The 15 Best Mickey Mouse Toys to Buy

Classic Disney toys at their best

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 25th, 2023
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Even if you’re a great-grandparent, Mickey Mouse was probably part of your childhood. The smiling face, the squeaky voice, and sweet personality endear him to kids the world over.

If looking for a toy or birthday gift for a young child, you can’t go wrong with Mickey or Minnie! After an epic hunt, here is our list of the best Mickey Mouse-themed toys and gifts.

Best overall

Our opinion

Between the colors and embroidered detail, this huggable Mickey is the ideal size: 15-inches. In addition, this plush toy is an original Disney design, so kids get a genuine and authentic Mickey produced by Disney artisans.

What we love
  • Big enough for fun and small enough for nighttime cuddles
  • A genuine creation from the artisans at Disney
Watch for
  • Be careful! The doll might have issues with washability.

Best Mickey clubhouse toy

Our opinion

This durable, multi-featured toy, made of rigid plastic, is designed for adventurous kids aged from 36 months to 7 years. Features on this 3-level garage playset include:

  • A 360-degree spinning lift
  • Secret fold-out ramp
  • Snap-on exhaust pipes
  • Engine and spoiler
What we love
  • Morphs into several toys for extra value
  • Tough and durable
  • Good for ages 3 through 7 years
Watch for
  • Younger toddlers may become frustrated

Best Mickey clubhouse playset

Our opinion

This button-activated car launcher, slippery slide, and hot air balloon zip line provides lots of variety and imaginative play. The 3-inch articulated Mickey figure and a classic car can help your child develop eye-hand coordination skills, too.

What we love
  • Lots of pieces to make this toy enjoyable
  • Easy on the budget
  • 3-inch articulated Mickey figurine
Watch for
  • Lots of small pieces make this toy hard to contain

Best Mickey Mouse bath set

Our opinion

This bath toy set is so affordable, moms looking for Christmas stocking stuffers may stock up. Toddlers love squirting water from all three colorful bath toys: Mickey, Pluto, and a beach ball.

What we love
  • Small but powerful, lets little hands deliver a great spout of water.
  • Wonderfully inexpensive
Watch for
  • Make certain these toys are kept clean and dry to avoid mold growth.

Best Mickey Basketball for toddlers

Our opinion

This toy scores a 10+ on the international cuteness scale. It has a terrific price point, motor skill development potential, and sticks to the wall via a suction cup.

What we love
  • A fun group activity for siblings and friends of all ages
  • Helps develop motor skills
Watch for
  • The suction cups aren’t very strong

Best Mickey ride-on

Our opinion

This is a nifty little vehicle built of sturdy material and guaranteed to delight toddlers ages 1 – 3 yrs. What kid wouldn’t rather ride a plane than a plain old car?

What we love
  • For toddlers up to 3 years to move on a real Mickey model plane
  • Full driving experience with lights, sounds, music, and shifting gears
  • The propellers really rotate while your little one scoots along
Watch for
  • Needs 2 AA batteries (included)

Best Mickey interactive toy

Our opinion

Kids can have fun interacting with this Mickey Mouse dancing and singing plush doll. Comes with two games, ‘red light’ and ‘green light’, and a game that encourages kids to identify colors. Kiddos just press Mickey’s hand to activate the fun!

What we love
  • Kids can sing along with Mickey to a new version of the Hot Dog Song
  • Dance to the beat! Tots love the groove with the Mick!
  • Plays a ‘red light, green light’ game and features a color detective game
Watch for
  • The child activates the two games by pressing Mickey’s hand, but the button is small and might be hard to find for them

Best Mickey playset

Our opinion

Tubular steel construction means this playset is solid enough to be passed down to siblings. The safety locking mechanism is a reassuring feature. At 70 pounds, it stands up to pounding and folds up for storage when not in use.

What we love
  • A great ‘dining’ table for kids to entertain dolls and stuffed animals
  • Made from sturdy tubular steel, this set will last
Watch for
  • Adults should set up and take down this furniture to avoid pinched little fingers

Best Mickey ackpack

Our opinion

Can a toddler have too many zippered pockets? Surely not! Sized to fit the average 3-year-old, send your little one off to preschool or a playdate sporting this Mickey Mouse backpack. An officially licensed Disney Mickey Mouse carryall, the graphics are outstanding, and the size won’t overwhelm a child toting this product!

