The 9 Best Kids Karaoke Machines to Buy

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023

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Karaoke rocks. And the fact you’re thinking of buying a karaoke machine for your kiddo means that you rock!

With that out the way, you need to tread carefully here to avoid picking up cheap electronic junk. The good news is we’ll help you do that. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best karaoke machines for kids.

So let’s dive in.

Our top picks of the best karaoke machines for kids

Editor’s choice

Our opinion

Power source: Plugs into a power outlet
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, RCA, CD-G
Lyric display: When connected to a smartphone, tablet, or TV (on device)
Appropriate ages: 4 yrs.+

This Singing Machine Karaoke System (check price on Amazon) has 54 colorful LED disco lights that flash and change colors, essentially “dancing” along with the music. You can easily connect it to your TV, smartphone, or tablet for scrolling lyrics, or your kids can just wing it with their favorite songs.

One microphone is included, but with two microphone jacks, you can add another for two to sing at once. Other connectivity options include USB and auxiliary ports, allowing a plethora of music options. Using apps, CD-G, and your own music sources, your kids will be singing for hours on end. Just what we want, right?

What we love
  • The lights flash, change color, and even dim
  • Connects to videos and songs for lots of variety
  • A second microphone can be added for duets
Watch for
  • This system does not always recognize your burned CDs
  • Static can be heard from other transmitting devices nearby

Upgrade choice

Our opinion

Power source: Plug into a power source
Connectivity: TV, Smartphone, Tablets, PC
Lyric display: When connected to TV, PC, Tablets, or Smartphones (on device)
Appropriate ages: 8 yrs.+

With over 300 special effects enhancing voice quality and sound, you might mistake the music from your basement for something you’d hear on the radio. The Singtrix Premium Karaoke System (check price on Amazonhas voice correction, choir, and instrumental effects.

It comes with a metal microphone stand and a 40-watt speaker with a subwoofer. Fair warning: your house might become the new hang-out for all your kids’ friends (but, hey, at least you’ll know where they are!)

The special Hit Effect can make your chorus or bridge sound amazing with instant backup singers, and it’s available at the touch of a button on the microphone. You have myriads of song options with all the connectivity choices.

With voice-morphing, choir effects, and natural pitch corrections, (to name a few) your kids will sound like professional singers.

What we love
  • Features, features, and more features!
  • The professional standard makes this an excellent learning tool for a child who's serious about becoming a singer
Watch for
  • It's pricey!
  • Not easily transportable
  • Not suitable for younger kids

Best budget buy

Our opinion

Power source: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Auxiliary
Lyric display: When connected to smartphone or tablet (on device)
Appropriate ages: 6 yrs.+

This karaoke microphone comes with adjustable treble, base, and echo, allowing your littles to get super-creative with their singing. The KaraoKing Microphone (check price on eBay) can be used as a standard microphone and speaker and can be connected to larger speakers. Voice recording is available when you use an app on your tablet or smartphone.

One of the longest lasting batteries on our list, a full charge will give your kids up to eight hours of sing time (maybe check out some noise-reducing headphones for yourself while shopping for this karaoke system!) It does have a headphone jack which is convenient for minimizing some of the noise, er, beautiful music.

What we love
  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • Comes with lots of free accessories
Watch for
  • It cannot be paired to another microphone (so long, duets)
  • The stitching for the carrying case sometimes comes loose

Best portable

Our opinion

Power source: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
Lyric display: When connected to smartphone or tablet (on device)
Appropriate ages: 4 yrs.+

The portable BONAOK Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone (check price on Amazon) allows your kids to take their singing everywhere. This three-in-one system functions as a microphone, speaker, and voice recorder. It has 48 LED lights that flicker along with the beat of the music, which can be turned off for more serious presentations.

This microphone connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device so you can use your own music, apps, or internet videos with scrolling lyrics. It comes in four different colors (black, gold, pink, silver,) and offers three layers of noise reduction, ensuring superior sound quality.

What we love
  • Portable
  • It includes a headphone jack giving parents some much-needed quiet time!
Watch for
  • The volume on the microphone is on the quieter side, while your child has to sing directly into the head of the microphone

Best for duets

Our opinion

Power source: Plugged into power outlet
Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, A/V
Lyric display: When connected to smartphone, tablet, or TV (on device)
Appropriate ages: 8 yrs.+

The iKaraoke System (check price on Amazonsits nicely on a table-top, has two speakers and a front-loading CD player. It comes with one microphone and two microphone jacks so your kids can sing together (we are kind of all about duets, if you hadn’t already noticed!)

