The 10 Best Kids’ Trampolines of 2022

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on January 21st, 2022

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Are your kids stuck in an endless cycle of screentime?

If there’s any piece of outdoor equipment guaranteed to get kids motivated, the trampoline is it! These bouncy surfaces are proven to boost kids’ core strength, bone density, metabolism, balance coordination, and muscle strength.

According to a recent study by the American Council of Exercise (ACE), regular bouncing sessions also enhance people’s levels of endorphins and adrenaline. 1Putting Mini-trampolines to the Test ace-sponsored-research-putting-mini-trampolines-to-the-test/

Plus, they’re fun! So without further ado, here are 10 of the safest, bounciest rebounders.

How to choose the best trampoline for your kids

With so many trampoline options to choose from, shopping for one can be stressful. Here are some helpful factors to consider when shopping for a kids’ trampoline.


According to the American College of Orthopedic Surgeons, children under the age of six should not be allowed on trampolines.

With that being said, there are some excellent mini trampolines geared toward children between the ages of 3 and 6.

If you’re committed to providing your children with meaningful guidance and supervision, you should be able to find a safe trampoline they can grow into. 2Treating Sensory Processing Issues treating-sensory-processing-issues/


First, determine how many people you can expect to use your trampoline at once. Then, consider how much space you’re willing to devote to your new piece of outdoor equipment.

The average outdoor trampoline is 8 to 12 feet in diameter and can accommodate two to three children at once.

At the other end of the spectrum, exercise trampolines, which are intended for one child, are usually no more than 4 feet in diameter. These trampolines also tend to have low weight limits.

Solo trampolines are excellent for children under the age of 5. Due to their small size and limited risk, they are sometimes even used as classroom learning aids for children with sensory processing and behavioral issues.


The weight capacity of a trampoline should determine how many kids can use it at the same time. The load limit of a standard outdoor trampoline typically ranges between 250 and 400 pounds. Meanwhile, a single exercise trampoline can usually hold no more than 75 pounds.


Another feature to take into consideration is the shape of the jumping surface. Round recreational trampolines are easily the most popular. However, square, rectangular, and even hexagonal models are not uncommon.

Judging by the laws of physics, rectangular trampolines are bouncier, though these are usually geared toward professional gymnasts and athletes.


Are you planning to locate your trampoline outdoors? Make sure to select a model that will withstand constant exposure to the elements. Look for UV-resistant fabrics and rust-resistant galvanized steel. You’ll want your equipment to last for years.

Safety features

While trampolines are loads of fun, they can pose a high injury risk for children. Look out for essential safety features such as enclosure nets, padded spring covers, pole covers, and handrails.

Accessories like these prevent children from flying over the edge, pinching their fingers, losing their balance, and other avoidable accidents.


Most recreational trampolines get their bounce from metal springs. While these elements are a fundamental part of the trampoline, many manufacturers have switched to springless tension systems.

These soft fabric bands provide little jumpers with softer landings. Models with springs should come with a shock-absorbing spring cover. Such padding can help prevent accidental injuries.

Ease of assembly

Choose a trampoline that can be assembled without too much fuss, and preferably without power tools.

Ensure you have enough adults to complete the project, as it usually takes at least two to assemble a full-sized trampoline.

Though it can be time-consuming and complex, the exercise will be well worth it!

Smaller trampolines tend to be less work. Some, like the smarTrike Indoor Activity Center, even come fully assembled.

Our top picks for the best kids trampolines

Here are our 10 best trampolines for kids!

Best overall

Our opinion

Topping off our list is the Skywalker Mini Space-Themed Trampoline (check price on Amazon).

The tightly woven polyethylene enclosure net helps put parents’ minds at ease. Meanwhile, the 40-inch round bouncing surface will keep your kiddo active come rain or shine.

The moon and star emblems and fun space sounds will help little ones’ imaginations soar as they burn off excess energy.

