The 17 Best Robot Dinosaur Toys (To Make Your Kids Squeal)

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on July 23rd, 2021
Robot dinosaur toys

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Toys just keep getting better and better, especially dinosaur toys.

They’ve been entertaining children for eons. And, now we have robot dinosaur toys making the experience even better.

Here is our rundown of the best robot dinosaur toys, carefully cherry picked from the pre-historic toy field.

Our top picks of the best robot dinosaur toys

Editor's choice

Our opinion

Miposaur (check price on Amazon) looks like impending doom as he rolls up with his sleek, black body, piercing eyes, and silver teeth. He just might be the epitome of the perfect robot dinosaur. His remote control is a trackball that can be programmed with an iOS or Android app. Kids can interact with this dino-beast in three different ways:

  • Hand Gestures: He’s a moody little guy, and will quickly let your kids know what he wants to do. He’ll either be excited, curious, or annoyed and he’ll respond to the swipe of a hand in the air, a loud clap, or other scary noises. Kids love to get him riled up by clapping and roaring themselves.
  • Trackball: Kids can use the trackball to take him for a walk, play six different games, fetch, feed him, and make him dance. Miposaur always knows where his buddy the trackball is and responds immediately for interactive fun.
  • App: The app is loaded with games and fun for Miposaur. He can fight with other dinosaurs, dance with your children’s favorite music, and even be programmed to roam certain paths. Your kids even get to feed him steaks, socks, and cavemen.
What we love
  • This ebony monster is a great value, especially compared to comparable robot dinosaurs
  • The app for the trackball is free
Watch for
  • He has small parts not intended for children younger than three

Upgrade choice

Our opinion

Your children get to tame this little guy. If they are getting bored with their old robot dinosaur, this one will breathe a little of that spark back into their imaginations. While he may look a little fierce, he really just wants to be petted and loved.

Zoomer Dino (check price on Amazonbalances on two wheels and will go anywhere that they let him. Those wheels make him pretty quick. He can go back and forth, and even spin around if he’s surprised. He’ll also dance and play tag.

His eyes will let your children know what he’s in the mood for. Blue eyes means that he sees them. His eyes are purple when he’s learning, and they turn red when he’s mad. And, when kids pat him on the nose, they turn green, and he almost gives them a little dino-smile.

When it’s time for some real action, kids can grab his tail to make him roar and chomp his teeth.

What we love
  • His eyes change color depending on his mood so kids always know whether he wants to play or rough-house
  • He’ll almost become a pet for kids as they train him to do different tricks
Watch for
  • It’s not recommended for children younger than three

Best dinosaur robot for toddlers

Our opinion

Now, here’s a cute little green robot dinosaur with a remote control perfectly sized for little fingers. The Learning Journey RC Dancing Dino (check price on Amazontells kids that he’s a prehistoric dancing machine and then interacts with them by laughing, dancing, and wagging his tail. He also has a learning mode where he will challenge the little ones with questions and give a little praise when they get the answer right.

What we love
  • This little guy won the Brain Child Award from Tillywig Toys for its ability to keep toddlers enthused while having fun and learning at the same time
  • His phrases are just too cute, and your child will love to sing and dance along with him
Watch for
  • It does require a total of five batteries

Best Lego dinosaur robot

Our opinion

Lego is at it again! While it operates on pure imagination, this Creator Mighty Dinosaurs (check price on Amazon) kit makes a pretty realistic looking dinosaur. With sharp claws and scary teeth, kids will be entertained for hours creating three different dinosaurs. The T-Rex can turn into a Triceratops or a Pterodactyl. And, it’s a great addition to any Lego collection.

What we love
  • Lego’s are built to last - have you ever seen one break?
  • It will give your kids an endless amount of imaginative playtime
Watch for
  • It does take some patience to put the dinosaurs together

Best weapon launching dinosaur robot

Our opinion

The Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur Intelligent Smart Toy (check price on Amazon) is fierce with its gray, mechanical body, piercing laser eyes, and a weapon launcher on its back. When it’s in play mode, it dances, plays music, blinks its eyes, and slides its feet back and forth. Switch it to combat mode, and it screams, wags its tail, isolates its target, and fires sucker bullets.

