Top 10 Best Toys & Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls (New for 2018)

Searching for a gift or toy for a 1 year old girl? Then you’ve come to the right place. Being parents and nerds when it comes to research, we’ve rounded up a selection of adorable options that she’ll love.

We took note of advice given by the American Academy of Pediatrics and have selected toys which are both appropriate for her hand and finger skills, and her emotional and cognitive ability. They are also reliably fun, meaning that they aren’t discarded after five minutes.

Our Top Picks

Top 10 Best Toys for 1 Year Old Girls

#1 Tree Top Activity Center (Manhattan)

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

As activity centers go, this one is both epic and tasteful, offering a huge array of kinesthetic learning opportunities. Made primarily from wood and decorated with non-toxic paints, this Tree Top Activity Center will keep your little lady busy whilst developing her fine motors skills.

The assembly can be a bit tricky, but come on parents! if you expect her to nail all its tactile puzzles, then at least you can figure out how to put it together!

Why She’ll Love It: There are four quadrants each with their own set of vibrantly colored puzzles, knobs, and “pully bits”!

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#2 Snuggle Pod (Manhattan)

Manhattan Toy Snuggle Pod Sweet Pea First Baby Doll with Cozy Sleep Sack

Your little girl will love giving this stuffed doll plenty of cuddles. In fact, it’s designed to encourage caregiving skills as well as to bring comfort to your baby.

It is big enough for little hands to grab and has no sewn on buttons or other small detailing that could be a choking hazard.

The material is of high quality and machine washable so that this toy can withstand the test of babyhood.

Why She’ll Love It: The fabric is wonderfully soft and perfect for a good snuggle. She’ll also love being able to tuck the doll into its pea-shaped bed for naps.

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#3 Extra Large 12-Piece Wooden Rainbow Stacker

Extra Large 12-Piece Rainbow Tunnel Stacker Toy

These pretty pastel shapes can be stacked up in all sorts of fun ways. Sustainably harvested from Europe, the 12 arched blocks are hand colored with water-based stains. This toy is excellent for fine motor skill development, as well as for creative play and color recognition.

Why She’ll Love It: The pieces are large enough for little hands to manipulate into countless designs, and can be paired with other blocks for even more creative play.

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#4 Power Wheels Ride-on Thomas Train with Track

This battery powered, rechargeable ride-on toy is perfect for children aged 12-36 months. It comes with 18-feet of train track, so parents can get creative setting up different shaped courses. This helps to keep things interesting for your little lady. Thomas can also be ridden off the tracks, so she can take him for a spin around the house or garden. With a top speed of 2mph, she’ll stay safe and you can catch her up if she makes a break for freedom!

Why She’ll Love It: Ride-on toys tend to be a hit with toddlers, plus Thomas has sound effects too.

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#5 Lamaze Fifi The Firefly

Lamaze Fifi The Firefly

This fun gadget comes with lots of ways to stimulate and entertain your baby without you having to worry about batteries.

It has rings for teething, as well as loops to clank together, a squeaker, and a little mirror.

If your stroller has a belly bar, you can clip it on so that your baby can play without you having to worry about the toy getting dropped or lost while you run errands.

Why She’ll Love It: The body of this toy is velour, so your baby will love touching its brightly colored belly. It also offers enough stimulation to engage her while being cute enough for her to consider it a buddy.

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#6 Kathe Kruse – Puppa Plush Doll

Kathe Kruse - Puppa Plush Doll, Milena

Kathe Kruse makes the “A-Grade” of baby dolls. They are top quality and adorable. This large doll measures 14 inches from head to toe. The fabric of the body is cotton, with polyester wool used as stuffing. The head is vinyl, so watch that your baby doesn’t bonk herself with it if she’s a rough player. Designed in Germany, this doll has a cuddle-worthy body and a beautiful, realistic face. It is ideal for encouraging free play.

Why She’ll Love It: Your little girl will find a great companion in this doll.

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#7 Fynn In Suitcase

Fynn In Suitcase

It’s hard to think of a classic childhood without having the image of a stuffed bear somewhere in the picture. Crafted to withstand almost anything that comes its way, Fynn is a cuddly buddy for your daughter. He’s also washable which, let’s be honest, is a feature to cheer for when you’re dealing with stuffed toys and babies.

Why She’ll Love It: This bear is soft, adorable, and will make a great friend for your little girl. Maybe one day, she’ll even hand it down to her own child.

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#8 Duplo All-In-One-Box-Of-Fun

Duplo has been a part of children’s lives for over 50 years. This “All-In-One-Box-Of-Fun” is the perfect set to start her off. Few toys can match Duplo in their ability to develop motor-skills, concentration, and imagination through play. In this Duplo box, there are 65 colorful pieces including a small child, a dog, and a car.

Why She’ll Love It: It’s colorful, tactile, and provides endless creative possibilities.

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#9 Whisper Ride II Buggy

Whisper Ride II Buggy

Getting in some quality outdoor time can be tricky with a baby in the house. This little car provides a place for your daughter to sit in the driver’s seat while you push her along. You both get cup holders, and there’s some storage under the hood for any extras you want to bring along. Although this car doesn’t have a harness, it does have a safety belt.

Why She’ll Love It: Your little girl can honk the horn (which, don’t worry, isn’t too loud) as she enjoys riding in her very first car.

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#10 VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Your daughter will have plenty to do with this toy. Aside from working as an actual flashlight, it features over 50 phrases, songs, and sounds. It can also help her learn colors and numbers. For your sanity, it comes with a volume setting and will automatically shut off after 45 seconds of non-use.

Why She’ll Love It: This toy is easy for tiny hands to use and comes with enough activities to keep your kiddo engaged. Plus, when the lights go out, she’ll be happy to have her own flashlight for comfort.

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What to Expect From Your 1 Year Old Girl?

Your tiny angel is absolutely fascinated by the world around her. Her little hands and fingers are exploring everything she can reach, usually before popping it in her mouth!

Watch out for some of these milestones in her development (source):

Body, Hand and Finger Skills

  • Holds smaller toys, eg, plastic cutlery;
  • Can toddle upstairs;
  • Climbs the couch;
  • Begins to run;
  • Removes own socks;
  • Builds towers of 2-6 blocks;
  • Loves turning knobs and pressing buttons

Emotional Development

  • Has a sense of “me” and “mine”;
  • Imitates adults;
  • Follows easy instructions;
  • Plays by herself, sometimes near other children, but not with them;
  • Wants to be near mom or dad most of the time;
  • Begins role play games, eg, cooking or dinner parties with teddies

Cognitive Development

  • Enjoys simple stories;
  • Understands “no”;
  • Words start popping a bit like popcorn. She even starts stringing two together;
  • Points to things she wants

Toys & Gifts by Age

Looking for another toy or gift? Have another child in mind?

Check out our carefully curated lists of games, puzzles and toys for different ages and stages. The items on each have been chosen to match your kid’s physical, emotional and cognitive abilities.

Browse for toys and gifts by age:


Your 1 year old girl is growing and developing fast. It’s incredible to watch! Her personality is also starting to shine through, helped by her blossoming vocabulary. The best toys will suit her little hands and fingers. They will allow her to explore in a tactile way and they won’t be too advanced for her abilities.

We hope that our ‘top picks’ have made choosing such a gift super easy. Please let us know how much she loves them!

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