The trampoline’s metal frame is protected by a generous 3-year warranty while the company stands by its 1-year warranty for all other materials. When winter arrives, you’ll be happy to have this durable piece of indoor exercise equipment.

What we love
  • This miniature trampoline is perfect for solo exercise sessions.
  • There are no gaps in the enclosure, as the netting is sewn directly to the trampoline skirt.
  • The stretch bands suspending this jumping mat are much safer than galvanized metal springs.
Watch for
  • The netting and foam poles are susceptible to wear.

Best trampoline for small kids

Our opinion

This 84-inch jumping surface is the perfect piece of entry-level jumping equipment for young children. The tightly woven mesh enclosure, zippered door, protection pad, and foam bar pads all help to keep bounce sessions safe.

Since this trampoline is just a few inches off the ground, you never have to worry about your little one falling off the edge.

While the Sportspower’s 84-Inch Kiddie Trampoline (check price on Amazon) is designed for outdoor use, that hasn’t stopped parents from assembling it inside.

The equipment is light and easy to move. Given the fact that this device has a 200-pound load limit, you may be able to allow more than one child onto the jumping surface.

What we love
  • This heavy-duty trampoline is suitable for outdoor use.
  • The low-to-the-ground design and padded edges will put your mind at rest.
  • Perfect for children between the ages of 3 and 10.
Watch for
  • Assembly isn’t that easy.

Best budget buy

Our opinion

Little Tyke’s 3-Foot Trampoline (check price on Amazon) offers endless fun for children between the ages of 3 and 6. It consists of a super springy jumping pad and a curved handrail.

Kids can grip the bar to steady themselves while leaping into the air with gusto!

The plastic and metal components are considerably durable. However, we recommend you keep this piece of equipment inside.

The mini trampoline has a 55-pound load limit, and though the handlebar doesn’t collapse, it’s still easy to relocate.

What we love
  • The miniature jumping surface will help your little one burn off energy when stuck indoors.
  • The verticle support bar offers jumpers an extra sense of stability.
  • The blue spring keeps little fingers from contacting the springs.
Watch for
  • Some users reported that the spring pads peeled off or shredded after a few jumping sessions.

Best trampoline for toddlers

Our opinion

Your toddler will get a kick out of the Galt Nursery Trampoline (check price on Amazon). The bright colors and smiling reptile face make this an irresistible piece of exercise equipment.

The jumping pad offers just enough bounce to enable little kids to work on their coordination and balance.

Safety features include a super-grip handle, non-slip rubber feet, and a padded spring cover. Since the legs and handle are detachable, you’ll have no trouble storing or transporting this pint-sized piece of exercise equipment.

The device has a maximum weight capacity of 40 pounds and can be used both indoors and out.

What we love
  • What’s not to love about a smiling green tortoise?
  • The vertical handlebar offers toddlers extra support.
  • Slip-resistant rubber feet keep the trampoline from slipping and sliding.
Watch for
  • Since there's no safety net, you’ll have to keep a close eye on your little ones as they bounce about.

Best mini trampoline

Our opinion

The Jump2It Mini Kids Trampoline (check price on Amazon) offers twice the fun. The unique oval-shaped jumping surface is divided by a verticle handlebar, letting two children jump simultaneously.

The handlebar is adjustable, so can be lifted as your child grows. A durable, foam handle pad gives children a safe, comfortable place to rest their hands as they bounce.

The protective cover prevents little toes from coming into contact with the trampoline’s steel frame and springs.

If looking for a toy that encourages your kids to get active, check out this indoor kids’ trampoline.

What we love
  • We love that this little trampoline can accommodate a group of siblings or friends.
  • The blue and green colorway looks marvelous!
  • The trampoline’s unique shape offers each child a generous jumping surface.
Watch for
  • The assembly process takes some mental preparation!