He can be activated by either remote control or touching his head. Your little ones can either have fun singing and dancing, or they can destroy the world with this guy.

What we love
  • It has a rechargeable battery (attach it to any USB connection for 3-4 hours to fully charge)
Watch for
  • The charged battery will only last about 30 minutes
  • It’s recommended for ages 3 and up, but those sucker bullets worry us - parental supervision would be a good idea for toddlers and younger children

The scariest dinosaur robot

Our opinion

Part of the Jurassic World collection, this guy just looks like a real-life nightmare dinosaur-come-to-life. With his realistic gray scales, menacing claws, fierce red eyes, and dangerous-looking fangs, Zoomer Indominus Rex (check price on Amazonis ready to tear up everything around him.

He’s even on wheels, making him unstoppable. It has nose sensors, so it can follow your child’s hand movements. And, the remote control can be used to record combo moves for the monster to do later or the joystick will let your child control his every movement. Indominus Rex even comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

What we love
  • Kids can set him in prowl mode to wander through their room
  • His monstrous roars might even raise those little hairs on your neck. The kids love it, especially when it scares us!
Watch for
  • There is one USB charging cable included, but not the wall adapter
  • It does have small parts, so be careful with children younger than three

Best T-Rex dinosaur robot

Our opinion

He’s a big, mean T-Rex machine (check price on Amazon) with over 17 inches of black and green shiny, slimy-looking scales and a beautiful set of bright white chompers. The remote control has a one-key demo function for pre-programmed actions, as well as various other buttons to control his arms, legs, head, and mouth.

His vivid lights and sounds will keep your little ones entertained as he stomps around his realm. Kids can move him all over the place, taking him as far as their imaginations will let them. The scales on his back even light up like a flashlight.

What we love
  • This robot dinosaur is made of a safe, non-toxic, recyclable ABS plastic. Yep, the beast is eco-friendly!
Watch for
  • You only get about 15 minutes of use out of each charge
  • It’s a little clumsy on carpeting

Best basic dinoasaur robot

Our opinion

This remote controlled Velociraptor (check price on Amazonwould make a great first-time robot dinosaur for your little tyke. It’s easily controlled with a two-button remote control, making it stomp its feet, wave its arms, and open its menacing jaws and roar. The eyes even glow. There’s a demo button for some pre-programmed playtime, or your kids can go crazy with the remote control and make him do almost anything.

What we love
  • It’s an affordable option for introducing a robot dinosaur to your little one
  • Playtime isn’t dependent on charging - this guy will play for as long as the AA batteries will last
Watch for
  • It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles

Best wooden dinosaur robot

Our opinion

Now, this is a cool robot dinosaur that the entire family can enjoy. It’s a real wood kit designed to build an interactive Triceratop (check price on Amazon). Once you bring this 3D puzzle to life, your kids can activate it by clapping their hands to make it walk and roar. Not only is it fun to play with, but you will really enjoy the bonding time you get while you help guide the assembly process.

What we love
  • Made out of eco-friendly wood, the manufacturing process of this kit is better for our environment
  • It’s an educational puzzle that will teach your kids about the inner-workings of toys
Watch for
  • Set aside a few hours of quality time to get this robot dinosaur put together

Best budget buy

Our opinion

This might be the perfect robot dinosaur for your toddler. It’s both economical and easy for little ones to learn to use. Just turn it on and it does its thing. The Windy City (check price on Amazon) purple and black robot dinosaur walks, roars, and even has multi-colored spikes on its back that light up. And, when it roars, its tongue and eyes light up!

What we love
  • It’s a great dinosaur for preschool-aged children
  • The price!
Watch for
  • It’s recommended for ages three and up
  • With no volume control, it can get a little loud at times

Best hand-controlled dinosaur robot

Our opinion

Well, it’s made by Sharper Image, so you expect a lot. And, you get it with this robot dinosaur. Controlled by either hand gestures or the wireless remote control, Robotosaur (check price on Amazonwill roar, snore, or yawn, and it can stomp, forage, or even spin in circles. It even shows emotions with different sounds and colored, glowing eyes. Your kids can also train it to hunt, guard, or send out alerts when something’s not quite right.

