The 13 Best Unicorn Toys Your Kids Will Love

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on August 10th, 2021

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Mystical, magical unicorns are a hit with kids of all ages, which means there’s plenty of toy options out there to choose from. Of course, scoring the best of the best for your kiddo means knowing what your options are and what factors you should consider when shopping — not all unicorns are made equal, so choosing a toy that’s made of safe, durable materials and is appropriate for your child’s age and interests is key.

Looking for the best unicorn toys? Fear not; simply give our list of 13 awesome picks a peek for some inspiration.

Buyers’ Guide

What are some things I should consider when choosing a great unicorn toy for my child?

  • Age appropriateness:  Whenever you’re choosing clothes, toys, or gear for your kiddo, making sure it’s appropriate for their age is important. For younger kids, choosing age-appropriate toys can help to avoid choking hazards or complex games or puzzles that might be frustrating. Likewise, older kids won’t enjoy the same toys as their younger counterparts, and might get bored by a game, toy, or book that’s not designed for someone their age.
  • Safe, high quality materials: There is a huge selection of unicorn toys out there, and, as is the case with many popular themed toys, some picks are better than others. Look for clothes, toys, and games that are made from safe, durable material, such as non-toxic BPA-free plastic, stainless steel, or cotton, among others.  A good rule of thumb is that off-brand toy prices that seem to be too good to be true generally are, so looking  at brands with safety standards you trust is often your best bet.
  • Their unique personality: Your child has   shown their unique personality to you from the moment  they were born, and you’re the one  who knows them best of all. The best pick isn’t always the most obvious, like a stuffed animal that an older child may not get much use  from. The unicorn theme has  raised toydom into popular culture and is frequently spotted on colorful accessories like water bottles, binders, backpacks and hoodies that teens can both enjoy and use.

Why are unicorn toys great for kids?

As a fantasy creature, unicorns can inspire creativity and imagination. That makes them an excellent toy for use in pretend play, acting as characters and elements of storytelling and make-believe role playing. This kind of play isn’t just fun for younger kids, but is developmentally essential, helping them grasp basic social skills while developing empathy and theory of mind.

For older kids, they can be a symbol of free-spirited creativity, beloved by spunky, colorful preteens and teens who think outside the box. Wearing and using unicorn-themed clothes and accessories is part of their self-expression at a time when asserting their identity plays a huge part in how they establish feelings of self assurance and confidence.

My child loves unicorns, but they’re too old to really enjoy or use a stuffed animal. What are some alternative unicorn gifts they’d enjoy?

  • Clothes: Whether it’s hoodies, bathrobes, t-shirts, or pajama pants, there are lots of comfy and cute unicorn clothes available for kids of all ages
  • Puzzles: For kids who like a mental challenge, a unicorn jigsaw puzzle can offer a way to boost their logical thinking and problem solving skills with a satisfying project that can either be completed again or matted and framed
  • Games: There are a surprising amount of family-friendly and fun unicorn-adjacent card and board games out there, which are great for stimulating creative and logical thinking and encouraging time spent socially with family and/or friends
  • Accessories: Headbands, headphones, necklaces, bracelets, backpacks, and more can all be found in a bold, colorful, and shiny unicorn theme, and for a little fashionista, they’re a great way to let her express her personal style.

Our picks of the best unicorn toys your kids will love

Top pick

Our opinion

As kids get older, establishing their room as a representation of their personal style becomes an important aspect of their identity. Cool accessories like this Unicorn Marquee Wall Light (check price on Amazon) allow them to externalize their self-expression and create a space where they feel comfortable. The white light base features a unicorn head shape that’s dotted with 10 colorful LED lights in pink and blue. The light can be operated via a remote control, which makes it especially convenient for turning off at bedtime. Remote operation also makes it a great decorative piece in baby’s nursery, as it’s easy to control the lamp without walking into a room and disturbing your sleeping child.

What we love: This lamp operates via remote control, so it’s a convenient addition to nurseries and turning it off at bedtime doesn’t require getting up.

Upgrade Choice

Our opinion

Collecting model horses has long been a pastime of aspiring young equestrians, and this beautiful articulated Unicorn Model from Breyer (check price on Amazon) makes a charming addition to any collection. The exquisite detailing of pearly white stallion Xavier makes this model a standout both in play  or on display. Each model is prepared and finished by hands-on artisans, including a hand-painted finish that captures light and color changes for a multi-dimensional look that shines. Breyer is a top producer of model horse toys, and, while Xavier the unicorn captures their dedication to quality,  he is sure to find a place in the heart of young unicorn lovers.

What we love: It’s a high quality model for both play or display made by Breyer, a top name in animal models.

Best Budget Buy

Our opinion

One of the kindest things to do for the planet is to choose reusable containers in order to avoid waste; this has led to stainless steel water bottles becoming a popular commodity, as they’re great for keeping drinks cold and can be reused again and again. This eco-friendly, BPA-free Unicorn Stainless Steel Water Bottle (check price on Amazon) features a cheerful magenta design with a confident unicorn surrounded by multi-colored floral blooms.

