29 Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Phyllis Steward
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on August 10th, 2021

When designing a nursery, there are a lot of reasons to go with a gender-neutral design plan. Maybe you’re not finding out the sex, you’d like to use the nursery for future babies, or you don’t feel the need to choose colors and decor based on gender. Or, my personal favorite, you want to design a space that will bring you joy during those late-night feeding and early mornings.

Whatever the case, neutral design trends are everywhere right now. Adding in wood accents, greenery, patterns, and bold feature walls are just a few ways to play with your aesthetic. These are our favorite ideas for creating a space that you and your baby will love.

1. Black & white

Neutral color schemes are super trendy right now, and we don’t just mean beige and brown. This gorgeous black and white nursery is classically tasteful, from the curved crib to the gallery wall to the cozy rocker.

2. Gray patterns

The texture of the rug matches perfectly with the understated pattern of the wallpaper. Sweet details like the gray board and batten and wooden mobile are a gender-neutral dream come true.

3. Bright and colorful 

Just because you want a gender-neutral space doesn’t mean you have to go with neutral colors. This room was designed for boy/girl twins, and the bold yellow, blue, and pink in this nursery give it playroom vibes that any child would love. 

4. Pampas party

What’s a quick (and cheap) way to elevate your nursery? Pampas grass, real or fake! It instantly creates a boho-chic space, just like the baskets and round mirror. Tip: buy an inexpensive IKEA dresser and switch out the knobs for an easy style upgrade.

5. Botanical baby

Getting inspired by natural elements, particularly leaves and plants, is a great way to kick off your nursery design. You can choose a bold leafy wallpaper, and incorporate plants and colors found in nature.

6. Animal print

Going neutral does not mean that you can’t pick a theme, and many prints and wallpapers have neutral options. We love this animal wallpaper in gray and black tones that can easily serve as inspiration for the whole room.

7. Bold blues

Blue is not just for boys. This funky (and removable!) terrazzo wallpaper sets the tone for the rest of the room. Sweet dog art, a textured blanket, and a clear crib keep the space fun and inviting.

8. Boho beauty

This mom-to-be “wanted the space to be neutral, soft & boho with lots of natural elements,” and she hit the nail on the head. When it comes to designing your nursery, you simply can’t go wrong with plants, woven textures, and wood accents.

9. Simply southwestern 

The bold patterns, woven fabrics, and natural accents create a minimalist Southwestern vibe that is both soothing and playful. Bring life to any room with a fun rug, which will also hide stains!

10. Don’t be afraid to go dark

A dark feature wall behind the crib serves as the focal point of the room, accented by a simple rug, gorgeous chandelier, and touches of natural colors. For your paint color, you can choose dark and moody blue, green, black, or gray.

11. Orange is the new yellow

Step away from the buttery yellow, burnt orange is here to stay. Having a neutral backdrop with pops of brown and orange creates an earthy, homey space for a boy or girl.

12. Room for two

This spacious twin nursery is brought to life by the rich, dark wood of the cribs and beams. The rest of the details, like the pendants, rug, paint color, and shelving, are better left simple and neutral.

13. Bananas? 

There’s nothing more fun in a kid’s room or nursery than making an unexpected item the star of the show. Banana wallpaper, the blue crib, funky mobile, and geometric rug- what’s not to love?

14. Olive you

The subdued olive paint color and floral wall hanging give hints of color without being overly feminine or masculine. As your child gets older and more opinionated, you can add in touches of their personality.

15. Geometric accents

This modern geometric feature wall will certainly provide some developmentally appropriate stimulation. If you don’t want to commit to a whole wall, buy some blankets or wall art with fun geometric patterns.

16. Surf club

If the beach is your happy place, go beachy boho for your baby’s nursery. The wood slats are a unique touch, and we love the beach-inspired gallery wall. 

17. Simple patterns

I think one of the reasons neutral design has been trending for some time is because it feels simple and accessible, like even us design-challenged moms could pull it off. Case in point, this mom used tape to create her feature wall instead of buying expensive wallpaper or decals. 

18. Sunshine vibes

While soft yellow is a commonly used color for gender-neutral spaces, a warm mustard yellow is the perfect trendy update. White and light wood accents keep the space from becoming too dark.

19. Choosing wall art

Choosing the right wall art can be half the battle when decorating, and these gorgeous large prints are the focal point of this nursery. The patterns, beaded light fixture, and matching furniture complete the space.

20. It’s all about the details

The fun thing about decorating a gender-neutral nursery is that you can carry it into clothing, toys, and decor, creating a minimalist, Scandinavian style in the process. The beautiful wooden toys are both for play and design.

21. Farmhouse neutrals

Creating a serene and calming space to bring your baby home doesn’t have to be complicated. The woods and whites combined with small pops of color in the rug and tassel garland strike the perfect balance in this nursery. Bonus? That shiplap.

22. Have fun with it

It’s hard not to feel happy looking at the gorgeous pine-colored wall, “Oh Happy Day” wall art, and contemporary chair and light fixture. The smiling baby doesn’t hurt either.

23. Cactus-inspired

Many moms-to-be are ditching the idea of a theme in favor of good design. However, choosing something to be subtly inspired by (like cactuses) is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.

24. Sage green

There’s something so calming about sage green tones, especially when combined with natural wood accents and various textures. The board and batten and subtle plant wallpaper would work for a boy or girl, baby or toddler.

25. Colorful and quirky

This mom writes that “everything we added to the room had personality, texture, joyous color and a bit of fun!” The funky, modern crib has acrylic sides so you have a full view of your sleeping baby.

26. Dark wood and pops of color

Feature walls aren’t a possibility for everyone, but you can still make use of the wall space with lively wall art and mirrors. The dark tones of the modern furniture pop against the white walls.

27. Soothing luxury

The textures and fabrics of this gender-neutral nursery feel elegant and luxurious, and the two-tone walls bring soft color to the space.

28. Neutral tones 

This sweet boho nursery makes use of neutral colors and rattan accents. The monochromatic rainbow changing pad sheet is both trendy and perfect for any gender.

29. Keep it simple

When creating a gender-neutral space, it can pay off to keep things simple. Create a tranquil space that can be added to and adjusted as your baby grows older, and choose classic furniture that will work just as well for a toddler or child.

Phyllis Steward
Written by Phyllis Stewart Updated on August 10th, 2021