Best outdoor trampoline

Our opinion

The 12-foot recreational Skywalker Trampoline (check price on Amazon) is ideal for the whole family. Firstly, the manufacturer has worked hard to eliminate all common safety issues.

For instance, the steel springs are located outside the enclosure net. Moreover, the springs and poles are covered in padded material, while the door of the enclosure is reinforced with a dual zipper system with clips.

While parents jump for joy over the numerous safety features, kids will celebrate the bonus play features. First off, the jumping pad’s sweet spot is super springy and, secondly, its built-in basketball hoop adds another layer of excitement.

What we love
  • It’s great fun dunking the foam basketball hoop!
  • Skywalker Trampolines is one of the most trusted trampoline manufacturers in the country.
  • The 12-foot jumping surface will keep the whole family entertained.
Watch for
  • Help will be needed when assembling this trampoline as the final few springs give most people trouble.

Best bouncer/swing combo

Our opinion

This intriguing kids’ trampoline will satisfy kids’ cravings for fun and exercise while possibly making them the envy of the whole neighborhood!

It boasts a 72″ x 52″ rectangular jumping surface and a removable swing.

Given its abundant safety features, including a towering safety net, foam tubing covers, spring cover, and skirt, we believe this is the perfect trampoline for all those worrisome caregivers.

We’re happy to confirm that the Jump Power Trampoline (check price on Amazon) was easy to assemble, though the instructions could be clearer.

The PE netting and rust-resistant poles can handle extensive exposure to the elements, like UV rays, rain, and snow. We’re happy to recommend this trampoline for both indoor and outdoor use.

We also love the trampoline’s unique aesthetic, consisting of bright orange trim and sky-blue dinosaur print. Due to its limited size and weight, we’d recommend this piece for children between the ages of 3 and 7.

What we love
  • We love the cool, blue dinosaur print on the trampoline’s skirt.
  • The wear-resistant, galvanized steel frame can easily support up to 100 pounds.
  • The removable swing makes this one of the most versatile and entertaining trampolines for kids.
Watch for
  • Some customers felt the instructions lacked clarity.

Our 8th choice

Our opinion

The Pure Fun Jumper (check price on Walmart) offers hours of safe, exhilarating indoor bouncing. The miniature trampoline’s curved handrail helps even the smallest kids find their balance.

Meanwhile, the cushioned mesh spring pad (which features all the letters of the alphabet!) keeps little fingers from coming into contact with the trampoline’s steel springs.

The square jumping surface is capable of supporting up to 75 pounds. As such, we’re happy to recommend this for children aged 3 to 7.

If you live in a place with lengthy winters, you’ll be glad your child has a safe surface where they can release some of that pent-up energy.

The bright colors and whimsical designs will thrill your little one, and you can erect it in your living room where it won’t take up too much space.

What we love
  • Children can read their ABCs as they jump up and down on the springy jumping pad.
  • The durable nylon pad and steel springs stay taunt after multiple jumping sessions.
  • The ergonomically inclined handrail helps kids maintain balance while burning off those calories.
Watch for
  • Some parents complained about the assembly process, so gather your best tools and some helping hands before setting to work on this one!

Best indoor trampoline

Our opinion

The smarTrike Indoor Activity Center (check price on Walmart ) is a mini, two-stage trampoline with a built-in ball pit. Babies as young as 10 months can enjoy this trio of exhilarating activities.

Parents will appreciate that this play center is good-to-go right out of the box. That’s right, no assembly required! Moreover, it takes just seconds to convert the ball pit into a trampoline and comes with a hundred colorful balls — great tools for teaching little ones their colors and numbers.

The removable handlebar enables this toy to grow with kids while its generous weight limit makes it an excellent fit for children up to 5 years.

We love that the mini trampoline comes with a removable handlebar. Rubber grips and slip-resistant leg covers give kids a confidence-building level of stability.

The ball pit walls collapse into a handy drawstring storage bag giving parents the option of storing the balls on the underside of the trampoline. The piece is super compact and foldable, making it even possible to take to grandma’s house!

