The 15 Best Mickey Mouse Toys to Buy in 2021

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on July 26th, 2021
A big bunch of mickey and mini mouse balloons

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Our house renovation was moving at warp speed the day our cat dropped a mouse into our bed in the early morning hours. To say we moved from sound asleep to totally awake in seconds would be an understatement. To this day, the word mouse freaks us out—unless that mouse happens to be a Walt Disney creation.

The psychology of toy-buying

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, writing for, was asked by editors to give parents suggestions for evaluating toys. We summarize the points you may wish to know before you shop for your little one.

  1. Think of toy play as “the work of childhood” where skill building is only one benefit a child reaps.
  2. Toys define kids as individuals, giving them opportunities to practice being in relationships.
  3. There is an amazing amount of value in toys that promote learning and imagination.
  4. There is play value in every toy—even the ones that aren’t blatantly designed to encourage skill building.
  5. Dr. Hartwell-Walker is extremely enthusiastic about blocks and Legos that build fine motor skills.
  6. Toys that are appropriate for both genders are particularly valuable.
  7. Any toy that lets a child emulate their parents’ behaviors helps model a child’s future behaviors.
  8. Each time you shop, “ask yourself if it is really for the child or for yourself.” The answer could surprise you.

Why Mickey Mouse and his friends?

Dr. Marc Mekoff’s theories about relationships between kids and animals make a fascinating read in a past issue of “Psychology Today” magazine.

Mekoff has identified “a specific part of the human brain in hard-wired to detect animals” and particularly animals with what he calls “a cuteness factor.” Some of his research is built on a landmark study undertaken by world-renowned scientist Stephen Jay Gould titled “Mickey Mouse Meets Konrad Lorenz,” in which it was proven that these features appeal to kids more than others: large eyes, big heads and small chins.

In fact, over the decades since his introduction to the public, Mickey’s appearance has grown more youthful and appealing. As a result, the Mickey we see today on toys has all of the friendly characteristics a child craves, which is why Disney’s mouse has remained so cute over time. In sum, you can’t go wrong selecting any of the Mickey Mouse toys in our review!

Our favorite Mickey Mouse toys

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Best overall

Our opinion

Between the colors and embroidered detail, this huggable Mickey is the ideal size: 15-inches. This plush toy is an original, so kids get a genuine and authentic Mickey produced by Disney artisans.

What we love
  • Big enough for fun, this Mickey is small enough for nighttime cuddling and daytime play
Watch for
  • There’s a lively debate about this toy’s wash ability, so you will have to decide whether it’s worth the risk if you put this Mickey into the washer

Best mickey mouse clubhouse toy

Our opinion

This durable, multi-featured toy made of tough plastic is designed for adventurous kids ages 36 months to 7 years. Features on this 3-level garage play set include a 360-degree spinning lift, secret fold-out ramp, snap-on exhaust pipes, engine and spoiler.

What we love
  • This is several toys in one; Mickey even morphs into a race car, so you get value, too!
Watch for
  • Parents worried that their child may not have developed sufficient skill to appreciate this toy may wish to hold off to avoid frustration

Best Mickey Mouse clubhouse playset

Our opinion

The button-activated car launcher, slippery slide and hot air balloon zip line provide lots of variety and imaginative play. The 3-inch articulated Mickey figure and classic car can help your child develop eye/hand coordination skills, too.

What we love
  • This product contains a lot of components that intrigue kids in a club set that’s kind to the family budget
Watch for
  • Comes apart into lots of pieces which can easily get lost

Best Mickey Mouse bath toy

Our opinion

This bath toy set is so affordable, moms looking for Christmas stocking stuffers may stock up. Toddlers love squirting water from all three colorful bath toys : Mickey, Pluto and a beach ball.

What we love
  • Each character toy is small enough for little hands but powerful enough to deliver a good squirt
Watch for
  • Apply due diligence to drying these bath toys so you avoid mold growth, say parents who learned this lesson the hard way

Best Mickey Mouse basketball

Our opinion

Scoring a 10+ on the cuteness scale, this toy has a terrific price point, motor skill development potential and it sticks to the wall via a suction cup.

