The 9 Best Roller Skates for Kids

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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I have an idea! Let’s put a set of wheels on the bottom of our kid’s feet and see what happens. It’ll be great! It may seem like a crazy notion, but you’ve got to admit it’s definitely fun.

With the proper safety gear and lots of practice, roller skating can be a fun and healthy sport.

Not all roller skates are created equally. Finding the best roller skates for kids is an important first step in putting those wheels on the bottoms of your child’s feet.

How do I choose the right roller skates for my child?


Choosing a roller skate that properly fits your child is one of the most important steps in the buying process.

A properly fitted skate will provide your child with comfort, stability, and support. A skate that’s too small can lead to painful blisters and sore feet.

A skate that’s too large can lead to accidents and ankle injuries. Generally, skates are designed to fit in the same way as a shoe.

Here are a few tips to ensure that the roller skates are a good fit for your child:

Have your child put the skates on. They may feel a bit snug to them at first, but this is normal. Have them stand and then check their toes.

If they barely touch the front of the skate then they are a good fit. Check the room behind the heel by having them kick their foot forward. There should be a small space left behind their heel.


We all know how fast kids grow. They didn’t come up with the phrase, ‘growing like a weed’ for nothing! Fortunately, some roller skate styles are adjustable to suit your child’s feet.

These types of skates can be made smaller or larger by up to four sizes with the push of a button. This enables your skates to grow with your child.

They’re also ideal when you have more than one child sharing the same pair of skates.


Style can include the skate boot shape, colors, strapping system, and even LED lights.

Some roller skates come with a high-top boot. This can be especially useful for keeping the ankles secure and stable.

Another factor to consider is the strapping system. Some skates come with standard lace-up ties, while others use a buckle or velcro system.

The buckle system is ideal for younger children who have yet to master the art of tying up their laces properly.


The best roller skates for kids can be constructed in a variety of manners. There are adjustable, lightweight, plastic-styled skates designed for toddlers.

On the other hand, there are skates that are designed for the more experienced skater.

These will have a more sturdily constructed base plate, strong outer shell, and padded inner lining that can handle vigorous skating and tricks while providing stability and comfort.


The type of wheels your child’s roller skates have is another important thing to consider.

Plastic wheels may be fine for a toddler who’s just learning to skate but not a good idea for an older child who plans on speeding around the rink.

Sturdier wheels are generally made of a urethane material that supersedes plastic and rubber due to its durability and capacity to be non-abrasive and non-marking.

You might also want to check the type of bearings the wheels have as they help the wheels move freely and smoothly. When it comes to bearings, the higher the ABEC rating the better.


The stopper on a roller skate is made of a firm rubber material and is placed on either the front or at the heel.

It’s used to stop or slow down the momentum of the roller skater by either pointing down the toe or kicking back the heel.

Making sure that your child’s skates come equipped with a stopper is an important step in their safety. This is especially so for beginner skaters, who’ve yet to learn the skill of stopping their skates any other way.

Our top picks for the best roller skates for kids

Editor’s choice

Our opinion

Sizing: Small to extra large
Adjustability: Adjustable to 3 sizes
Construction: Reinforced nylon frame, rear stoppers

An inline skate that’s designed to grow with your child, the High Bounce Adjustable Inline Skate (check price on Amazon) comes with a reinforced nylon frame and rides smoothly on gel wheels.

Available in pink or blue with a black, fashionable design, a rear stopper, a simple buckle strap, and a rear loop for easy carrying.

What we love
  • Skates are secured with a buckle, so no risk of laces coming undone while skating.
  • Can be adjusted to up to 3 sizes. Not only will it grow with your child but they're also useful if more than one child is using the skates.
Watch for
  • Kids accustomed to using roller skates with a front stopper may need to readjust to the rear stopper on these inline skates.

Upgrade choice

Our opinion

Sizing: 1 to Jr.13
Adjustability: N/A
Construction: Aluminum base plate, stoppers
Wheels: Urethane wheels, semi-precision bearings

The Chicago Boy’s Skate (check price on Amazon) is designed in the classic roller-rink style with its black, vinyl boots and red wheels.

The high-top profile provides support to the ankles while the eyelet hook lacing systems ensure that feet are secure and comfortable.

What we love
  • The aluminum base plate has an adjustable truck that gives your child more control while skating.
  • Skates are true to size so there will be no guessing on your child’s skate size.
Watch for
  • These skates have a traditional lacing system. Perhaps double-check that they're secure after your child laces them.

Best budget buy

Our opinion

Sizing: l to medium
Adjustability: Four-size adjustable
Construction: Two-piece boot, breathable nylon inner boot, padded collar, built-in toe brakes
Wheels: 60 mm. composite wheels, 608ZB semi-precision speed bearings

A beginner quad skate that’s adjustable to four sizes at the push of a button. The Chicago Quad Roller Skates (check price on Amazon) have a high-top silhouette and two-piece boot construction, providing stability and durability.

The breathable, nylon mesh and padded collar are designed with optimal comfort in mind.

What we love
  • This quad skate has a boot that can be easily adjusted to grow along with your child.
  • Securing the skate in place will be easier for young children with its two micro ratchet buckles.
Watch for
  • These skates are designed for young beginners. With an older child you may want to make sure of the sizing.

