Ergobaby 360 vs Tula Baby Carrier

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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When it comes to baby carriers, Ergobaby and Tula are both high-demand brands that parents trust. There are lots of similarities between the Ergobaby Omni 360 and the Tula Ergonomic Carrier which make it hard to decide between the two. I’ve taken a closer look at both to help you make a decision.

Side by side comparison

Baby Tula offers an array of cute and practical carriers, but the closest to the impressive ErgoBaby Omni 360 is the Baby Tula’s Explore Carrier which allows the baby to sit in the frontwards outward-facing position. Let’s see what separates these two leading baby carriers…

ErgoBaby Omni 360Tula Baby Carriers
Price:Check priceCheck price
Our Rating:4.754.5
Weight Limit:• 0 - 4 months with infant insert (sold separately)
• 4 - 48 months standard
4 models with varying weight limits:
• Explore is 7 - 45 lbs
• Free to Grow is 7 - 45 lbs
• Standard is 15 - 45 lbs
• Toddler is 25 - 60 lbs
Color Options:13 (including 4 Cool Air Mesh models)Between 15 - 20 colors and prints depending on the model
Carrying Positions:• Front inward facing carry
• Front outward facing carry
• Back carry
• Hip carry
• Front inward facing and back carry on all models
• Front outward facing on Explorer model only
Material:100% cotton on standard model, cotton plus polyester mesh on Cool Air Mesh model100% Cotton Canvas
Privacy Hood:✓ (removable)
Washing Instructions:Secure buckles and machine wash in cold water with a gentle detergent. Dry on delicate setting, remove when seams are still wetSpot clean when possible with a soft cloth, warm water and soap; Machine wash as needed in cold water on delicate cycle with gentle detergent and air dry
Manufactured In:China, Vietnam and IndiaPoland
Size Options:13
Can Breastfeed in Carrier Comfortably:

Ergobaby Omni 360: A quick overview

The Ergobaby Omni 360 (check price on Amazon) is a popular pick among moms because it offers some great features. You can wear your baby in all four recommended carrying positions, which is especially useful as baby grows bigger.

The discreet and convenient privacy hood allows the baby to breastfeed and sleep without being bothered, and without mom feeling exposed.

Moms have the option of choosing a Cool Air Mesh 360 model, which features breathable mesh to prevent mom and child from overheating. The carrier is easy to put on and comfortable to wear, thanks to lumbar support offered by a wide waistband, (especially good for moms recovering from c-sections.)


  • Offers 4 convenient carrying positions for baby
  • Discreet privacy and weather hood allows for cozy sleeping and nursing. Mom can breastfeed baby easily in this carrier
  • Wide waistband offers lumbar support and c-section recovery support
  • Carrier offers support up to age 4 yrs


  • An infant insert (sold separately) is required for 7-12 lb babies, making Cool Air Mesh models less breathable
  • Babies with sensitive skin may find mesh material uncomfortable or irritating
  • There’s no convenient pocket on this carrier
  • Smaller wearers may need assistance securing the buckles of this carrier

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Selected features

  • Offers four convenient carrying positions for baby: Having the freedom and flexibility to carry your baby daily in a way that’s comfortable for you both makes a carrier even more useful, and that’s something the Ergobaby 360 achieves. It allows for front inward-facing carry, front outward-facing carry, back and hip carry, so that you can carry baby in the way that’s most convenient for you. Always be cautious when carrying very small babies, using the infant insert (sold separately) with 7-12 pound babies, and make sure to follow the TICKS checklist.
  • Discreet privacy and weather hood for sleeping and breastfeeding: The Ergobaby 360 is a breastfeeding-friendly carrier, and the addition of a privacy hood offers additional discretion for you and your little one. The hood can also offer another layer of sun protection on extra-bright summer days, allowing baby to enjoy undisturbed sleep. A carrier that enables baby to eat and sleep comfortably is also great for events and outings, simply because your baby is at ease and you can relax.
  • Cool Air Mesh model available to keep momma and baby cool: Babies are like little hot water bottles. This is a bonus if you’re carrying your baby on a cool day but it can be downright uncomfortable on a hot and sticky one. The Cool Air Mesh model allows for breathability and comfort on even the hottest of days, meaning you can continue wearing your baby despite the weather. If you intend on being an active momma, this model will allow you to workout while carrying your baby, so go ahead and hike up that mountain or participate in that much-needed yoga session if you so wish!
  • Wide waistband offers lumbar and C-section recovery support: A carrier that doesn’t offer adequate support will leave you in a lot of pain, so it’s important to choose one that gives you the lumbar support you need to carry your baby comfortably. The extra-wide and stretchy waistband on the Ergobaby 360 is great for moms who are recovering from a c-section, as their incision scar will be protected and kept comfortable without being compressed too tightly or interfering with the healing of the wound.
  • One carrier offers support until age 4 yrs: The 360 lets you carry your baby until they’re 4 yrs, which usually the age most parents are ready to let their little one run free. That means one carrier lasts from infancy until childhood, making it a huge money saver. There’s one caveat here — you can’t carry newborns (babies from 8 – 12 lbs) without an infant insert, which is sold separately. That said, the insert is significantly cheaper than the purchase of an entirely new carrier for your baby as they grow older.

