Best Toys & Gifts for 11-Year-Old Girls (a VERY picky list)

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023

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Searching for the perfect gift for that lovely little lady in your life? Finding a toy or gadget that will hold her interest and expand her horizons may seem like quite the tricky, nay, downright difficult, task. As you’ll know, she’s becoming ever more particular in her likes and dislikes.

Fear not!

We’ve done our research and picked out ten toys for an 11-year-old girl, designed to keep her moving, stimulate her imagination, and engage her mind.


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In an age where photos seem relegated to phone and computer screens, this gift brings back the magic of having a physical copy of those special memories. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 (check price on Amazon) features a macro lens adapter for close-up shots and a built-in selfie mirror, which makes for great self-portraits.

While a flashing LED light will indicate the recommended aperture settings for that perfect snap, your special young lady can manually adjust the dial, enabling her to take pictures with her own, unique flair.

Why she’ll love it: This is a great gadget for any child who’s into DIY projects. She can make collages, scrapbooks, and decorate her walls with all her favorite memories.


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The Kano Computer Kit (check price on Amazonis an incredible do-it-yourself STEM toy/tablet that’s sure to spark any bright young mind. With this kit, she can assemble a real tablet computer including the unique Kano operating system.

She can then learn software coding with more than 100 challenges and stories, produce art, games, and music. Once complete, the tablet can even browse the internet, write stories, and watch YouTube. No prior computer knowledge is needed!

Why she’ll love it: If your girl has an interest in the future tech industry, then the Kano Computer Kit will introduce her to the fun, realities, challenges, and rewards of working with codes and computers.


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You would be hard-pressed to find a kid who wouldn’t love their own bicycle. Although this bike can reportedly be tricky to assemble, once put together your girl will love taking it for a spin.

With a steel frame, 20-inch rims, and brakes in front and back, the Razor Angel Bike (check price on Amazonis sure to get your girl where she needs to go. Bikes are always a well-rounded gift; they encourage physical activity, independence, socializing, not to mention improving coordination and balance. It’s the best of all worlds!

Why she’ll love it: This bicycle is lightweight and comes in two colors, so your girl will get around in style. Who knows, before long she might be wowing her friends with some cool stunts!


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Does your daughter feel like a bike is just too run-of-the-mill for her outdoor play? Well, here’s the good news! The Flybar Foam Master (check price on Amazonis perfect for keeping your special girl active, engaging her mind and muscles while fine-tuning those balancing skills.

Perfect for kids weighing 60-190 pounds, this popular pogo features foam-covered handles, no-slip footholds, and a wide bounce tip for extra stability.

Why she’ll love it: She’ll surely be kept busy and entertained as she masters the tricky art of pogoing. Plus, with seven colors to choose from, she’ll look delightfully stylish as she shows off her unique talent on the best pogo stick for tweens, hands-down!


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Part of establishing yourself as a young lady is making sure your room reflects your interests. If shopping for a dancer, this Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box (check price on Amazon) will make an excellent addition to her decor.

This adorable item has compartments and a ring organizer on top, along with a drawer on the bottom for extra storage. Its whimsical design and twirling ballerina figurine are sure to delight any young lady.

Why she’ll love it: As she organizes her jewelry, she can listen to Beautiful Dreamer playing while the ballerina twirls. What more could a girl with dancing dreams want?


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Is your special girl a burgeoning explorer? While she might be ready to jettison off to the nearest rainforest, we’ll assume that you’d like to keep her local for a few more years.

To make you both happy, engage her curiosity by gifting her this easy-to-fly Holy Stone U818A drone (check price on Amazon). The six-axis gyro stability feature and its optional headless mode are just a few of the features that make this little aircraft simple to pilot through the air.

Although you can’t live stream to a phone, the forward-facing camera can capture images and videos, storing them safely on a memory card. Your girl will be able to get a bird’s eye view of whatever she wants!

Why she’ll love it: She’ll love taking videos and pictures while flying the drone, and will delight in showing her friends everything she catches on film. What’s more, with a little practice, your girl could soon make this mini aircraft perform some pretty cool stunts.


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There’s nothing like bringing the salon into the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to worry about tipping anyone, no risk of getting caught in traffic, and your nails will always come out looking just as you want them to. Okay, that last one might take a little bit of practice, but you see where we’re going…!

This Nail Pens Salon (check price on Amazoncomes with 190 pieces, including five nail pens, two tip nail pens, and an assortment of appliques and gems. The instructions are easy to follow but, bear in mind, this activity involves real nail polish. Make sure that your girl has a workplace that is easy to clean. Once her workstation is set up, you can sit back and watch her revel in her self-expression.

Why she’ll love it: This is a fantastic activity to break out during a rainy day or for sleepovers and birthday parties. It’s sure to keep her and her friends entertained and looking sharp!


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If you know your girl would love a tablet but aren’t so sure one would withstand her youthful exuberance, then the Fire HD 8 Kids Tablet (check price on Amazon) may be the answer to your dilemma. Don’t let its lightness fool you; the kid-proof case surrounding this handy tablet can take almost anything your little lady can dish out.