The leak-proof bottle is topped by a silver screw-on cap,  using double wall vacuum insulation to keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. The bottle holds 17 ounces, (just over two cups) of liquid. Parents should note that this cute bottle requires hand-washing as running it through the dishwasher can cause damage to the colorful finish.

What we love
  • Reusable water bottles are a very eco-friendly choice, and can provide kids with an opportunity to learn about minimizing waste creation while, at the same time, feeling part of the solution
  • Thanks to double wall vacuum insulation, drinks stay cold for a whole day and hot for up to 12 hours
Watch for
  • In order to preserve the finish on this bottle, it’s necessary to wash it by hand, as the prolonged heat and chemical exposure of the dishwasher can strip the finish

Best for teens

Our opinion

Older kids have less use for stuffed animals and models, but they can still join in  the fun when unicorns attend family game night. Unstable Unicorns (check price on Amazon) is a card game that encourages logical thinking and strategy as between two  to eight players each build an army of unicorns to take on their competitors. Playing a round takes between 30  to 45 minutes, so play sessions can be quick and repeatable.

It’s a legitimate strategy game that takes some finesse to win, so it’s best for players of 14 years and over. Another cool aspect is that Unstable Unicorns has several expansion packs, so when your kiddo is used to the base cards, you can shake up game night by tagging in one of the extra card packs.

What we love
  • It’s a unicorn-themed gift that teens can enjoy, and very gender-neutral. Both boys and girls will love this one.
  • As a strategy game, it inspires critical thinking and relies on social interaction, both developmentally important for kids
Watch for
  • It requires some legitimate strategy to win, so younger kids might find this pick overwhelming — it’s best for kids aged 14+

Best for budding vets

Our opinion

If being a veterinarian is something your little girl dreams of, she’s likely to love the Barbie Unicorn Pet Doctor set (check price on Amazon). Her patient will be a sweet plush unicorn with pretty wings and a magic horn that lights up during play. A miniature rainbow backpack houses her doctor’s kit, which includes a pink and purple stethoscope, a feeding bottle, a plastic “syringe”, a cast for her patient’s horn, and even a colorful ice cream treat to reward a healthy unicorn for a job well done.

When she’s not playing with the kit, the unicorn and all accessories fit neatly into the convenient backpack. This hands-on set is great for younger kids, but contains  choking hazards , so it’s best for kids over 3.

What we love
  • It’s a hands-on toy that encourages creative role playing, which is developmentally important
  • All components of the vet kit fit into the backpack when it’s not being used, so it’s easy to keep organized and avoid losing pieces
Watch for
  • Though it’s designed for young children, there are choking hazards present, so it’s not suitable for children under three

Our sixth choice

Our opinion

Building a fort to play in is a classic childhood pastime, but now the couch cushions and extra blankets can remain undisturbed in favor of this super simple Unicorn Kids Play Tent (check price on Amazon). It’s quite spacious inside, and can accommodate up to three kids easily. Parents won’t have to worry about overheating or suffocation in the tent thanks to breathable mesh windows that allow air to constantly pass through the unit.

The colorful tent’s outer design features a blue, purple, and pink castle landscape with majestic unicorns and a rainbow. Setup and breakdown is easy thanks to folding tent poles — no tools needed here. The tent wipes clean with a soapy cloth and water, so keeping things sanitary is a breeze.  One note for parents: this tent is intended for indoor use, and doesn’t include the stakes and ties needed to erect outside.

What we love
  • It’s a rather spacious play tent, allowing up to three children to safely play while utilizing breathable mesh windows to keep them safe
  • Cleaning the unit only requires a damp, soapy cloth
Watch for
  • This tent isn’t designed for outdoor use, as there are no stakes or ties included

Best for babies

Our opinion

Even the littlest unicorn lovers need not feel left out with this adorable teething rattle from Skip Hop Zoo (check price on Amazon). The sweet pastel unicorn toy has a body in shades of lavender and grey, and is adorned in eye-catching plaid with white hooves and pink ears.

Her horn and tail both feature pastel rainbows, and she wears both a blue textured bandana and a little yellow pocket featuring a ribbon-attached teething component. Throughout the rattle, baby will find colors, textures, and patterns designed to encourage the use of her developing senses and skills, offering a multi-sensory experience that’s developmentally beneficial to little ones as they explore their world.

What we love:

  • It’s a bit bigger than the average rattle, and features teething and textural components for a multi-sensory play experience
  • The teether can be detached and worn around a parent’s wrist for easy access

Best for kids

Our opinion

Nothing feels quite as cozy as snuggling up in a warm, soft, luxurious bathrobe; whether it’s after a shower, when heading to bed, or just curling up on the couch with a cup of cocoa and a good book. Kids love cozy robes too, especially when they feature fun, stylish themes like this Plush Hooded Unicorn Robe (check price on Amazon). It’s available in several unicorn-themed colors and patterns ranging from pastels to bright jewel tones and neons, so, no matter your kiddo’s style, there’s a pick they’ll enjoy.