And finally, you can easily squeeze it into a closet, or under the bed, when it’s time to clear your living space.

What we love
  • This collapsible play center offers plenty of fun without eating into your storage space.
  • The covert ball pit (balls included!) make this a surprisingly versatile play center.
  • A perfect piece of indoor exercise equipment for children from 10 months to 5 years. You can even remove the handlebar when children are confident enough to jump without assistance!
Watch for
  • There have been numerous reports of the rubber leg booties falling off during transportation.

Best trampoline for multiple kids

Our opinion

The 10-ft. Jins & Vico Trampoline (check price on Walmart) serves up fun for the whole family. The galvanized steel frame consists of four U-shaped legs with eight balanced contact points and reinforced T sockets.

Thanks to the 60 durable metal springs and stretchy PP (polypropylene) bounce pad, jumpers can get plenty of air on this trampoline!

With a 661-pound weight capacity, this jumping surface can easily and safely accommodate three to four children.

The jumping pad is also reinforced with numerous safety features including EPS (expanded polystyrene) cotton pole coverings, a durable spring-cover pad, a tightly woven enclosure net, and a zippered enclosure opening.

It also comes with a ladder, which means mom and dad don’t have to repeatedly lift kids onto the trampoline surface.

The U-shaped support poles don’t budge under the pressure of multiple jumpers. The spacious jumping pad is ideal for aerial acrobatics and team-building games.

Overall, this is an excellent recreational trampoline for families with multiple children and frequent visitors. As with most full-sized recreational trampolines, the Jins & Vico assembly process can be a bit daunting.

We can assure you that this one is well worth the trouble and, if not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can always fall back on the company’s 12-month warranty.

What we love
  • This round trampoline’s springy jumping pad will keep your kids entertained for hours.
  • The safety net and padded spring cover are welcome safety features. Plus, consumers report that they hold up as expected.
  • With the generous 661-pound weight limit, you don’t have fret every time your kids have visitors that want to bounce.
Watch for
  • Some consumers were taken aback by the weight of the packaged trampoline before assembly. You’ll need an extra hand or two during assembly!

Trampoline FAQ

Are trampolines healthy?

While most children think of trampolines as toys, regular rebounding has plenty of proven benefits. 3THE SCIENCE BEHIND TRAMPOLINING AND HOW IT IMPROVES HEALTH the-science-behind-trampolining-and-how-it-improves-health/

Researchers have found that regular trampoline sessions can strengthen bone mass, increase muscle mass, and even reduce a person’s risk of cancer.

Are trampolines safe for toddlers?

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, children under the age of 6 should not use trampolines.4Trampolines and Trampoline Safety the-science-behind-trampolining-and-how-it-improves-health/

If you’re shopping for a child under the age of 5, best get a miniature trampoline.

Which trampolines are the bounciest?

It’s the consistency of the jumping mats and springs that determine a trampoline’s bounciness. However, rectangular jumping surfaces generally tend to give jumpers more lift.

Can trampolines be left out during the winter?

If a trampoline is designated for outdoor use, it should be equipped to handle rain, sleet, and snow. That being said, heavy snow and ice buildup can jeopardize a jumping surface. Be sure to thoroughly clean your trampoline off after a storm.

How can I be sure my trampoline is safe?

Opt for a trampoline with a tight enclosure and plenty of thick padding. Other than that, be sure to observe the manufacturer’s user guidelines. Never exceed a trampoline’s suggested load capacity.

And the winner is…

While we’re fond of all of our selections, the Skywalker Mini Trampoline (check price on Amazon) is easily our favorite trampoline for kids.

This scaled-down piece of jumping equipment lets kids strengthen their leg muscles without leaving the house. Plus, it’s got plenty of safety features to please weary parents.

Then again, the Little Tikes 3-foot Trampoline is also a steal!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on January 21st, 2022

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