The Best Toys for 10 Year Old Boys (a VERY Picky 2021 List)

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on July 23rd, 2021

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On the hunt for the best gifts or toys for a 10 year old boy? We’ve got it covered. As parents and nerds, we’ve compiled the ultimate list.

The following gadgets, gear , toys, and games will either challenge him physically in a way that is fun, or they’ll quench his thirst for learning facts and solving mysteries.

Our top picks of gift ideas for 10 year old boys

#1 U49C Red Heron Drone with HD CameraForce1 U49C Drone

The Force1 U49C Drone (check price on Amazon) comes with a 720p HD wide-angle camera and is an excellent choice for a first drone. It is easy to use but also has high-spec and build quality. It’s certainly not one of the cheap “throw away” drones that are flooding the market.

The U49C ships with a spare motor and extra propeller – essential for kids who may give it a few knocks as they learn to control it. It also features a highly intuitive controller which makes flying easy. The altitude hold, one-touch land and takeoff, and low battery alarm are two additional features which make this the best bet for a young pilot.

Why He’ll Love It: It has a super long 30 min extended flying time and it’s camera is great quality.

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#2 National Geographic Metal Detector

National Geographic Metal Detector

This little device folds up for easy storage and travel, so wherever your boy goes, he can hunt for treasure.

The National Geographic Metal Detector (check price on Amazonhas four sensitivity levels, three modes of detection, and can find items up to 10 feet underground. Sure, you might find a hole or two out in the yard, but that seems a small price to pay to get your son active and excited about the world. Just watch where you step!They’re fun toys for 10 year olds, who will be excited to go out and hunt for treasure.

Why He’ll Love It: Your kiddo can take this detector anywhere he goes. Plus, the handle adjusts so that it’s comfortable for him to use.

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#3 Tecboss 3D Pen

Tecboss 3D Pen

The MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen (check price on Amazon) is a professional grade 3D pen which looks cool and has several safety features – a good choice for a 10-year-old boy for whom crayons are things of the past.

Three-dimensional doodling is mesmerizing at any age and he’ll soon become a pro at creating pieces of art in thin air. It is real and the MYNT3D 3D pen is one of the best ways to safely introduce the concept It has eight levels of speed controls, so he can level-up as he progresses. This pen has an adjustable temperature design to ensure safety. Finger protectors are included to prevent burning on his thumb and index finger.

Why He’ll Love it: He can be entertained and creative during those boring adult conversations at restaurants.

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#4 Nerf Zombie Blaster

Nerf Zombie Blaster

It might be best if he waits a couple of years to put the Walking Dead in his Netflix queue, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get in on the zombie fighting craze.

The included clip allows a quick reload as your boy fires off the 12 included darts, and the stock is adjustable. The scope is more of a decoration than a functional part, and some parents report it falling off occasionally. Nevertheless, this toy is fun for creative play and can improve hand-eye coordination.

A quick note for NERF fans: while this blaster works with all standard darts, the clip system means suction darts are a no-go.

Why He’ll Love It: NERF toys offer up inspiration for group play, but are also fun during solo target practice.

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#5 Star Wars Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

The ultimate wow-factor Star Wars gift for young enthusiasts. This official Death Star Bluetooth speaker by Plok (check price on Amazonquite literally levitates an inch above the base using maglev technology. And not only does it look mesmerizing, but it is also a functional speaker.

Okay, the speaker quality isn’t fantastic, but if you want the coolest looking Star Wars gadget he’s ever seen, then this could be the one for your 10-year-old boy.

Why He’ll Love It: It levitates! Come on, how cool is that?

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#6 Think Fun’s Escape the Room: Stargazer’s Manor

Escape the Room (check price on Amazon) is something of a trending hit within the board game world. This exciting and original version is a great way to encourage critical thinking in your 10-year-old. It is full of devilishly crafty puzzles and escape missions that need to be unraveled.

