The Best Maternity Pants of 2019 (Guide & Reviews)

DISCLAIMER: I’ve actually now given birth to my delightful baby boy. Nevertheless, the experience of waddling around with a huge 27 pounds worth of extra baby, bump and water-filled blubber is still fresh in my mind. In fact, I’ve not stopped waddling yet. And so, I still have strong opinions about which are the best maternity pants.

Everyone loves a good pair of great pants. After all, they are versatile, comfortable, and cute.

But wait!

Now that you are pregnant and that baby bump is growing, do you have to hang up all your stylish clothes?

There is no law that says that once you get pregnant, you are doomed to wade through life in shapeless, baggy clothing.

Maternity garments, even maternity pants, come in all sorts of styles. From jeans to leggings, all it takes is a bit of effort and patience, and you are sure to find some great clothing.

How to Pick the Best Maternity Pants

Sure there are a few extra things to keep in mind but don’t worry; it’s nothing too mind blowing.


Comfort is going to be absolutely key in any piece of clothing you buy during your pregnancy. You want to go for breathable, soft materials so look for cotton, modal, bamboo or a cotton mixed fabric. These fabrics also have plenty of give, so they will stretch to accommodate that baby bump.

Over vs. Under

Speaking of that baby bump, you can choose between three types of waists on maternity pants. One style pulls up over your belly, while the other has a waistband that will sit right below it. The third style, a fold over waistband, can be worn above or below your bump. There isn’t a right or wrong choice here; it’s all about personal preference. Some styles of pants, however, can only be kept up comfortably with a belly band.

Stretch Panels

To avoid constantly having to buy new pants throughout your second and third trimesters, look for designs that incorporate stretch panels around your belly, hips, and butt.

Skip the Wrinkle-Free

Sure, wrinkle-free always sounds like a home run when it comes to clothing. However, that wrinkle-free finish involves the manufacturers adding chemicals, like formaldehyde, to the fabric. Since you are now dressing for two, it is better to be safe than sorry, so steer clear of these clothes.

As you can see, there’s nothing too ‘out there when it comes to shopping for maternity pants. So, let’s move on to some of our favorites.

Our Top Picks

Best Maternity Leggings

A popular fashion choice that allows for free movement and lots of give, maternity leggings are a must for a mom-to-be.

Mothers Essentials Maternity Leggings

Sure, the name will probably never fit into a catchy jingle, but these leggings are both comfortable and beneficial to your health. They provide back and belly support and wick away moisture. Unfortunately, they only come in black. The material is also a little thin, so while they’re perfect for warmer days, you might want to wear something a bit heavier if it is very chilly. On the bright side, the material is designed not to absorb any creams or moisturizer you are putting on, so you can reap all the benefits from your skincare regimen.

Waist: Over the Belly
Material: 92% polyamide, 8% elastane

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Maternity Yoga Capri Leggings

These leggings are available in three colors…but those colors are black, light gray, and dark gray. We wish there were a bit more variety but, nevertheless, these pants offer a comfortable fit throughout your pregnancy. Despite being stretchy, you won’t have to worry about them becoming see-through. Better yet, they are machine washable and dryer friendly.

Waist: Fold-over
Material: 95% Natural Cotton, 5% Spandex

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Best Maternity Jeans

I think every woman can say that they have at least one pair of jeans that they wear regularly. While your favorite denim item might have to take a backseat for a few months, you can certainly find something just as great for your pregnancy body.

Skinny Jean with Belly Band

An affordable alternative to the traditional denim, these pants provide a comfortable fit and pockets. Yes, real, usable pockets. Ladies everywhere, rejoice! The material itself is soft and form flattering. Some women have expressed disappointment at the belly band not stretching more to accommodate the tail end of their pregnancy, but the jeans have been met with an overall positive reception.

Waist: Over the belly
Material: 62% Polyester, 33% Rayon, 5% Cotton

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Super Stretch Skinny Maternity Jeans

Available in two colors, medium wash and rinse wash, these skinny leg jeans have a very stretchy belly band to accommodate that growing bump. They don’t have real pockets, which of course is a letdown. However, they are machine washable and have a comfortable, body-friendly fit.

Waist: Over the belly
Material: Cotton, Polyester, and Spandex

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Best Colorful Maternity Pants

Finding maternity pants that stretch your fashion forward muscles can be tricky. Let’s face it; there is a lot of gray and black in the maternity pants catalog. But not every style clings to classic colors and here are some pants that flaunt their flair.

Stretchy Maternity Palazzo Pants

Comfortable enough to wear all day, unique enough for you to boast your personal style, and dressy enough to wear on your errands, these bell bottoms check both the fun and functional columns on a shopping list. They do tend to run long, and the material is a bit thin if you’re pregnant during the winter months. However, the waistband is stretchy while still offering belly support and you can choose between 8 colorful designs to add some color to your maternity pants wardrobe.

Waist: Over the belly
Material: 97% Polyester, 3 % Spandex

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Beachcoco Maternity Pants

A nice aspect of this pant is that it is available in brighter colors, but it is not as loud as the above-reviewed pair. These pants tend to run a bit large, and they’re not something you could get away with wearing to the office, but the material is soft and gentle on skin. It’s also not so thin that you will freeze, nor so heavy that you will be uncomfortable.

Waist: Fold-over
Material: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex

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Best Maternity Shorts

Just because you are pregnant is no reason to balk at wearing shorts. Whether you are exercising, lounging, or just plain hot, here are some comfy clothes for the occasion.

Cotton Maternity Shorts

Available in five colors, these shorts are stretchy and soft. For a pair of shorts, they are a bit pricey, but you will be able to wear them throughout your pregnancy. They are very cute and also work wonders if you need something under your dresses to help with chaffing. When the waist is rolled up, it offers adequate belly support, and this piece of clothing is machine washable and dryer safe.

Waist: Fold-over
Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

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Yoga Workout Shorts

These are a very comfortable option if you’re looking for shorts, especially if you’re planning to do some gentle prenatal yoga over the coming months. While their base color is black, you can choose between five different belly band colors to brighten up your outfit. These shorts are a bargain price, as well as being light and breathable, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable whether you are going on a jog or relaxing at home.

Waist: Fold-over
Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex

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While you might be putting away some of your favorite clothes for a bit, there is no reason you can’t love your maternity wardrobe. Who knows, you might even find yourself wearing some of these clothes even after that baby bump is gone. Dare we say, what you can’t wear on a day to day basis post pregnancy, you might even find yourself missing? Just remember, don’t be afraid to flaunt that beautiful pregnant figure in comfortable, fashionable style.

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