for things that are physically challenging, mentally engaging, and/or promote her need for individuality, but that still provide plenty of entertainment.

Just be sure to teach your growing young lady that a little play goes a long way to make life fun, no matter what your age.

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