What we love
  • Kids love making it growl at other people
  • It is pretty amazing - it even has temper tantrums!
Watch for
  • It’s recommended for kids older than six
  • You’ll need plenty of lithium batteries

Best for quality

Our opinion

This super-realistic dino toy, Sleich Tyrannosaurus Rex (check price on Amazon is sure to make your aspiring paleontologist roar! Both highly durable and historically accurate, this hand painted T-Rex is both fun and functional. Its realism earned it an award for best realistic dinosaur toy, so it’s a great way to teach young historians about ancient creatures, and your kids kids will love to play pretend with the dino’s movable lower jaw.

The durable construction and washable material make T-Rex a perfect companion for muddy adventures in the park, splashing around in the swimming pool or hanging out in the bathtub.

What we love
  • Realistic, educational, fun, handcrafted, durable, waterproof, washable
Watch for
  • Semi-pointy claws, teeth and tail that can be weaponized by a cranky toddler

Best dinosaur toy for 4-year-olds

Our opinion

If your kids absolutely love building, this awesome safari trek building set (check price on Amazon is the perfect addition to their STEM toy repertoire. Fun linking tracks in shades of forest green make roads for a military vehicle to explore the safari and see a lifelike T-Rex, Pterosaur and Triceratops. Decorative trees help to add a more realistic element while traveling through the safari zone.

Putting together the track and bridge helps to refine small motor control and hand-eye coordination, and the fully assembled toy provides endless opportunities for creative and cooperative play that encourages dexterity, imagination and education, netting it an award for ‘Best Dinosaur Toy for 4-Year-Olds’.

What we love
  • Realistic dinos, skill improvement through building, cooperative play
Watch for
  • Keeping track of the 144+ pieces!

Best pack of dinosaur toys

Our opinion

Budding archaeologists and dino lovers rejoice! There is now a company that offers a 12 pack of Realistic Large Dinosaurs (check price on Amazon for a frugel price. What makes these plastic dinosaurs a step above the rest is the large size. Being 7 inches tall, these dinos will make the everyday plastic prehistorics quake in terror.

What we love
  • The large size makes these dinosaurs the showstoppers of your child’s collection
  • For less than $1.50 per dinosaur, this will make parents as thrilled with their savings as their children are with the toy!
Watch for
  • There are lots of sharp scales on these dinos which might not be appropriate for younger children
  • Some of the dinosaurs don’t stand up on their own

Best dinosaur toy for 3-year-olds

Our opinion

If you’re looking for a toy to impress your dino lover, then Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World (check price on Amazon). Standing over 30 inches tall, this larger-than-life action packed robo-dinosaur devours all in its path. Being able to control the T-rex’s movements help teach your three-year-old cause and effect as well as hand-eye coordination.

What we love
  • Along with the huge T-rex, this dinosaur comes with Owen (watch the movie to fully understand his crucial role), his Jeep, a projectile launcher, and 2 projectiles
  • The eyes change color to further the action
Watch for
  • There are lots of moving parts involved in this toy, so the chances of some aspect of it not working or malfunctioning are higher
  • The size of this toy might make it harder to keep in smaller rooms, which usually seem to be already packed beyond capacity with toys

Best for learning

Our opinion

The JIEQI Dinosaur (check price on Amazon is not only great fun for your kid, it is also a learning tool. To grab your child’s attention it can launch missiles, battle, sing, dance, and walk. It can also teach such skills as language learning, math, riddle guessing, and common sense Q & A. The best thing about this toy is that they will be learning and not even realize it!

What we love
  • It combines the fun and excitement that kids crave in a toy with a new and interesting way for them to learn
Watch for
  • This is the type of toy you may want to keep up on a shelf when not in use. I can already imagine those missiles getting lost, and the remote control getting broken if left lying about.

Cutest dinosaur robot toy

Our opinion

This interactive collectible dinosaur is like a pet dinosaur on your child’s finger. No, I’m not kidding. The Untamed T-Rex By Fingerlings (check price on Amazon) gently holds onto your child’s finger, where it can either be tamed or untamed. It responds to sound, motion, and touch with 40 different sounds and animations. They can be riled up to get them to snarl, hiss, and roar. They can be calmed down by petting them to be them to bed. They also have surprise Dino gas for that extra laugh.