It also has a convenient spot to hold your tablet or phone for easy lyric reading. Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device and with cables to connect to your TV, your littles have lots of song choices at their fingertips.

This system is smaller and lighter than we expected, making it easy to take to friends’ houses, parties, or family gatherings.

What we love
  • Gorgeous sleek design
  • Good sound quality
  • Portable
Watch for
  • On the quieter side
  • Durability could be an issue

Best for princesses

Our opinion

Power source: Plug into a power source or 8 C batteries (not included)
Connectivity: RCA cable, Auxiliary
Lyric display: When connected to TV (on device)
Appropriate ages: 3 yrs.+

This adorable kids karaoke player (check price on Amazonis well-suited for younger kids with its easy-to-operate interface. It plays CDs and can be connected to your TV for scrolling lyrics.

You can also connect it to your phone with the right cable to play music from your personal selection. It comes with one microphone and two jacks, so you can add another. Hooray for duets!

It comes in pink or black and has fun disco lights around the CD player opening. Since it weighs less than four pounds and comes with a convenient carrying handle, your kids can easily take it wherever they go.

What we love
  • Option of plugging it into a power outlet or using C batteries
Watch for
  • The CD player takes a painfully long time to load

Cutest karaoke microphone

Our opinion

Power source: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Connectivity: TV, Smartphone, Tablets, PC
Lyric display: When connected to TV, PC, Tablets, or Smartphones (on device)
Appropriate ages: 3 – 9 yrs.

This pretty pink karaoke microphone (check price on Amazon) offers three to five hours of continuous singing on one charge. It has a microphone on top and a speaker on the bottom and can function solely as a microphone if needed. Pair it to devices with Bluetooth or auxiliary cable, and get into the groove.

It comes with a silicone carrying case, providing the utmost protection when your kids take it with them. It has easy-to-use on-microphone control buttons for power, volume, and echo effects. It also features an adorable pig face near the bottom of the microphone.

What we love
  • The design is cute and simple
Watch for
  • The microphone seems delicate
  • Lacking in fun extras to keep older kids amused

Best with mic stand

Our opinion

Power source: 4 AA batteries required (included).
Appropriate ages:  4 – 10 yrs.

Your daughter is the next Adele. Well, maybe not, but she’s so darn cute when she sings, and you can tell she just loves it. To help her shine, you could get her the VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand (check price on Amazon), which has been awarded Best Karaoke Machine for Kids.

It features a microphone with a stand and a little console system that includes eight built-in songs, plus an option for plugging in any MP3 device, so your child can sing whatever song she likes as her song choices change.

The mic stand also adjusts from 28.5 to 53.5 inches, enabling your child to enjoy this toy for years to come. Your child will also love that it includes cute animations, disco lights, applause sounds, and funny vocal effects for a fun performance.

Along with a built-in recorder, it also boasts six music, rhythm, and memory games if you or your child is interested in improving her creativity, rhythm, and memory.

What we love
  • She can belt it out to her favorite tunes with applause, lights, and other fun effects
Watch for
  • The sound of the microphone isn't the highest quality

Best for 3 year olds

Our opinion

Power source:  4 AA batteries required (included).
Appropriate ages:  4 – 10 yrs.
Connectivity: MP3 player

LP Kids Karaoke Machine (check price on Amazon) with 2 microphones and an adjustable stand enhances sing-along fun for your child. It includes two microphones so your little rock star can also perform duets. While the mic stand adjusts from 18.5 to 40 inches so that it can grow with your child, it provides even more flexibility by removing the mic pole completely and carrying the speaker. Like other karaoke devices, you can connect this one through an AUX cable for singing favorites and to suit little one’s changing musical tastes.

What we love
  • She can sing with whoever she wants with lights and applause for an unforgettable performance
Watch for
  • Children have to keep the microphone very close to their mouths to be clearly heard

What features should you look for when buying a kids’ karaoke machine?