Guests are locked in the mansion, and it is up to your child and his friends to solve the mystery and find an astronomer who has gone missing. This can be a truly immersive evening of fun, so be prepared for the next time your boy has some friends over.

Why He’ll Love It: The game suggests music to enjoy during the mystery as well as costumes that can be worn, so your son will be able to feel like he and his friends are truly solving the mystery set before them.

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#7 Thames & Kosmos TKx400i Dual-LED Microscope

The TKx400i (check price on Amazonmay be easy for young people to use, but it’s also a serious piece of kit. With up to 400-times magnification and two powerful LEDs to light the slides, your child will be able to dive head-first into the incredible microscopic world.

This microscope comes with 27 pieces including slides, tweezers, bug jars, and more. It also has an accompanying full-color 48-page microscopy book which will give him tons of ideas for objects to look at and will teach your child how to get the best results.

Why He’ll Love It: This is no gimmicky toy but a serious microscope that will transport him into the fantastic and sometimes alien world of the tiny.

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#8 Lamborghini Remote Control Car

Lamborghini Remote Control Car

This toy car is a stylish little replica of the real thing. It can move in all directions and is quite agile. It drives best on a smooth surface, so stay away from carpets and rough terrain.

Parents report that this Lamborghini RC (check price on Amazon) has a decent range and is easy to maneuver. As a nice extra touch, the headlights work when the car moves forward, and the brake lights come on when it’s put in reverse.

Why He’ll Love It: He’ll enjoy the realistic detailing; maybe he’ll even want to keep this as a model on his bureau. If he does want to race it, he’ll certainly get a kick out of its zippy speed.

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#9 Ripstik Caster Board

Ripstik Caster Board

This is a great toy for encouraging outdoor activity, and one that your boy can use for years.

It supports up to 220 pounds and helps with coordination, balance, and spatial awareness.

The Ripstick Caster Board (check price on Amazon) is lined with traction spikes to give your son a secure foothold, and the polyurethane wheels provide a smooth ride. Better still, they are replaceable when they begin to show signs of wear.

Why He’ll Love It: From learning beginner to advanced riding skills, this toy can provide years of entertainment for your child.

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#10 Classic “Catan” Board Game


For some, this game is already a classic. If you or your kiddo are new to the concept, however, it’s easy to learn. The goal of the game is to create a settlement on the Isle of Catan through a little luck and a lot of strategic planning.

An award-winning product, each game of Catan (check price on Amazon) will be unique, engaging, and perfect for a group activity.

Why He’ll Love It: If your son enjoys using his wits to overcome a challenge, then this is an ideal gift.

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#11 Rylai DIY Miniature Beach House

If you have a burgeoning craftsman or designer in the family, this is a great gift to consider giving him. This Rylai project (check price on Amazonteaches patience as your boy carefully fits the pieces together and decorates the little beach house.

You’ll want to have a few things handy, like glue, sandpaper, and tweezers, as these don’t come included with the purchase.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s a great solo project if he’s up to the challenge, but it also makes for a fun family endeavor.

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#12 Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit (check price on Amazon) has everything for the future tech genius in your life. An award-winning STEM toy, the Piper Computer Kit engages both his critical thinking and creative flair. It comes in a handcrafted wooden computer case and the first challenge is to construct a fully functioning computer running on 16 Gb RAM! Once he’s followed the instructions and reached this goal, then it’s time to code his own games.

The Piper Computer has Wi-Fi capabilities allowing it to connect to the internet. This gift is sure to delight any young man looking to build his engineering and electronic skills.

Why He’ll Love It: There is no tech knowledge needed. He will play the part of a damaged robot that needs to be fixed and he will level-up as the game progresses.

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#13 Krash Vector Victor Helmet

Krash Vector Victor Helmet

Now that your little guy is out there riding bikes, scooters, and ripstiks, you want to be sure he has got the best possible protection for his head.