The cozy, belted robe is knee-length, so there’s no risk of tripping while walking, and the hood features a horn, ears, eyes, and nose to complete the unicorn theme. Parents should note that this robe can run a bit small, so to accommodate your child’s growth, you may want to order a size up.

What we love: It’s cozy, comfortable and utilitarian, and can double as a costume or part of creative role-play

Our opinion

Stuffed animals encourage creative role-playing and pretending in younger kids, and unicorns make a fantastic plush companion to their imaginative adventures. This mommy and baby Unicorn Set (check price on Amazon) is easy to tote in their extra large fuzzy pink purse, but they can also be taken out for all kinds of games and adventures.

The purse can also be repurposed for other dress-up and creative play opportunities, so there’s a lot to do with this set. Both the unicorns and the purse are extra soft and soothing material that won’t irritate skin, and are made out of non-toxic CPC certified fabrics that are safe for play.

What we love: The inclusion of two cute mom and baby-sized stuffed animals and a large purse creates many opportunities for creative play

Our tenth choice

Our opinion

Robotics kits are a great way to encourage the improvement of planning and critical thinking skills, and kids who love a challenge are often quick to get excited about a build. Unicorn lovers in particular will enjoy this Build-A-Bot Unicorn Robotics Kit (check price on Amazon) , which makes an adorable rainbow tech pet with big, inviting eyes, a silver body, and a golden horn.

It’s a perfect pick for beginners, as it features just over 20 pieces which snap together easily. The pieces are also numbered, so it’s an age-appropriate challenge for kids at the recommended age of 5+. It’s ideal for giving younger kids an introduction to STEM skills and, unlike a lot of robotics kits, it has a theme that tends to appeal uniquely to girls.

What we love
  • It’s a real robotics project while not overly frustrating for young children, as pieces are few and labeled with numbers
Watch for
  • Older children will likely not get much out of building this kit because of its simplicity

Our eleventh choice

Our opinion

A special place to store treasured keepsakes is important to a growing girl, and unicorn lovers will be especially fond of the Enchantmints Unicorn Music Jewelry Box (check price on Amazon) . The 6″ x 4″ box is perfect for her small treasures, and includes a lifting top, lower drawer, and two small side drawers for containing trinkets.

The outer design features majestic unicorns sunning themselves in a forest, while the lid features a mother unicorn and her foal nuzzling one another lovingly. A simple latch secures the box when closed, but when your child winds her jewelry box and opens the lid, a twirling unicorn will appear as ‘The Unicorn’ plays. It’s a classic gift for a young girl, and the unique design will make it extra special.

What we love: It’s a classic childhood gift for girls that defies the typical ballerina theme but keeps the sweet musical touches and adornments

Our twelfth choice

Our opinion

When your kiddo gets carried away in pretend play with their stuffed animals, they’re not just having fun — they’re developing emotionally, mentally, and socially as they take on roles and use their imagination. Quality stuffed animals make great companions during beneficial creative playtime, and Celestia  The  Pink  Unicorn (check price on Amazon) will quickly become a favored member of your little unicorn lover’s stuffed menagerie. She’s extra soft and comfortable to snuggle, and her poly bean filling is double bagged to make her an extra safe toy. She’s also fairly large, so at 25″ x 11.5″, your little one will have a nearly life-sized cuddle buddy that makes a cozy companion during both play and sleep.

What we love: It’s a classic childhood gift for girls that defies the typical ballerina theme while keeping the sweet musical touches and adornments

Our thirteenth choice

Our opinion

Summer always seems to be lurking just around the corner when you’re a parent, demanding new ways to keep the kids entertained and getting their fair share of healthy outdoor play. Sprinklers are a classic way to let them cool off and run around, and themed picks like this absolutely massive Unicorn Sprinkler from Jasonwell (check price on Amazon). It’s 106″ at its highest point, which makes it taller than the majority of adults, but setting up isn’t tough thanks to four convenient stakes — one for each foot. The colorful sprinkler attaches right to your standard garden hose for immediate operation, making it a great addition to backyard gatherings or day-to-day outdoor fun.

What we love
  • It’s extremely large, making it a fun showpiece for backyard gatherings and adding novelty to an old pastime
Watch for
  • It’s an outdoor-only toy, and the size means you’ll need some decent outdoor space for kids to really enjoy it.

And the “winner” is…

Although they’re less hands-on, themed decorative items that transcend the cartoonish appearance of many items designed for kids are something that they can appreciate for years to come. Our top pick this round is the Unicorn Marquee Wall Lamp (check price on Amazon), which adds a charming and colorful touch to playrooms, bedrooms, and nurseries, but can still easily be enjoyed by preteens, teens, and even adults. The handy remote control also makes it a breeze to operate, whether you’re effortlessly turning off the lights at bedtime or dimming the nursery lamp without waking baby.
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Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on August 10th, 2021

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