What we love
  • Lots of zippered pouches for great storage space
  • Very reasonably priced
Watch for
  • Some parents report problems with stitching and zippers

Best LEGO Mickey toy

Our opinion

All toys would have elements of LEGO and Mickey in a perfect world, so it’s no surprise that this racer has become such a hot gift pick since it was introduced. This 15-piece brain and manual dexterity builder is the love child of two iconic brands. Children who love building blocks will be highly challenged.

What we love
  • The best of LEGO and Disney’s Mickey Mouse in one great toy
  • Builds both brainpower and dexterity
Watch for
  • Lots of little parts, so keep away from kids under 3 years old

Best Mickey toy bin

Our opinion

This colorful multi-bin setup may be a dream come true for busy moms perpetually beleaguered by family clutter. Encourage kids to keep their rooms tidy by showing them how to stow stuff in these bins. Crafted of wood and fabric, you could establish life-long neatness habits in your child!

What we love
  • A great way to teach little ones to tidy up their play area
  • Built with wood and fabric, so it can hold a lot
Watch for
  • Bins may not be large enough for all your child’s toys

Best Mickey wooden toy

Our opinion

“Brain development on steroids,” say parents who already love Melissa & Doug and Mickey Mouse learning toys. Children ages 2 and over welcome challenges, and this Mickey-themed box doesn’t disappoint.

What we love
  • Teaches your little one about shapes
  • Nine brightly colored blocks fit into the base
  • A child’s first 3D puzzle
Watch for
  • Parents have reported some quality issues

Best Mickey Toy for toddlers

Our opinion

Every toddler’s first bike should be designed to meet his body size, and, if that bike pays homage to Mickey Mouse, it doesn’t get any better. This 14-inch bike has all the bells and whistles a 4 to 6-year-old could want. Boasting high quality, sturdy steel construction, and baked-on graphics.

What we love
  • A 14-inch toddler bike they can ride all by themselves
  • Great for ages 4 to 6 years
Watch for
  • This bike is popular, so prepare to spend time searching!

Best Mickey musical toy

Our opinion

Remember that scene in the movie “Big” where Tom Hanks plays the big piano mat? Well, your kids can now replicate that iconic scene. This large plastic floor mat is easy to roll out and put away, but your kids might not want it to disappear any time soon.

What we love
  • Five pre-programmed tunes and three sound effects
  • Follow-me memory game
  • A great interactive musical game that includes exercise bonuses
  • Three feet wide for a good-sized play area
Watch for
  • Does NOT have the ‘Pup, Pup Boogie’ song!

Final verdict

It can be a daunting task to pick just one toy when the list of options is long. Each product under consideration has its own merits and limitations.

Still, one product stood out from the crowd because it surpassed all of our essential criteria: the Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Toy. There’s something magical about a soft toy ‘friend’ that’s there for a kid, no matter how angry, sad, or lonely they are. A friend to hug is the best friend of all.

How we chose these Mickey Mouse toys

There’s more than one Disney freak among the We The Parents editorial team. So, armed with hot chocolate and cookies, our top Mickey lovers spent countless hours immersed in Mickey and Minnie’s world! After intensive investigation, we’re confident that we’ve come up with the cutest and most age-appropriate toys on the internet.

What to look for in character-based toys


Most Mickey Mouse toys are for the youngest children. We ensured that the ones we picked were safe for little ones. We also looked for toys that had not only excellent play value but developmental value, too.

Parent’s Magazine editors undertook extensive research to develop a shortlist of age-appropriate toy categories. 

Babies under age 1

  • Stuffed animals
  • Toys that shake and make noise
  • Bath toys (with our without squeaks)
  • Push and pull toys

Toddlers ages 1 to 3

  • Sorting and nesting toys
  • Blocks
  • Musical toys
  • Picture books
  • Shape sorters
  • Simple puzzles

Preschoolers ages 4 and 5

  • Basic board games designed for this age group
  • Musical instruments
  • Puppets and plush toys
  • Ride-on toys
  • Tricycles or bicycles with training wheels
  • Wooden train sets

Good construction

Kids are rough on toys, so our picks are made with the best materials and construction methods we could find. 

Play potential

Good toys give kids a great play experience. When a child attaches himself to a character toy, he receives benefits that include comfort, reassurance, and familiarity. Character toys have taken on personas born of a child’s imagination.

Your child may bond with the toy and use it as a sounding board, object of affection, aggression, and even a personality-building tool.

Price points

There’s no need to pay more than you have to for kids’ toys. We looked not only for great toys but for great value.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on May 25th, 2023

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