There is an additional feature for these interactive dinosaurs. They can be brought to life in a new Untamed Battle Arena App. The App allows your child to bring their Dino to life and train an army for the battle arena.

What we love
  • So cute!
Watch for
  • So cute your child won't ever want to put it down!

So, how do you choose the best robot dinosaur toy? There are so many different types of robotics, as well as a vast array of features specific to each one. We take the time to really take a good look at each different toy and gather as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.

Do you remember the way you felt as a child when you got a new toy, only to realize a couple of days later that it really wasn’t that much fun? That’s exactly why we take so much time evaluating these toys. We want to make sure that the robot dinosaur that you choose for your child will keep them entertained for a long time. It not only has to be fun, but it needs to have some educational value that will keep your kids enthused.

Below are some of the things that are on our mind when we’re evaluating robot dinosaur toys.

Why robotic dinosaur toys are awesome!

If you ask us, dinosaur toys are pretty awesome. But, there is just something special and unique about robot dinosaur toys.

  • Robotic dinosaur toys are educational. And, your kids either don’t realize it or don’t care because they’re having so much fun. Dinosaurs teach your children about history, and help them understand time. The concept of time will take them years to perfect. Understanding how time has evolved with dinosaurs and how much the world has changed will help them understand the value of time and relate to it better.
  • They promote creativity. The possibilities are endless. Dinosaurs can do anything because we really don’t know exactly what they looked like or what they did back then except to eat, roar, and poo, a lot! So, kids can pretend that their dinosaurs are doing whatever they want. The various features of robotic dinosaur toys will keep your child’s imagination racing with all of the different ways to play with the programming.
  • They’re fun! That’s the bottom line, right? If a toy isn’t fun, it really isn’t a toy. Dinosaur toys will take your child’s imagination to a place where almost anything is possible, a land of prehistoric cavemen and dinosaurs. We’re not really sure if there were cavemen then, but we’ll just go with it, because the kids love the thought of all of those cavemen running from the dinosaurs. It’s all part of the fun!

Different types of robot dinosaur toys

It really depends on what level of interaction you are anticipating with a robot dinosaur toy. Here’s an easy breakdown.

  • Interactive: Some robot dinosaur toys aren’t mechanically operated. While they still follow the same principle of being robotic, their automation is completely in the hands of your child’s imagination.
  • Radio-controlled: Commonly referred to as RC, these toys are controlled by a remote control. Sometimes the remote will only give commands that happen immediately, and sometimes they can program commands to happen in the future.
  • DIY: These are the ones that you put together from scratch. While most robotic dinosaur toys are assembled, for the most part, these will allow you to interact with your child as you explore both the intricacies of the individual dinosaur species and the mechanics of how the robotics function.
  • Apps: And, some of the newer robotic versions have smartphone apps that can be downloaded to further enhance your child’s experience.

Other things to consider when buying a robot dinosaur toy

  • Age: We’re also taking note of any age restrictions, as well as the type and life of any batteries needed. Of course, the appropriateness of the age is paramount. But, the batteries and recharging details will matter a lot. Trust us on this one! It can get a little frustrating if you have to charge a toy for hours to only get a few minutes of active playtime.
  • Brand: We also know who the quality toy makers are. If they don’t make our list, there’s a reason. You’ll notice if you read any of our other rankings, that we will only acknowledge toys from manufacturers focused on the same things that we’re concerned with. It’s a lot of information to sort through, but it’s worth it.

And the winner is…

Hands down, it’s Miposaur! WowWee has been producing quality robotics since 2001, and Miposaur (check price on Amazonis one of their latest creations.

As we researched our 11 best options, it just stood out as the best overall choice. Not only is it sleek and scary, but it looks like a robot. Or, does it look like a dinosaur? It’s hard to tell, right? That’s one of the reasons that make it the best choice.

Its functionality is what it really blows it over the top. Your kids have three different ways to interact with it. Children love being able to control it with the wave of their hand. The Trackball is not only the remote control, but it’s also a toy for the robot. And, the availability of the free app just pushes this robot dinosaur into the realm of unlimited possibilities.

It also runs on regular batteries, so the playtime is as endless as your battery supply.

Kudos to WowWee for delivering another top-quality robotic that will keep our children entertained for years.

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Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on July 23rd, 2021
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