This Krash Vector Victor Helmet (check price on Amazonis both CPSC and ASTM certified. It has an inner shell crafted from EPS foam to absorb shock from an impact and ventilation to keep your boy’s head from getting too hot.

Why He’ll Love It: This helmet comes in several colors, all of which sport a cool mohawk along the top. How could he not love it?

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#14 Thames & Kosmos Smart Machines Science Kit

Projects that encourage hands-on experience with robotics offer cognitive boosts to ten-year-old boys with a side of fun that just might encourage his developing interest in STEM. The dynamic Thames & Kosmos Smart Machines Science Kit (check price on Amazon will find him building up to eight different machines, as guided by the kit’s easy-to-follow illustrated manual.

He can also choose to build his own robotic creations with the 230 piece kit, which can be built and disassembled time and time again. He’ll be able to make bipedal robots that can really walk, and can program his creation’s behavior using an intuitive app interface on a tablet or smartphone.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s a great first introduction to robotics, and it’s a kit he can use repeatedly, gaining more knowledge with each attempt

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#15 Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Little toy cars kept him entertained for hours when he was small, but now that he’s getting older, he’s craving toys with a little more pizzazz. The Anki Overdrive (check price on Amazon is a battle racetrack that allows kids to construct one of eight fun “battlefields” on which to race. They’ll be able to duke it out with their friends, or choose to race the track’s AI-controlled cars to see who takes the gold. Cars are controlled via app on standard Android or iOS mobile devices, and Wi-Fi isn’t required if players are using like-branded devices (read: two iPhones).

It’s a great starter set that seriously upgrades their play-racing experience, and can be expanded with the purchase of additional track pieces, cars, and trucks.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s all the fun of racing video games, but with a real track with a layout he can choose and change as well as zippy, cool robotic cars

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#16 Acer Chromebook Spin 11

Technology is far more universal now than it was when we were kids. Computers are everywhere, and most people have the need for one — even kids, once their schoolwork begins to become more serious. Ten is a great age to introduce a simple budget laptop like this Acer Chromebook Spin 11 (check price on Amazon , which runs on Chrome OS and has the features he’ll need to research and complete homework assignments, play games, and access movies, music, and books.

Virus protection is built right into the touchscreen device, which can be used in notepad, display, tent, or tablet modes depending on what he’s working on. Thanks to the Google app suite, which is included on all Chromebooks, he’ll also be able to open and edit any document created in Microsoft Office, which is especially helpful when doing schoolwork.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s a fun first laptop with touchscreen features that come in handy when enjoying music and playing games, plus he won’t have to borrow your computer when it’s time to type up a project

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#17 Hardy Boys Starter Set – Books 1-5

Getting lost in a good book is still something kids thrive on; it encourages their imagination, boosts their creativity, and can help to increase their vocabulary and overall literacy. The Hardy Boys (check price on Amazon are a beloved team of brothers-turned-detectives, and boys and girls around the world have thrilled at reading their mystery adventures for many decades. As he reads through the story, the clues will draw him in, keeping the pages turning as he, too, tries to solve the puzzle.

The first five books of the classic series have been repackaged into a collector’s edition set, a charming blue box with a silhouette of the boys which makes a charming addition to the bookshelf of any young reader.

Why He’ll Love It:  It’s a classic set of fun and suspenseful mystery novels featuring protagonists who are easy for 10-year-old boys to relate to.

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#18 Amazon Echo Dot Kids

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

While parents rely on these handy voice-activated assistants for everything from recipes to weather forecast, the Amazon Echo Dot Kids (check price on Amazonoffers an entirely different set of kid-friendly features that make it a helpful companion for your little one. The Echo Dot Kids can read him a bedtime story, play all his favorite tunes, place calls to a parent-approved list of family and friends, and, of course, check the weather forecast(among other handy queries). The device also comes with a free 1-year subscription to Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited service, which includes games, apps, and access to more than 1,000 audio books via the Audible service.

