The Best Kids Alarm Clock of 2021

Parents, we don’t blame you if you’ve forgotten what an alarm clock is. Though it may sound counterintuitive at first, getting an alarm clock for your little ones can help to train them in good sleep habits — including staying in bed until you’re actually able to open your eyes!

Once they’ve reached their school years, a good alarm clock can help them track time and be sure they’re out the door on time each morning, and when the teen years approach, that loud buzzer may be the only thing that can drag them out of bed.

We’ve taken a look at kids alarm clocks that run the gamut and chosen the best of the best, so read on.

Does My Child Need an Alarm Clock?

While having a clock around to help tell and keep time is always handy, whether or not your child needs an actual alarm clock depends a lot on their sleep habits.

Although kids are less likely to need an alarm clock, clocks designed for their age range are learning-centric. Often, these alarm clocks will include ok-to-wake features which allow the child to look at the clock and immediately know whether or not it’s okay to get out of bed without needing to tell time.

The way your child sleeps will determine if they need an alarm clock in their elementary and middle school years. Some children are natural early risers, but others tend to linger in bed. If your kids fit into the latter group, an alarm clock will save you a good deal of time and energy that would otherwise be spent dragging them out of bed.

As the teen years begin, an alarm clock becomes a wise investment for most kids. It’s a developmental stage full of changes that demand a lot of sleep, and a less-rigid bedtime means your child will naturally test boundaries by staying up late. If you’re tired of “Mom, I missed the bus,” an extra-loud alarm clock (or one they have to chase, like Clocky on Wheels) seems wise.

What is the Right Age to Introduce an Alarm Clock?

This is a situation where your mileage may vary, even between your individual kids. If your preschool-aged child sleeps late, you may never need to make use of those ok-to-wake features. Likewise, if your elementary school kids naturally stay on schedule, there’s really no reason to add alarm clocks to the mix.

The teen years are an equalizer for sleep, as hormonal and physical changes tend to turn former early risers into still-asleep-at-noon “lazy” kids — just remember, they’re not actually lazy, and all that extra sleep is an important part of their development 1. If they don’t have a kids alarm clock by 13, it’s a gift they’ll certainly make use of in the next few years, especially if it has cool features like Bluetooth streaming and USB ports or a phone dock.

What are Some Special Features to Look For in Alarm Clocks for Kids?

  • The ability to play music: Whether it’s an old-school clock radio hybrid or a newer model with Bluetooth functionality, alarm clocks that can play music adds entertainment to their room.
  • Night lights: Night lights are a soothing and convenient addition to alarm clocks. A few of the picks on our list have lights which can illuminate in multiple colors, which lets them adjust their aesthetic on demand.
  • White noise machine: Whether it’s time to sleep or study, white noise can go a long way in helping some people focus or snooze — especially babies 2. If your child works or sleeps better without complete silence, consider a kids alarm clock that double as sound machines.
  • USB ports for charging: We live in a tech-driven world, and especially as kids get older, they’ll have USB devices that need charging. Alarm clocks with USB ports or a USB dock that allows for charging and streaming let them juice up their batteries while keeping devices close at hand.
  • Smart functionality: Though it’s less common, some kids alarm clocks have smart functionality and can be adjusted remotely through an app. This is especially handy for nursery lamps, as parents can adjust brightness or sounds without entering the room and disturbing baby.
  • Nap timer: Keeping kids in bed throughout their whole intended nap period is made easier by a nap timer — if your child has issues staying in bed, look for kids alarm clocks with ok-to-wake features like a nap timer and changing display that let them know it’s okay to get up.

The Winners

The Best Alarm Clocks for Kids to Buy in 2021

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Whether you’re trying to keep toddlers in their bed or get teens out of theirs, the right kids alarm clock features can help keep kids on a health sleep schedule 3. The alarm clocks on our list are feature-packed and user-tested, and there’s options here for every age range.

Time to get started? Let’s take a look at these ringing endorsements.

#1 PlayMonster Teach Me Time

Best Overall

Learning to tell time is an important part of cognitive development, and the PlayMonster Teach Me Time (check price on Amazon) acts as both a teaching tool and an alarm clock for kids. The tabletop clock has a built-in time-teaching educational game that talks to them, and the display uses both digital and analog faces to help kids learn to read the clock both ways.

It’s great for early risers, as the color display changes from yellow to green when it’s an okay time for kids to get out of bed. They can even change the look of their clock’s face with enclosed colorful plastic rings, which can be switched from blue to pink or green. Finally, a dim back light offers a bit of illumination and makes this clock easy to read.

