Svolta Legend Scooter Review (1 year later)

The Svolta Legend is a well-made and beautifully designed 2-wheel kick scooter that looks super fly! It beats most other scooters in its class, though doesn’t quite match up to the Micro Sprite in terms of build quality, performance, and smoothness of ride – though it does look cooler!

Our family has owned this scooter for over a year, so we’re in a good place to give you the honest lowdown!

Is the Svolta Legend the best kick scooter for your kiddo? Or should you opt for the best-known alternative, the Micro Sprite?

Let’s find out.

At a glance

Our rating: Good

Best suited to: Kids who are relaxed with their scooting but want to stand out with the most superfly kick scooter on the block.

Scooter type: 2-wheel kick scooter

Max rider weight:132 lbs

Handlebar height:24” to 31.5”

Recommended age:6+

Durability: Stands the test of time, so long as riding isn’t too aggressive.

Price: $$

What we love:

  • Superfly design
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Quality materials and decent build quality

Watch out for:

  • Feels a little ‘rickety’ compared to Micro Sprite
  • Makes a rattling sound when riding on bumpy surfaces

After one year of riding, here’s our Svolta Legend scooter review

Our 8-year old loved this scooter. After a year of heavy use, our Legend is still in great condition and so we’re happy with our investment.

This scooter is best for kids (6-years and older) who have an eye for design and want to stand out in a crowd. It is a great transition scooter that could be used after a beginner 3-wheel scooter but before a pro-scooter (if your child likes aggressive scooting).

With the Legend, you don’t get the absolute best riding experience available, although it’s not too far off. It feels more ‘rickety’ than the Sprite, though for the average adventurer, this will likely go unnoticed.

Our 8-year-old is now progressing to a more aggressive scooting style and visiting the skate park. Given the choice, she now prefers the Micro Sprite.

How does the Svolta Legend compare to the Micro Sprite?

The Micro Sprite is the closest equivalent scooter made by the ubiquitous Swiss company, Micro. Let’s see how they compare:

Spec Legend Sprite
Handlebar height 24” to 31.5” 25” to 37.5”
Weight 5 lbs approx. 6.4 lbs
Recommended age 7 years + 8 years +
Foldability Folding components: Handles, stem
Ease of fold: 3/5
Folding components: Handles, stem
Ease of fold: 4/5
Price $$ $$

Our 8-year-old tester preferred the Sprite which she described as “much smoother” when tested at a skatepark. Indeed, the Sprite does feel better in terms of build quality and rides more smoothly and quietly.

Which is best? Overall, for us, the Sprite beats the Legend.

However, the Legend is a better choice if… your kid loves the flashy modern ‘androgenous’ design and wants to stand out in a crowd; this, and they scoot infrequently

Performance & Handling (How does it truly ride?)

Our 8-year-old tester has owned and loved the Svolta Legend for over a year. She likes to skate hard and fast and found she could do both on this scooter.

The Legend is lightweight and turns quickly and accelerates easily. This is great for more confident riders who want speed and maneuverability. It does, however, mean this scooter feels a bit ‘skittish’ and may not be the right choice for tentative children who are first-time riders.

We feel that this scooter is a good transition scooter for kids who have outgrown their first scooter but are still building their confidence towards more aggressive scooting.

The build quality is good and better than most kick scooters, though not quite up to the standard of the Micro Sprite.

Durability (Does it survive real life?)

Our family has owned a Legend for over a year now. It gets ridden by an 8-year-old who likes speed but (until now) has only used the sidewalk and not a skatepark.

Under these conditions, the Legend has stood the test of time beautifully and shows very little sign of wear and tear. All the components are of decent build quality and remain in perfect working order. What’s more, there are no faults or design weaknesses that we’ve encountered.

Durability-wise – it gets a thumbs up from us!

Sizing (will it fit your kiddo?)

Handlebar height: 24” to 31.5” This isn’t the largest range of extension. In our opinion this will be good for 6- to 9-year-olds. Our 8-year-old tester is a relatively tall young lady. She’s comfortable with the highest setting at present, but it is beginning to feel on the shorter side. If she continues to grow at her current rate, it won’t be too long before she’s outgrown it.

Scooter weight: 5 lbs approx.? This is an estimate based on it feeling lighter than the Sprite’s 6.4 lbs.

Maximum rider weight: 140 lbs. Fine for younger kids, tweens, and lighter teens.

Recommended age: 7 years and older. For safety, it is advised that you go on the manufacturer’s recommendations. For your information, our tester was comfortably riding this scooter at age six. We don’t think it will last her much beyond 9 years.

Parts & Build

Handlebars + Grips: The handlebars are the typical t-bar design. They are a decent 13.4” wide – good for stable handling. The grips are durable rubber, both comfortable to grip and resistant both to weather and being dashed to the floor – it’s going to happen. They are more durable than traditional foam grips.

Stem (upright bar): The pictured model (aqua & gold) has a stem that is made from anodized aluminum and sports a gorgeous brushed rose gold finish. It’s quite a lovely design really.

Deck (foot platform): The deck is 4” wide and has 12” of usable foot space. This isn’t as much as the Micro Maxi, but plenty for more confident riders. Once more, it’s the design where the Legend stands out. The deck sports a flash repeating lighting logo and the whole surface is gritted to maximize friction and minimize slippiness.

Wheels: The wheels are fairly standard. Both front and back are 1” wide and 6” in diameter. This is great for maneuverability and fast turning. Again, best suited to more confident riders.

Brakes: The brake is a simple standard design but is nice and large making it easy for feet to find in a hurry. The large surface area makes braking effective.

Colors: The Svolta Legend comes in four modern, stylish and androgynous color palettes:

  • Aqua & Gold
  • Black & Gold
  • Gray & Gold
  • Teal & Gold

Everyday use (from setup to storage)

Assembly: The Legend does require assembly but this is quick and easy and should take an adult no more than 15 mins.

Folding the frame: The folding mechanism is simple and durable, but it is also a little ‘sticky,’ making it tricky for a child to do. We always had mom or dad do the folding.

The frame is folded in three easy steps:

  1. Undo the latch
  2. Lift the black button
  3. Move the stem down to meet the deck

Folding the handlebars: Again, simple engineering but difficult for small hands (and big ones too).

Follow these steps.

  1. Press the metal ‘buttons’
  2. Pull out each handle, and
  3. Fold and attach to the stem.

The only problem is that the buttons are often hard to depress. An adult was required.

Storage size and ease of transport: The Legend stores away pretty small at 9″ x 4″ x 24″. Once folded, the scooter is easily stowed away or carried by a child.


There is a kickstand but for our Legend, at least, it seemed to have a design flaw which meant that the scooter never stood up!

It didn’t allow the scooter to lean over and rest. Instead, it stood nearly completely upright and was prone to toppling. As such, we never used it. Wasn’t a loss, as our kids rarely use stands anyway!

Our verdict

The Svolta Ace is a beautifully designed scooter – a cut above the rest when it comes to aesthetics. Additionally, it is well built and features quality components. This scooter is light and maneuverable but has a slightly tinny and rattly quality to the ride. While this may make it a little ‘skittish’ for new riders, it is sure to be fun and fast for more confident ones.

If looks are less important and you are after the best quality and smoothest ride possible, then we recommend you read our Micro Sprite review.

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