Why He’ll Love It: His Echo is just like mom and dad’s, but it has features geared toward his interests; parents will love that there’s a content filter to keep things age-appropriate.

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#19 Prograce Waterproof Digital Video Camera5

If he’s all about adventures and gadgets, a budget friendly camera that will let him capture pics and videos of his journeys is likely to be a favorite. The Prograce Waterproof Digital Video Camera (check price on Amazon captures 1080p / 30fps video, as well as 5MP photos with digital zoom, brightness adjustment, and burst shooting capabilities. The waterproof case that comes with the device is simple to install, and makes it a perfect companion for trips to the beach, lake, swimming pool, or just a run through the backyard sprinklers.

The camera has a maximum storage capacity of 32GB, created by a Micro SD Card slot, but parents should note that the card must be purchased separately.

Why He’ll Love It:  It’s a quality camera that will let him grab great videos and snap awesome pictures, and the sturdy waterproof case makes it a great companion just about anywhere

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#20 Lego Star Wars Final Duel

When he gets his hands on a LEGO set, he’s using both critical thinking and spatial reasoning, and will be too busy building cool projects to realize he’s also building important skills. The LEGO Star Wars Final Duel (check price on Amazon) takes a scene right from the iconic franchise, capturing the famed battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as seen in Return of the Jedi.

The 724-piece kit comes with Luke, Vader, and Emperor Palpatine minifigure toys as well as two royal guards, which are excellent additions to his creative play once the throne room has been constructed. There’s also lots of cool features to enjoy once it’s built, like opening doors, collapsing stairs, and a lightsaber pop-up function.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s the perfect building kit for fans of the franchise, and it’s on the bigger side, so it’ll keep him busy for a while

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#21 Dungeons & Dragons

It’s well past time for role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons (check price on Amazon) to make their way into the mainstream; not only are they a ton of fun, they encourage kids to play socially, think critically, use math skills, and engage in creative storytelling that’s excellent for their cognitive development.

Netflix’s beloved 1980’s horror comedy Stranger Things, one of the platform’s most popular tv shows, is brought to life in this game set, which includes five character sheets, six dice, and two gorgon figurines. One of the figurines is designed to be painted and customized, which will make this set a quick favorite for boys who are big fans of miniatures.

D&D loving parents and fans of the series will appreciate that the box is a tribute to the 1983 edition of the game, the very same one that the gang plays on-screen.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s a chance to role-play adventures from one of his favorite tv shows, thanks to an adventure guide “written” in the character of Mike Wheeler; it’s also a fun brain-boosting alternative gift to traditional toys.

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#22 Atlas Obscura Kids Explorer

Whether he has dreams of world travel or simply loves to learn, the Atlas Obscura Kids Explorer Guide is packed with facts about 100 obscure and beautiful destinations in our world.

They’re paired with beautiful full-color artwork, so the book is a delight to both learn from and look at. He’ll learn more about rare displays of bioluminescence from Tennessee fireflies, the stunning red Blood Falls of Antarctica (check price on Amazon), a South African sanctuary of endangered penguins that swim with humans, and other fascinating facts.

If you’re someone who loves globetrotting and fun facts, you might find yourself really enjoying this book with your child.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s a perfect gift for an adventurous young reader, and will give him plenty of fun and interesting facts to share in class and with friends.

Check Price on Amazon

#23 Monopoly: Fortnite Edition

When he’s not playing Fortnite, talking about Fortnite, or practicing his Fortnite dances, Monopoly: Fortnite Edition (check price on Amazon) is a fun gift that will channel his love for the immensely popular game into time spent with family and friends. Here, the classic Monopoly properties are replaced with locations from the game, and tokens like the thimble and racecar are swapped out for game characters.

They’ll earn Health Points rather than Monopoly cash, build walls to protect their acquisitions, and draw loot chest cards instead of visiting the Community Chest. This revamp is a great way to reinvigorate their interest in Monopoly and inspire some screen-free social play that still centers around one of their top interests.