What We Love

  • It’s not just a clock, it’s also an educational game that helps teach time
  • The clock’s display changes from yellow to green, letting kids know it’s okay to get out of bed
  • It features both a digital and an analog-style display, so it’s great for learners

Watch Out For:

  • Although this clock can use AC power, it doesn’t come with an AC power adapter

Check Price on Amazon

#2 Hatch Baby Rest

Best Smart Alarm Clock

Hatch Baby Rest

Adjusting alarm clocks and lights in the nursery once baby has gone to sleep can feel like a clandestine spy mission, but picks like the Hatch Baby Rest (check price on Amazon) that can be triggered through smart app functionality help to quell the anxiety.

The device acts as a combination ambient lamp, white noise machine, and alarm clock, pairing color and sound combinations chosen by sleep experts to help lull your little one into a peaceful sleep. It continues to soothe as they get older, and the design isn’t childlike, so older kids and teens won’t mind having it in their bedroom. Light color, sounds, brightness, and volume can all be customized to create the best sensory experience possible for your child, eliminating the need for other appliances.

What We Love

  • It’s a multi-functional alarm clock, doubling as a night light and sound machine
  • It has smart functionality, so it can be set up and adjusted remotely via app to avoid waking your child
  • The preset sound and color combinations are chosen as ideal by sleep experts

Watch Out For:

  • The remote functionality is Bluetooth-driven, so settings can’t be changed on the go

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#3 Anmones Alarm Clock

Best Alarm for Budget

Anmones Alarm Clock

The cute bunny shape of the Anmones Alarm Clock  (check price on Amazon) is just enough to add a sweet touch to any nursery or kids room without seeming overly childish. This simple little clock is colorful and durable, and its magnetic body means it can stick to the front of the fridge or any other magnetic surface for convenience, which is especially handy if they have a metal nightstand.

The reasonably-priced clock alternates between displaying the time, date, and temperature, and temperature can be adjusted from Fahrenheit to Celsius as needed. Just one thing to note — this clock has an energy-saving feature which turns the display off when the room remains quiet, so it’s not the best pick for checking the time in the middle of the night..

What We Love

  • The sweet bunny design looks great in any nursery
  • The display alternates between time, date, and temperature(and can adjust from Fahrenheit to Celsius)
  • It’s magnetic, so it will stick to refrigerators or iron surfaces for convenience

Watch Out For:

  • The energy-saving feature means the display turns off in quiet rooms, which isn’t as helpful for kids who need to wake up and see the time

Check Price on Amazon

#4 Clocky on Wheels

Best Alarm for Preschoolers

Clocky on Wheels

If your sleepy kid’s signature move is spamming the snooze button, a clock that makes them give chase might get their blood flowing on those early school mornings. Clocky on Wheels (check price on Amazon)  is a traditional alarm clock, offset by two large wheels which protect its body as it rolls, jumps, and scoots away from users as it sounds. The purpose? To get snoozers up and out of their beds, eliminating the urge to continually demand “five more minutes”.

The alarm sound itself is loud, so even the soundest sleepers will get a jolt when it goes off. It’s a great alarm clock for kids, especially the younger set who will get a kick out of this active clock, which feels like a toy. The battery-powered clock is available in a wide range of colors, so it’s also an easy fit for any room aesthetic.

What We Love

  • It’s extra loud, so the alarm will get through to heavy sleepers
  • The wheeled rolling design is unique and lots of fun
  • It ends chronic snoozing by making kids get up and find/chase the clock

Watch Out For:

  • The clock doesn’t roll well on carpeted surfaces

Check Price on Amazon

#5 LittleHippo Mella

Best Alarm for Night Lights

LittleHippo Mella

Staying in bed until the sun is all the way up is a likelier feet for toddlers with the LittleHippo Mella (check price on Amazon), which uses both colors and facial expressions to help little ones master the appropriate time to get up and go.

The traditional round design has a sleek, futuristic aesthetic, using a dark face and white text and expression display for high contrast and an LED ring night light which can change colors on demand. In addition to five soothing light colors, the Mella also has three sleep sound options, doubling as a white noise or sound machine with adjustable volume. Finally, this cute, fun, and modern pick is made of ABS and silicone, so it’s safe for them to handle and can withstand a short fall.

What We Love

  • It features six night light colors with three brightness options
  • A time-to-wake color change and fun facial expressions let kids know when it’s okay to leave bed
  • It also works as a sound machine, playing three peaceful sounds with adjustable volume

Watch Out For:

  • The cord this clock comes with is somewhat short, so you may wish to swap it out for a longer USB cable

Check Price on Amazon

#6 My Tot Clock

Best Alarm for Toddler

Teaching the concept of time to toddlers can be a bit overwhelming, but handy devices like My Tot Clock (check price on Amazon) help them to learn both how to read the clock and how to understand a schedule in a way that’s both age-appropriate and fun.