Best for beginners

Our opinion

Sizing: Sizes 1 to 4
Adjustability: Adjustable to 4 sizes, and from ‘trainer’ to ‘inline’
Construction: Plastic, micro-ratchet buckles
Wheels: 64 mm. wheels, 608z bearings

The Chicago Boys Skate Combo (check price on Amazon) is ideal for beginners. Your child can start off using the trainer wheels, then move on to inline ones.

They’re also adjustable as your child grows. Conveniently comes with a helmet, knee pads, wrist pads, and backpack.

What we love
  • Not only can these skates grow with your child but can also teach them to go from being a beginner to an inline skater.
  • Comes with all the protective gear your child needs to skate safely.
Watch for
  • The skates do not come with stoppers.

Best for girls

Our opinion

Sizing: 1 to Jr13
Adjustability: N/A
Construction: Nylon base plate, strong outer shell, toe and heel protector strip, padded inner lining, stopper
Wheels: Urethane, free-rolling ABEC bearings

The Lenexu uGOgrl Roller Skates (check price on eBay) have colorful, urethane wheels with ABEC 5 bearings which provide a smooth, balanced glide on any surface.

The skate boot is designed with a durable, long-lasting outer shell, with an added strip on the toes and heels to prevent extra wear and tear.

What we love
  • Skate boots are constructed with durability in mind. Between the tough outer shell and the toe and heel strip, you won’t have to worry about replacing the skates anytime soon.
  • Girls will love the colorful wheels and toe stopper, side flower pattern, and choice of colors.
Watch for
  • These roller skates are not adjustable, so make sure of the correct sizing before making your purchase.


Our opinion

Sizing: Sizes 1 to 13J
Adjustability: N/A
Construction: Lightweight, torsion beam chassis plates, laces, and upper velcro strap, fixed stoppers
Wheels: Lighted 54 mm. cast urethane wheels, 608Z accelerator bearings

Lightweight roller skates — ideal for beginners. The black, gray, and yellow design of these skates, their sporty profile, and light-up wheels will make any child feel that they’re a skating master.

The Pacer Comet Light Up Roller Skates (check price on Sears ) are constructed with lightweight, torsion chassis beam plates and have 54 mm. wheels.

What we love
  • The four outside wheels are lighted, making these skates ideal for evening outdoor play.
  • The skate boots come with laces and an upper Velcro strap for extra support.
Watch for
  • The skates are designed in unisex sizes so you may want to get them one size larger than your child’s shoe size.

Best for toddlers

Our opinion

Sizing: Sizes 6 to 12
Adjustability: Yes
Construction: Plastic, Velcro straps, padded, front stoppers
Wheels: Quad wheels

The Grow With Me Skates (check price on Amazon) are the perfect skate for little ones learning the art of skating.

They have a three-level system that enables your child to walk-skate, roll forward, or roll forward and backward.

They can also be adjusted to grow along with your child.

What we love
  • The three stages of these skates make them ideal if your little one is just a beginner.
  • The skates are easily adjustable according to your child’s growth.
Watch for
  • Once your child has mastered the art of skating you'll want to make sure the skates don't accidentally get switched to a wheel-locked position.

Best roller shoes

Our opinion

Sizing: Sizes 1 to 13 (little kids), Sizes 3.5 to 6.5 (big kids)
Adjustability: N/A
Construction: Fabric, rubber, plastic
Wheels: Two wheels (one removable)

The Nsasy Roller Shoes (check price on Amazon) come in a variety of colors that will suit any child’s personality.

They’re designed with breathable fabric, wear-resistant rubber soles, and have LED lighting that flashes as your child walks.

They can be worn as a shoe, with one or two wheels.

What we love
  • These versatile roller skates can be worn as either a skate or a shoe.
  • Kids who love to make a statement will get a kick out of the LED lighting, while parents will love it as a good safety measure.
Watch for
  • If your child plans on wearing these as a shoe on a daily basis, beware of the possibility that they could switch to 'roller mode' at any given moment.

Best for boys

Our opinion

Sizing: Sizes 12 to 2, Sizes 3 to 6
Adjustability: Adjustable to four sizes
Construction: Reinforced polymer frame, molded shell, hinged cuff
Wheels: 54 mm. cast polyurethane wheels, 608zb carbon bearings

The Grow With Me Skates (check price on Walmart) are the perfect skate for those little ones to learn the art of skating. They have a three-level system that enables your child to walk-skate, only roll forward, or roll forward and backward. They can also be adjusted to grow with your child.

What They’ll Love:

  • The roller skates have a washable comfort liner so you won’t have to deal with that ‘sneaker smell’.
  • The cam lever buckles make it easy for kids to adjust and tighten their skates without assistance.

Our Top Pick…

While many of the skates that we reviewed had certain perks and positive aspects that made them good picks, the High Bounce Adjustable Inline Skate (check price on Amazon) fits the bill on everything we were looking for.

It’s designed with both boys and girls in mind, is highly fashionable, has an easy buckle/strapping system, and is fully adjustable to within three sizes. All these features together made us opt easily for this particular skate.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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