Why He’ll Love It: He’ll get even more Fortnite after his screen time allowance is over for the day, and it’s a great reason to hang out with his friends.

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#24 K’Nex Thrill Rides

Building his very own amusement park from the ground up is just a few rods and connectors away with the K’Nex Thrill Rides (check price on Amazon) building kit. The 744-piece set contains all that he’ll need to construct a ferris wheel, a swing ride, and a boom ride, all of which function as motorized toys when built.

The detailed instruction manual helps him to piece together the complex creations with a little bit of help, though construction still encourages the use of logic, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning. Once the rides are assembled, 2 AA batteries can be used to activate each motor, triggering real motion that makes the completed build feel even more cool and satisfying.

Why He’ll Love It: It’s a chance to build and motorize some of his favorite carnival rides, all while boosting his STEM skills.

Check Price on Amazon

#25 4m Crystal Growing Kit

Colorful, glittering crystals are a regular geological occurrence, though they’re usually hidden in rock formations where they can’t be enjoyed. With the 4M crystal growing kit (check price on Amazon), he’ll be able to chart the development of seven unique crystal growth specimens, watching them evolve into beautiful display pieces he can continuously enjoy.

 It’s the perfect gift for a science lover, as it encourages them to learn more about geology through hands-on experimentation and observation. Display cases are included for each project, so once growth is complete, they’ll be able to both protect and show off their shining specimen.

Why He’ll Love It: This gift will allow kids to witness a crystal growth cycle from start to finish, even playing a hands-on role in the process.

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#26 Snap Circuits Arcade

Working with a real circuit board will put his thinking skills to work, and with Snap Circuits Arcade (check price on Amazon), building his own electrical engineering projects is so safe that kids can use their bare hands. This kit comes with 35 components, which can be used to construct over 200 projects. It also comes with detailed instructions that help him get the hang of assembly. He’ll be able to take apart the components and put them back together repeatedly, so he’ll get to really engage with projects and master concepts. The set can also be combined with other Snap Circuits sets, so the possibilities are endless!

Why He’ll Love It: This gift will allow kids to witness a crystal growth cycle from start to finish, even playing a hands-on role in the process.

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What to expect from your 10 year old boy

10 year olds are on the cusp of adolescence. This means your boy may start acting like he is pretty grown up. Looking cool in front of friends has become a top priority. It’s an important time to nurture his self-esteem. It will be important to him as his peers may try to influence him into doing different things he doesn’t feel are right.

Physically, his motor skills are getting very refined. He may be excelling at sports and other activities; however, other boys at this age need lots of encouraging to stay active and healthy.

Here are some milestones you can watch out for (source):

Body, hand and finger skills

  • Either loves or hates outdoor activities and sports. Those who don’t like it may be into using their finer motor skills to draw or do gaming;
  • Doesn’t notice fatigue;
  • Often hates taking a bath;
  • May be fidgety

Emotional development

  1. Forms strong friendships, especially with one or two best friends;
  2. Demonstrates affection physically by play fighting or wrestling;
  3. Much better control over emotions. Gets angry less often and calms down more quickly;
  4. Listens and follows friends more than parents;
  5. Gets embarrassed when praised or told off in front of friends

Cognitive development

  • Thinks in a sophisticated way and can have conversations with parents about social and global issues;
  • Sense of humor is well developed;
  • Relishes memory challenges;
  • Excellent reading ability but may prefer to talk than read books;
  • Short attention span. Prefers activities to be changed up frequently

Wrapping up

Your 10 year old boy may be more interested in friends rather than family. Still, despite his cool demeanor, he’s very sensitive and needs encouragement.

The best toys and games for 10 year old boys will push his gross and fine motor skills in fun ways. They will also allow him to be social and play with friends. Each of the items we’ve chosen should be a sure-fire hit.

Let us know how he gets along with them.

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Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on July 23rd, 2021

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