The clock’s durable body can sit right on their nightstand, but it also features a kid-friendly handle that makes it easy to carry. The aesthetic is also customizable — the clock comes with a moon and stars face plate, but it can be changed out for other designs(sold separately). The clock’s display features both digital and analog displays, which is best for teaching, and color-coded time periods show when it’s time for napping, fun, time-outs as well as when it’s time to sleep and wake up.

What We Love

  • There’s a handle built right in, so it’s both an alarm clock and a portable learning toy
  • It doubles as a night light with five possible colors
  • There’s a weekend wake-time feature that helps keep kids in bed so parents can get some extra sleep

Watch Out For:

  • The dark blue shade of the display at nighttime can be tough to read from far away

Check Price on Amazon

#7 JBL Horizon

Best Alarm for Teens

If you’re on the hunt for alarm clocks for older kids, you’ll likely find a good fit with the JBL Horizon (check price on Amazon). It skips over the time-teaching and colorful night lights present on alarm clocks for the younger set in favor of a high-quality speaker with rich, room-filling audio, a digital date and time display, Bluetooth streaming, and two USB ports for convenient device charging.

The clock’s sleek design is compact and unobtrusive, fitting easily onto any nightstand. There’s only one flaw here: the control buttons, which work well but are a bit smaller than some users would like.

What We Love

  • An LED ambient light provides a bit of nighttime illumination
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming lets them enjoy their favorite tunes
  • It features a high-quality stereo speaker for rich, room-filling sound

Watch Out For:

  • Some users may find the control buttons to be a bit small

Check Price on Amazon

#8 Extra-Loud LED Digital Clock

Best Alarm for Tweens

Extra-Loud LED Digital Clock

A clock with features both kids and teens love is the perfect blend for a tween, and it’s exactly what this Extra-Loud LED Digital Clock (check price on Amazon) has on offer. It uses a large digital display to show the time, so the face can be read easily, even from a distance.

A top LED panel doubles as a colored night light, and can be changed to light or dark blue, purple, green, yellow, pink, or red at their command. Two USB ports on the side of the clock make it easy to charge up phones, tablets, or other devices during the night, and the loud alarm buzz is perfect for waking sound sleepers. It’s also easy to use and set, because the control buttons are large and clearly labeled.

What We Love

  • The large digital display is very easy to read, even from across the room
  • It features a night light with seven colors that can be changed at will
  • There’s two USB ports, so multiple devices can be charged at once

Watch Out For:

  • The device is lightweight, so changing settings or plugging in a phone may require holding it still

Check Price on Amazon

#9 Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

Best for Lego Enthusiasts

Stormtrooper Alarm Clock

Parents of LEGO and Star Wars fans, rejoice — you’ve found the kids alarm clock they’ll always remember. This battery-powered Stormtrooper Alarm Clock (check price on Amazon) has arms and legs which can be moved and posed into whatever position your child desires for display, and no outlet is required.

The clock uses a digital display which conveniently shows both the current time and the time for which their alarm is set. It skips over bells and whistles like lights and sounds(sadly, this includes movie sounds, as it just makes a classic beep) for aesthetics, durability, and functionality, making it an ideal pick for an older fan’s room.

What We Love

  • The fun Stormtrooper design makes it one of the best kid clocks for an LEGO enthusiast
  • The digital display shows both the current time and the time their alarm is set for
  • It’s battery-powered, so they can display it wherever they like — no outlet required

Watch Out For:

  • There’s no night light or music features here

Check Price on Amazon

#10 Betus Twin Bell

Best Classic

Looking for a kids alarm clock they can transition from their childhood bedroom to their college dorm? The Betus Twin Bell (check price on Amazon) is a true classic alarm clock, featuring a fully analog face and real top bells which sound when it’s time to wake up.

A dim but functional back light allows the clock to be read easily, even at night in a dark room. It’s battery powered, so there are no cords or outlets to contend with, and the compact design fits easily even onto small nightstands.

It’s not as heavily featured as other picks on our list, but for those looking for a genuine classic that will hold up for years and work as intended, this is a great pick.

What We Love

  • The retro design is timeless and stylish
  • The display is back lit, so even though the clock is an analog, it’s still easy to read at night
  • The classic bell alarm is loud enough to wake very sound sleepers

Watch Out For:

  • The face of the clock is made of glass, so it’s breakable

Check Price on Amazon

Our top pick is…

Whether you’re shopping for a toddler, tween, or teen, the right alarm clock for their room is all about the features. Of our picks, the PlayMonster Teach Me Time (check price on Amazon) is the best kids alarm clock for younger users; it doubles as an educational game to help users learn to tell time, a functionality that’s only enhanced by the dual use of digital and analog clock faces. At the same time, the clock’s overall appearance isn’t childish, so it continues to make a great addition to their nightstand even as they grow older.

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