What we love
  • A a fun joint activity for siblings of different ages
Watch for
  • The suction cup can come away from the wall easily

Best Mickey ride-on car

Our opinion

Don’t let the long, unwieldy name attached to this toy confuse you; it’s an awesome little vehicle that is built of sturdy material and guaranteed to delight toddlers ages 1 to 3.

What we love
  • Kids get the full driving experience: lights, sounds, music and shifting gears that make revving sounds plus rotating propellers
Watch for
  • Prepare to take out your plastic if you choose this ride-on toy for your little adventurer

Best interactive Mickey Mouse toy

Our opinion

Even kids raised as vegetarians love the iconic Hot Dog song so they may just sing along if you choose this interactive Mickey doll that appeals to all of a kid’s senses.

What we love
  • Dressed in a light-up tee, Mickey ready to bust a move, his song repertoire is diverse, and he even plays the audio game “What’s the sound?” with kids over the age of 3
Watch for
  • Malfunctions in the mechanism driving this toy may be problematic

Best Mickey Mouse playset

Our opinion

Tubular steel construction means this play set is solid enough to be passed down to siblings and the safety locking mechanism is a reassuring feature. At 70 pounds, it stands up to pounding and folds up for storage when it’s not in use.

What we love
  • From tea parties to crafting fun, this practical chair and table set could become their favorite place to entertain all of their stuffed animals
Watch for
  • Both the chairs and table have the potential to injure little fingers, so plan to erect and take down this set yourself

Best Mickey Mouse backpack

Our opinion

Sized to fit the average 3-year-old, send your little one off to pre-school or a play date sporting this Mickey Mouse backpack. An officially-licensed Disney Mickey Mouse carryall, the graphics are outstanding, and the size won’t overwhelm the child toting this product!

What we love
  • Can a toddler have too many zippered pouches? This backpack offers lots of storage room at a price that won’t impact your child’s college fund!
Watch for
  • Stitching and zipper problems triggering returns have been reported by parents

Best Lego Mickey Mouse toy

Our opinion

In a perfect world, all toys would have elements of Legos and Mickey, so it’s no surprise that this racer has become a hot gift pick since it was introduced. This 15-piece brain and manual dexterity builder is the love child of two iconic brands and children who love building blocks will be highly challenged.

What we love
  • The prestige of owning Legos is not lost, even among very young kids and when the Mickey image is part of the design, it’s hard to find anything kids won’t love about this set
Watch for
  • We’re happy to say that the only negative we can unearth is that the small pieces could wind up in noses and mouths

Best Micky Mouse bin

Our opinion

For busy moms perpetually beleaguered by family clutter, this colorful multi-bin setup may be a dream come true. Encourage kids to keep their rooms tidy by showing them how to stow stuff in these bins. Crafted of wood and fabric, you could establish life-long neatness habits in your child.

What we love
  • For little ones who like their rooms tidy and neat, having a place to stash stuff is a blessing
Watch for
  • The bins may not be big enough to suit your child’s storage needs and some folks say construction isn’t up to par

Best wooden Mickey Mouse toy

Our opinion

Brain development on steroids, say parents who already love Melissa & Doug and Mickey Mouse learning toys. Children ages 2 and older welcome challenges and this Mickey-themed box doesn’t disappoint.

What we love
  • Nine brightly-colored shapes sized to fit little fingers evoke a child’s curiosity as she learns to recognize shapes, identify colors and improve her fine motor skills
Watch for
  • Brand collaboration is a good thing, but not when quality is compromised

Best for toddlers

Our opinion

Every toddler needs a first bike designed to meet his body size and when that bike pays homage to Mickey Mouse, it doesn’t get any better. This 14-inch Huffy bike has all the bells and whistles a 4- to 6-year-old could want. Sturdy steel construction and baked-on graphics are high quality.

