47 Exquisite Middle Names for Violet

A carefully curated list of names that pair beautifully with Violet

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on May 31st, 2022
Young girl named Violet

Violet is a gorgeous classic floral name, distinguished, yet sweet. Your daughter will be off to a great start with this beauty.

And so…

Now you need the perfect middle name for Violet.

Well, we’ve got you covered.

The concept of choosing middle names is easy:

  1. You should like both names independently
  2. If you want, why not tip your hat to a departed loved one?
  3. It’s ALL about phonaesthetics — the way words and syllables flow from one to the other, and how the sound makes you feel as you speak it. Basically it’s aesthetics, but for sounds!

Now the first two are up to you. But we’ve got (3) taken care of in this very carefully curated list of middle names for Violet. You’ll quickly see that all these names sound spectacular when combined with Violet.

Let’s dive straight in!

Delightful middle names that go with Violet

Speak them out loud, and you’ll see!

  1. Violet Amari
  2. Violet Brylee
  3. Violet Camilla
  4. Violet Cassandra
  5. Violet Cecilia
  6. Violet Celeste
  7. Violet Daisy
  8. Violet Delilah
  9. Violet Elisabeth
  10. Violet Eloise
  11. Violet Emilia
  12. Violet Emma
  13. Violet Emmaline
  14. Violet Erin
  15. Violet Estelle
  16. Violet Eve
  17. Violet Evie
  18. Violet Felicity
  19. Violet Francesca
  20. Violet Grace
  21. Violet Hannah
  22. Violet Hattie
  23. Violet Hope
  24. Violet Isabel
  25. Violet Isabela
  26. Violet Joanna
  27. Violet Josie
  28. Violet Journi
  29. Violet Jovie
  30. Violet Joy
  31. Violet Juniper
  32. Violet Katherine
  33. Violet Kimberly
  34. Violet Macie
  35. Violet Mae
  36. Violet Martha
  37. Violet Mary
  38. Violet Matilda
  39. Violet Paige
  40. Violet Paisley
  41. Violet Paloma
  42. Violet Paris
  43. Violet Selene
  44. Violet Sophia
  45. Violet Teresa
  46. Violet Tessa
  47. Violet Wren

My favorite combination has got to be Violet Grace. Grace would make a gorgeous and elegant middle name for Violet, creating a moniker that would suit a distinguished and successful lady whether she becomes a top actor or a ball-busting barrister.

If you are after a one-syllable addition to Violet, then it’s got to be Violet Mae – just stunning!

The vital significance of picking a perfect middle name for your daughter

Middle names are important to help identify (or distinguish) people with the same first name. They can also be used to commemorate someone close to you, which is why many people choose them as a way of honoring grandparents, other family members, and so on.

They can also be used as nicknames for children if they decide they don’t like their given name! Lastly, middle names often offer an opportunity for creativity or intrigue that’s separate from your child’s first and last names; there’s something distinctive about them that sets them apart from the crowd. There are plenty of reasons why having a number of options with your child’s middle name is useful!

Honoring family members

If you want to honor a departed loved one, you could use their first name for your child’s middle name. One example of this is my grandmother’s maiden name, Halley, which I used as a middle name for one of my children. Going with a family name is a good way to honor someone — just don’t get too hung up on it if the name doesn’t play nicely with your chosen first name.

Nickname potential

Middle names do have a tricky tendency to become nicknames. For example, my niece has a beautiful middle name, Cecilia. In the mysterious way this happens, she now gets called everything from Cissy, Cecily, or even just Cee-Cee! Though all of these nicknames are pretty adorable too!

Don’t worry too much about this, just make sure your chosen middle name can stand up on its own. After all, if your child has a contrary streak, then they might themselves prefer to be called by their middle name. They’ll probably find a way to make it happen.

Creativity and intrigue

Middle names can also offer an opportunity for creative flair. Many parents hook their children up with an unusual middle name that has some meaning behind it. For example, my best friend’s daughter has the middle name, Luna — so they promptly gave their son the middle name, Sol!

Additionally, you can use middle name ideas to play around with sounds and spellings. If there’s a cute slang word for your child’s generation, like “bae,” then try to get it into their name somewhere. This is a fun way of personalizing your baby’s identity — and also an opportunity for you to express some of your own personality through their moniker!

And don’t forget… when cross, you will ALWAYS use their middle name!

It’s an age-old truth that your daughter will hear her middle name 90% of the time when she’s in trouble! Why we do it is a mystery, but if this is your first child, trust we wizened parents when we tell you that your child’s first, middle, and last name will tumble out of your mouth when you’re telling them off!

Meaning of the name Violet

The name Violet has its origins in the Latin word “viola”.

Viola was used to represent the violet flower, one of the oldest flowers on Earth. Naturally, Violet means ‘purple’, and also, of course, the flower itself. It’s a Latin name of historical distinction. A good traditional name that will stand the test of time and sound lovely when paired well.

Famous people called Violet

Some famous women named Violet throughout history are Violeta Parra, Violeta Chamorro, and Violet Blue. Each of these women was a feminist icon.

Wrapping up

So you’ve chosen a spectacular first name for your baby girl — Violet. You want to make sure that it’s paired with an equally magnificent middle name. We hope you’ve found some inspiration from our list, and remember, the most important rule when choosing middle names for Violet is to recite them aloud. Ideally, carry it around with you all day. If you can speak her full name out loud for a whole day and not get tired of it, then you’re onto a winner.

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on May 31st, 2022