Pampers Swaddlers vs. Cruisers (5 Minute Decision.)

Jennifer Schlette, RN, MSNED
Reviewed by Jennifer Schlette, RN, MSNEDWritten by Neve Spicer Updated on January 13th, 2022

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Pampers is the most popular diaper brand — but what separates Pampers Swaddlers from Cruisers? We answer these questions and provide you with the info. you’ll need to make a buying decision.

Let’s dive in…

Side by side comparison

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Pampers Swaddlers: a quick overview

Swaddlers is one of North America’s best-selling diapers for newborns. Now available in ‘Preemie’ size, through size 3, it’s a popular choice for both hospitals and parents.

This diaper fits smaller babies well and keeps them dry for up to 12 hours. Handy features include a wetness indicator and an umbilical stump.

What we love:

  • Unique design
    Gentle front notch to provide clear space around the umbilical stump. This notch not only keeps baby comfortable, but keeps the umbilical stump safe from rubbing and irritation.
  • Comfort
    Breathable inner layer, narrow construction between legs, and repositionable tapes, secure the Swaddlers around the baby, fitting his body perfectly. This perfect fit means fewer leaks and blow-outs.
  • Absorption
    Two Extra Absorb channels for 12-hour coverage guarantees fewer wake-ups and fewer diaper rashes. Your baby will sleep comfortably throughout the night as the diaper keeps wetness away from sensitive skin.
  • Softness
    Swaddlers offers ultimate, blanket-like softness next to the baby. When diapered with rough, paper-like substitutes, babies are often cranky and can develop rub marks, rashes, and even cuts.

Watch out for:

  • Size Changes
    Babies grow quickly — some very quickly! It may prove risky to purchase a large quantity of the small size of Swaddlers. Until you know how quickly your child grows, keep purchase quantities small.
  • Disposal
    While the diaper pails of yesteryear aren’t necessary for parents using disposable diapers, cleanliness standards still apply. When you have solid feces in the diaper, it’s best to discard as much stool into the toilet as possible. After that, you can throw the diapers away in the diaper pail reserved for soiled and wet diapers.
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Everything you need to know about Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers (check price on Amazonare a great first diaper. They’re soft, have a back sheet that breathes to prevent soaking, and they wrap your baby in honest-to-goodness swaddling security.

The sides stretch to accommodate any size or shape. You can adjust the fasteners as necessary. They can even overlap for a smaller baby. It comes in sizes Preemie, through size 3.

The reason parents of newborns like this diaper so much is because of the notch at the top/front of the diaper.

The function of this gentle dip is to keep the infant cradled in softness and security while not irritating her umbilical stump. The umbilical notch is available in sizes Preemie, through 2.

This diaper is designed with less bulk between the baby’s legs, enhancing the baby’s comfort and maneuverability as they wriggle and stretch.

Pampers says that Swaddlers are twice as soft as any other. The Heart Quilts liner allows breathability while keeping wetness and soil away from the baby’s tender skin.

Air channels distribute moisture evenly throughout the diaper, eschewing that large, wet ball in the diaper after naptime! It’s designed to give an infant 12 hours’ worth of protection in complete comfort.

Worried about whether the diaper is wet when checking your baby at night? Well, there’s no need to dip your fingers inside the diaper and possibly wake the baby as there’s a colored wetness indicator that lets you know, at a glance, whether you need to change him.

Are you struggling with cleaning a dirty diaper rather than one that’s just wet? Take these tips from Pampers.

Wondering how best to judge your infant’s weight and size before ordering? Simple! Just weigh yourself on your home scale, then pick up and hold the baby.

The weight difference between the two will be your child’s weight. Now you’re all set to choose the right diaper size to prevent those blowouts.


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Pampers Cruisers: a quick overview

Once your baby begins to roll over the width of your entire living room, walks around holding furniture, then speed-crawls right behind you, it’s time for Pampers Cruisers (check price on Amazon).

The Cruisers will fit your baby, in one size or another, right up until they’re ready for toilet training and Pull-Ups. Cruisers have a unique three-channel absorption system that works extremely well for older babies and toddlers. This system will help keep your baby dry throughout the night.

At this stage, diaper subscriptions can save you real money. You don’t have to go out to shop for Cruisers. They deliver to your house each month, just when you need them. For larger babies, sizes are more stable and planning more straightforward.

What we love:

  • Unique design
    Pampers Cruisers have a cheerful Sesame Street design that marches across the top front of each diaper. Older babies and toddlers will delight in watching the TV show while pointing at their diaper!
  • Comfort
    Cruisers have the same breathable inner layer, narrow construction between legs, and repositionable tapes. This perfect individual fit means fewer leaks and blow-outs, particularly important for the older tot.
  • Absorption
    There are three Extra Absorb Channels inside the Cruisers, providing 12-hour coverage during naps and overnight sleep. This means that, if your baby is a heavy wetter, you’ll have fewer pieces of clothing becoming soiled. The channels are especially handy when driving, shopping, then driving some more, and are especially helpful on long car trips.
  • Softness
    Cruisers are just as soft and pliable as the Swaddlers baby used to wear, softness being particularly important when a baby begins to crawl, walk, and run.

Watch out for:

  • Size changes
    Babies grow quickly. If they’re wearing diapers that are too small or large, the waist and legs won’t fit properly. This means tight waist and legs that will chafe and rub, or, if too loose, the diaper can fall off, with leaks being inevitable.
  • Time for toilet training
    It’s easy to forget that diapering has an endpoint, so best remember that toddlers are usually not welcome in preschool if they aren’t completely toilet trained.
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Everything you need to know about Pampers Cruisers

Pampers Cruisers (check price on Amazonare the next step up from Pampers Swaddlers. They come in the same Newborn size but go all the way up to size 7.

Need help deciding which size is best for your young one? Prevent leaks and blowouts by checking out Pamper’s recommendations for proper sizing.

Pampers Cruisers are the first and, so far, only brand with Extra Absorb Channels. These keep wetness away from the baby and distribute it evenly.

They’re great for crawlers and walkers since they have a narrow design between the legs and baby will love the Sesame Street designs along the top.

The Cruisers have the same, breathable, back sheet which is clothlike with stretchy sides. If your child happens to develop a diaper rash, then follow Pamper’s instructions to fix the problem.

The iconic three-way fit that encompasses both legs and waist keeps the diaper secure and comfortable, no matter how many miles the baby may travel while on his rounds around the house.

Pampers Cruiser’s Extra Absorb Channels protect for up to 12 hours. 

Editor’s Note:

If your child’s diaper rash is not healing despite your interventions, it’s best to seek medical advice from your child’s health care provider.

Which is right for you?

Progress from Preemie Swaddlers to Cruisers is pretty direct, the transition usually proving seamless. Baby won’t notice the diapering that marks the difference between a little baby and a bigger kid. You, the parents, will!

You’ll quickly see the successful growth of your child measured right there in those absorption channels and in the absence of an umbilical notch. Next stop, pull-ups, and baby’s potty.

Jennifer Schlette, RN, MSNED
Reviewed by Jennifer Schlette, RN, MSNEDWritten by Neve Spicer Updated on January 13th, 2022

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