What we love
  • Kids will love the independence of riding this without the help of a grown up
Watch for
  • You may have to search around to find the best price on this popular bike, and once you find it, it could be sold out or on back order

Best Mickey Mouse musical toy

Our opinion

This piano is a perfect pick for parents who dream of their toddler becoming a child prodigy. Start the process on the cheap by giving her “My First Piano,” a Mickey Mouse starter toy priced so low, you will be able to afford the real thing down the road when she’s ready to make her concert debut.

What we love
  • The fun sounds will delight your toddler
Watch for
  • Unless your child’s hands are really tiny, you may wish to take a pass on this little “keyboard"

What must you know before making a buying decision at the toy store?

According to the website, you should:

  • Read the label carefully before you buy
  • larger is better as a safety measure
  • Listen to toys that make noise to make sure that noise isn’t jarring
  • Check seams and embellishments on plush toys for strength
  • Look for the word “non-toxic” on the label
  • Rely on age ranges printed on boxes; it means the manufacturer did its homework
  • Pick plastic toys that are sturdy and safe
  • Don’t hesitate to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website if you have concerns.

How old is Mickey Mouse?

He turned 90 on November 18, 2018 after making his “Steamboat Willie” movie debut in New York City in 1928. That stated, the folks at Disney celebrate his “unofficial” birthday as May 15, 1928, perhaps because the weather is nicer in May for the splendid birthday party held in his honor at Disney properties around the world.

Which Mickey toy is considered the greatest of all time?

“Time” magazine says it is the first giant stuffed Mickey Mouse designed and sewn by Charlotte Clark in 1930. Remember our earlier note about Mickey looking younger over time? Compare the difference between the “Time” magazine photo featuring Walt Disney and Charlotte Clark and today’s Mickey Mouse face here.

What benefits do kids get from playing with character toys?

When a child attaches himself to a character toy, he receives benefits that include comfort, reassurance and familiarity. Character toys taken on personas born of a child’s imagination so he may bond with the toy and use it as a sounding board, object of affection, aggression and even a personality-building tool.

Do toys influence a child’s future career choices?

This topic was explored by the BBC and parents may find this a valuable read as they go about the business of selecting toys for their child: From gender-specific toys to the colors kids respond to most, even high-up officials like UK Education Minister Elizabeth Truss warn parents that they risk the exclusion of girls from careers in engineering, math and science if they’re not exposed to toys like Legos! Interested in knowing more? Read the entire article here.

What guidelines can a parent use to pick age-appropriate toys?

“Parent’s” magazine editors undertook extensive research to come up with their short list of age-appropriate toy categories. Find match-ups among our aforementioned review recommendations.

Babies under age 1

  • Stuffed animals
  • Toys that shake and make noise
  • Bath toys (with our without squeaks)
  • Push and pull toys

Toddlers ages 1 to 3

  • Sorting and nesting toys
  • Blocks
  • Musical toys
  • Picture books
  • Shape sorters
  • Simple puzzles

Preschoolers ages 4 and 5

  • Basic board games designed for this age group
  • Musical instruments
  • Puppets and plush toys
  • Ride-on toys
  • Tricycles or bicycles with training wheels
  • Wooden train sets


It can be a daunting task to pick just one toy when the list of options is long and each of the products under consideration has its own merits and limitations, but one product stood out from the crowd because it surpassed all of our basic criteria: the Lego Duplo Brand Disney Mickey Racer.

Not only have components included in this interactive product won the hearts and minds of toy reviewers and parents, but even psychologists profiled in this review sing the praises of the marriage between brain-building Legos and the beloved Mickey. In fact, a thorough search of websites and publications reviewing this 15-piece set sent us on a relatively long wild goose chase because feedback is so favorable.

From the development of tactile skills to the challenge of creating an original work of art as a result of playing with this toy, we come down on the side of professionals and parents looking for a gift that meets more criteria than most. That’s why the Lego Duplo Brand Disney Mickey Racer wins our round-up and our hearts.

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Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on July 26th, 2021

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