Svolta Ace Toddler Scooter Review (1 year later)

The Svolta Ace is a brilliant scooter for toddlers or young beginners. It is a solid, durable alternative to the Micro Mini, feeling just as sturdy and handling equally well.

What’s more, its chunky back wheel makes it even more stable and the flash design means it looks even cooler than its ubiquitous Micro equivalent.

Our children – all experienced scooter testers – have owned and ridden the Ace for one year now. So this family review is full of genuine insight and real-life insight.

Let’s dive in and learn if it’s the right first scooter for your child.

At a glance

Our rating: Excellent

Best suited to: Toddlers and younger riders who need a stable, sturdy, and smooth to scooter to learn for the first time. And for families who want a super cool, chunky design that will set their little one apart and turn heads.

Scooter type: 3-wheel kick scooter with convertible seat for toddlers

Max rider weight:

Handlebar height:

Recommended age:

Durability: Good. After one year, the scooter is in great condition. Only significant wear is the rubber grips which split. This doesn’t affect the functionality but needed tape to repair.

Price: $$

What we love:

  • It is water-resistant at depths of up to 50 feet.
  • It features fun challenges that inspire healthy habits.
  • It is available in three funky color combinations.
  • It boasts a customizable clock face, avatar, cover photo, and accessory band.

Watch out for:

  • It does not have a GPS tracker.

Performance & Handling (How does it truly ride?)

Quote from child – How did kids generally like it?

The Svolta Ace is a fantastic beginner scooter from toddlers (aged 1+) to young beginners (up to age 5). The build feels high quality with all components solid, sturdy, and well made. The all important lean-to-steer mechanism is smooth with a nice level of resistance – firm but easy to maneuver.

The deck (foot platform) is wide with good grip, excellent for small feet learning to ride for the first time. And the back wheel is super chunky. Not only does this look super cool, but it makes for a very stable ride. The Svolta Ace’s wide deck and chunky back wheel make it easy for a child to stand on it while it’s not moving. This is perfect for beginners who are just getting the feel for balancing on a scooter.

The brake is also very wide, covering the chunky back wheel. Once more, this makes it easy for small feet to operate as they learn for the first time.

The Svolta Ace 2-in-1 Sit and Stand Toddler Convertible Scooter handles really nicely. It gives a smooth and stable ride, making it a perfect beginner scooter and a serious rival to the Micro Mini 3-in-1 Classic.
And while the Ace is a solid learning scooter, it will easily last a young rider until they are at least four years old (perhaps five if they are on the shorter side).

The wheels have good bearings and it can go fast, easily keeping up with more confident riders who have had a couple of years of practise. It’s definitely not just for babies!

How does it compare to the Micro Mini 3-in-1 Classic?

In our opinion, compared to the Micro Mini, the Ace feels just as good in terms of build quality and smoothness of ride. So what separates them? Not much, honestly. Our 4-year-old tester thought the Ace was “cooler” – and, as his parents, we tend to agree. Svolta really do have the edge when it comes to creating superfly designs!

Durability (Does it survive real life?)

Our 4-year-old Evil Knievel has been riding is Svolta Ace scooter for over a year now and we are very happy with how durable it is. It is robust and well made and has survived real life wear and tear very well.

The only area of sign of wear that we encountered was the handlebar grips, one of which split.

One of these will need to be taped to prevent it from falling off. This may be to do with the scooter being in cold conditions, we can’t say. However, we consider this fairly minor. All of the core components are in great condition with very little wear.

Sizing (Will it fit your kiddo?)

Svolta recommends 1 to 5 years, but we think that this scooter is a better fit for 1.5 to 4.5 years. Older or younger riders may not find it ideal.

Handlebar height: The Ace’s adjustable handlebars have a five inch range of motion, from 22” to 27″. This was a perfect fit for a rider who began at 3 years of age.
Our 1-year-old is now trying out the scooter using the seat. For a 1-year-old the handlebars seem a little too high even at their lowest setting. In fairness though, he isn’t really scooting at this age, rather he’s just sitting on it and smiling adorably. So not an issue.
Scooter weight: The Ace weighs in at around 5 lbs which makes it a little heavier than the Micro Mini (approx. 4lbs). If you think that you’ll be carrying it around a lot, then this is something to consider. However, we found the extra weight contributes to the stability of the ride, so think it’s actually a good thing being a little heavier.
Maximum rider weight: 55 lbs which would take you up to the average weight of a 7-year-old. (We don’t think this scooter will be comfortable much beyond 5-years though).
Recommended age: The recommended age is given as 1-5 years. From our experience, we’d suggest that the Ace is ideal from around 2-years (when the handlebars will the right height) to around 4 1/2 years. Much beyond this and any taller children will be wanting to move up.

Parts & Build

The Ace is well-designed with quality components. Let’s take a closer look.

Handlebars + Grips
The handlebars are the standard T-shape with solid, hard rubber grips. These grips are ergonomic and withstand the constant beating that they get when kids naturally dash their scooters to the ground.
We found that the grips began to split after about 18-months. This seems to be due to the material and it’s exposure to the elements. They can be replaced or taped up.

Stem (upright bar)
The stem is solid and easy to adjust. The detachable seat actually clips to the front which both looks cool and is convenient for storage.

Deck (foot platform)
The deck has a wicked-looking design and a very grippy surface. It is also nice and wide – perfect for the smaller feet of beginners.

The Ace has two nicely made and large wheels at the front. They are good quality and feature solid rubber tires which are smooth and quiet to ride on. The back will is an awesome chunky thing about 3” wide. This looks super cool and helps with stability.

The Ace’s scooter brake is extra wide to cover the chunky wheel. This provides a larger surface area for small feet to locate and use while riding.

Colors + Accessories
The Svolta Ace comes in teal, white and gray. All look fly!

Everyday use (From setup to storage)

Assembly: Very quick and easy for an adult.

Folding the frame and handlebars: The frame doesn’t fold and neither do the handlebars. You’ll need to transport it as it comes, but it’s pretty small so doesn’t take up too much room.

Converting from seated to regular scooter: The Ace had a seating platform with two height settings. While not in use, the seat is stored on the front of the scooter itself which actually looks great.

One of our only niggles with this scooter is that we found it difficult to detach and reattach the seat. The mechanism is straightforward, but we found it tricky to do.

The metal ‘dimples’ were hard to press in and it required an adult and a hard pointed tool/object to release the seat. This was a bit of a pain. Fine if you don’t expect to do it often (we only ever did it once or twice), but if you have two children of different ages who will be sharing the scooter, then you may want to consider this carefully. We think that daily adjustment will be a real nuisance.

Our verdict

We love the Svolta Ace and have recommended it to friends. It is a great first scooter that easily rivals the Micro Mini 3-in-1 Classic. It is well built and sturdy, and handles smoothly and stably. It’s a fun ride and will easily grow with your little one until they are at least 4 1/2 years-old. This is a scooter if you want all the quality of the Micro Mini but with a slick, wicked design that will have your little dare devil standing out from the crowd.

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