  • Age appropriateness: Older kids quickly bore of a karaoke machine that is meant for younger children since they have fewer features and silly designs. Likewise, toddlers and babies, with their incessant need to put everything in their mouths, aren’t ready for karaoke machines made for older children. If you want to make sure your kids get the most out of their karaoke machine, checking the manufacturers’ recommended ages is important.
  • Portability: If your kids fall in love with these karaoke machines, they’ll want to take them everywhere. Your friends and family may start to hate you because of this. If you notice your kids wanting to haul it along wherever they go, check for features like weight, overall size, and if it includes a carrying case or a handle.
  • Connectivity: Many of our choices are Bluetooth-enabled which means that they can connect to nearly any device, allowing you to use karaoke apps for singing. Some machines simply play karaoke CDs, so your music choices are much more limited. Consequently, you’ll spend more money purchasing CDs than you would paying for a smartphone or tablet app that will give you a wider range of songs.
  • Compatibility: This is closely tied to connectivity and is very important when purchasing your child’s karaoke machine. If it’s not compatible with your device, you’ll end up with an oversized paper weight. Bluetooth works with any Bluetooth-enabled device, but for connecting to a PC or TV, you may need to purchase additional cables.
  • Durability: If your kids are anything like mine, I’m sure I don’t have to go into much detail here. Kids can be brutal with their toys, so make sure your karaoke machine can withstand the abuse. Look for durable plastic or metal materials that won’t give out when dropped, kicked, or even drop-kicked.
  • Power source: Batteries, though allowing for the greatest portability, are my number one nemesis. I can never find them, or am forever throwing out dead ones. Some karaoke machines plug into a power outlet, others use batteries, and some have internal rechargeable batteries. If your kids tend to burn through the batteries, a plug-in unit or one with a built-in rechargeable battery might be the way to go.

What are the benefits of singing for kids?

Both singing and being sung to offer a wide array of benefits for kids. Babies can hear their mother’s voice in utero. Singing to babies strengthens parental bonding while allowing them to sense the love of their parents.

Singing for toddlers and beyond

As children grow, singing can be used as a learning tool. I mean, how else would we learn our ABCs? Repetition and melody play an important part in retaining new knowledge.

As children grow, singing helps them to develop a sense of self. It also promotes self-esteem and can also be an outlet for new and developing feelings.

When singing together in a group, children can learn how to work with a team, while feeling a sense of inclusion. Singing also helps them to learn about pitch, rhythm, and how to discover their own vocal abilities.

This study on the benefits of singing for children gives further details on the topic.

Singing for adults

Even we adults benefit from singing. It’s known to release endorphins which help relieve stress and improve mental focus.

Personally, I need that in my life during this crazy era of parenting. Maybe I’ll try singing to my kids the next time they push me to the edge of sanity.

Singing while reading lyrics encourages different parts of your brain to work together, increasing neuronal activity. It also forces more oxygen into your blood as would a cardiac workout.

Unfortunately, it won’t burn enough calories to cancel out that donut you had for breakfast (or was that just me!) but it’s a good start.

Finding songs that match your child’s vocal range

Discovering your child’s vocal range is the first place to start and this website offers a simple exercise to do just that.

It’s important to note that, with practice and time, your child’s vocal range can change. He may begin as an alto and progress to a tenor or baritone. This is especially noticeable as boys develop their “man” voice.

Vocal ranges are divided up into six categories: bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo-soprano, and soprano. We’ve created a quick list of songs for each range to help you get started, but, of course, you can also search for your own preferences once you know which range to look for.

And the best kids’ karaoke machine is…

The clear winner of our kids’ karaoke machine round-up is the Singing Machine Bluetooth Karaoke System (check price on Amazon). At just over one cubic foot and seven pounds, its size makes it easily portable for sharing the fun with family and friends.

The Singtrix machine, though loaded with quality equipment and features, was significantly more expensive than the Singing Machine during our first venture into karaoke machines.

We love the idea of portable karaoke microphones like the BONOAK, KaraoKing, and TOSING, but we feel these could easily break if dropped.

If this happens, we’ve lost our entire karaoke system. If a microphone is dropped with the Singing Machine, it can easily be replaced.

The Singing Machine’s cousin, the Singing Machine CD-G Karaoke Player, though easily portable, did not offer Bluetooth connectivity, which limits our musical choices.

A close runner-up was the iKaraoke machine, but again, it’s a durability issue. We love its design, but the cube shape of the Singing Machine is much more durable.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023

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