What makes the Ergobaby 360 better than the Tula Baby Carrier?

  • It’s four carrying positions – the Tula only offers front outward-facing on the Explore model, and doesn’t allow hip carry on any models
  • A wider, softer waistband which offers excellent lumbar support and provides a safe and comfortable recovery to moms after a c-section
  • The fact that there’s one model that uses an infant insert, rather than others that look basically the same, is easier for buyers to understand

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Baby Tula Carriers: A quick overview

Tula Baby Carriers (check price on Amazonare cute, comfortable, and convenient, making them a top choice for parents. The standard model accommodates babies from 15 – 45 lbs, so parents who need a newborn Tula carrier will need to choose between the Explore or Free to Grow models.

A toddler model is also available, which supports children from 25 – 60 lbs. These models all offer front inward-facing carry and back carry, with the Explore also adding the front outward-facing carry option.

All models have convenient breastfeeding with a removable discreet hood and front waist storage pouch, giving wearers a convenient place to stash essentials while on the go.


  • Model range can accommodate a variety of child sizes
  • Baby can be conveniently breastfed in carrier while it’s discreet hood is removable, making it easy to wash
  • Front waist storage pouch gives the wearer a place to put essentials
  • Strap style makes it easy to switch carrier between wearers while still keeping your baby safe


  • Carrying positions are limited, with no hip carry on any model and front outward-facing only available on the Explore model
  • Back clip can be difficult to buckle without assistance for some wearers
  • Shoulder straps are not heavily padded, which can lead to discomfort for the wearer over long periods of time
  • Hood runs small, favoring smaller babies over larger ones

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Selected features

  • Model range can accommodate a variety of child sizes: Carriers offering size options can be great, depending on your needs, and the Tula offers a Toddler carrier that can accommodate larger kids (think 25 – 60 lbs). If your baby is born large, you may never wind up needing a wearable carrier that can accommodate very tiny babies, so the savings you’d get on the Standard, which accommodates babies from 15 – 45 lbs, would be a bargain.
  • Convenient breastfeeding plus removable hood: I’ve already spoken about why a discreet hood and convenient breastfeeding are great for you and your baby, but when you can also remove and wash the hood, you’re in the money! Privacy hoods often get dirty long before the rest of the carrier because of their proximity to your baby’s face. Being able to remove the hood and wash it separately from the not-particularly-dirty carrier is super convenient, which is an area in which the Tula carriers excel.
  • Front waist pouch for storing the essentials: Carrying a purse can be difficult, if not impossible, while babywearing, so a carrier that offers a pouch is ideal. It gives the wearer a great place to stash keys, cards, and other essential items. The pouch on the Tula isn’t huge, but it’s better than nothing, and you’ll be glad to have a place to put important items that feels more secure than your pocket.
  • Easily adjustable between wearers: The strap system on the Tula carriers is really simple, in fact, not a lot different than your average backpack, meaning that it adjusts quickly and easily between wearers. When carriers don’t adjust easily, they can be frustrating and a waste of your time, so it’s great to have one that can be switched over without much trouble.

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What makes the Tula Baby Carrier better than the Omnibaby 360?

  • The Tula privacy hood can be detached for washing, saving users from having to wash the whole carrier, as needed with the Ergobaby 360
  • Tula has a model available that can accommodate children from 25 – 60 lbs, perfect for kids with delayed mobility
  • A front waist pouch for storage allows wearers to stash essential items – unlike the 360, which has no such pocket

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Which carrier is right for you?

While both of these carriers have a lot of strengths, their differences will ultimately make your decision for you. My pick between these two carriers is the Ergobaby 360, (check price on Amazon) mainly because I love its versatile carrying positions and lumbar support.

The Tula carrier also has standout features — its removable hood, range of sizes, and storage pouch are all worth noting. The right carrier for you is the one that fits the needs of both you and your baby. Now that we’ve offered you some essential facts on both the Omnibaby 360 and Tula Baby Carriers, you’re one step closer to making your pick.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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