Should you ever find yourself with a broken tablet and a sad kid; don’t worry. Amazon includes a 2-year worry-free guarantee with your purchase. You can send back the broken product and receive a brand new one with no questions asked. How’s that for customer service?

Why she’ll love it: Your special girl will have access to countless apps, games, videos, and more with the included, year-long trial of FreeTime Unlimited. After her free year, the subscription is affordable and will continue to provide her with endless content.


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Pastels, pencils and watercolors; Oh my! Here at WeTheParents, we love any toy that promotes individuality and creativity; here is a gift that does all that and more. Your beloved little artist can choose from an array of tools, including paints and quality crayons, to craft her colorful masterpieces.

Whether she’s in the mood to create all on her own, or invite her friends to join in, this Gallery Studio Art Set (check price on Amazonhas enough variety to earn a permanent spot among her favorite creative toys.

Why she’ll love it: With so many different tools in one box, she’ll manage to create original works each time she sits down to draw. She might even turn her room into her own personal art show! Hopefully, she’ll offer you the ‘family and friends’ discount!


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Here’s another creative favorite. If your special princess loves jewelry and prides herself on being a DIY kid, then this could be the perfect gift. Although the I ‘Love’ Charm Bracelets Kit (check price on Amazon) only comes with materials for two bracelets, there are a colorful array of beads and glitter, as well as several charms, from which she can choose.

Whether she wants her jewelry to be either bright and sassy or cool and classy, she’ll be rocking her homemade bracelets with satisfaction.

Why she’ll love it: She’ll love showing off her one-of-a-kind, personally designed bracelets to her friends. Maybe they’ll even be lucky enough to receive one as a gift.


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So you have a little lady in your life who thrives on competition, loves being active, but has grown a bit bored of more traditional sports. What’s a parent to do? Enter KanJam!

Founded in the 1980s, this game involves throwing and guiding a flying disc into the goal, or ‘kan,’ as is the case here. Super portable, this game can go anywhere with her and helps engage her physically and mentally as she plays for the high score.

KanJam (check price on Amazon) has a simple concept but provides challenging gameplay that will keep any group busy for hours.

Why she’ll love it: This backyard sport is an excellent way for her to enjoy a bit of friendly competition with her family or peers. It also helps her to fine tune her teamwork skills.


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This Thames & Kosmos CHEM (check price on Amazon) is not a toy. This serious chemistry set is better considered for the maturing girl who wants to explore how the world works at its most basic level. Professional equipment allows her to measure real-world actions and reactions.

The set includes an alcohol burner to allow more advanced experiments that need heat to work. Be aware, this set may take slightly longer to ship because of the legal requirements that demand ground shipment available within the 48 contiguous states.

Why she’ll love it: The physical sciences are now wide open for women. Jobs are good, well paid, and competitive. By the time chemistry class kicks off in high school, she’ll be miles ahead.


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What young lady doesn’t love taking pictures? Diana cameras have a well-regarded legacy dating back to the 1960s and are ideal for any girl interested in photography. This particular model pays tribute to the original and features two shutter adjustments, a manual focus, and three aperture settings.

The Diana F+ (check price on Amazon) uses any type of 120 medium film, transforms into a pin-hole camera when the lens is removed, and can even take panoramic shots. Although not included, this model is compatible with the Diana Flash.

Why she’ll love it: She can show the world that analog photography is alive and well! The low-fi images produced by this camera bring a stylish nostalgia to any contemporary picture, making for plenty of unique DIY photo projects.


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The Encore Board Game (check price on Amazon) rewards players for singing songs that contain the words on their playing cards. The game includes 48 double-sided cards as well as seven customizable cards. A 20-second timer and game board will help your daughter and her friends stay on track.

This game is perfect for parties, family gatherings, and sleepovers. If your 11-year-old enjoys pop culture, they’ll gobble this activity right up. Just be prepared to hear a chorus of untrained child singers belting out pop tunes for hours on end.

Why she’ll love it: Your tween girl will love showing off her singing voice while playing this thrilling card game with her friends. What more could a little diva want?


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Tween girls love to create the perfect mood in their rooms. This adorable GoLine Cat Lamp (check price on Amazon) offers multicolored illumination as well as several flashing light modes. It features a micro USB charging jack and remote control. Your preteen will love playing with the settings from a distance.

Why she’ll love it: This adorable cat lamp offers a soft surface and warm light. This charming item will reduce her chances of stubbing her toes or falling over a pile of clothes. Of course, the flashing multicolored mode can be super fun for bedroom dance parties too!


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Help her resist the pull of the screen with these thrilling flying loops. The Activ Life Flying Rings (check price on Amazon) are lighter and more aerodynamic than traditional Frisbees. As such, your girl will not struggle to catch them in midair. One is red, and the other is blue. As such, they’ll inspire your children to play team-oriented games, such as Capture the Flag.

Why she’ll love it: The Activ Flyers float in water, so can make a perfect toy for the pool or beach. Unlike Frisbees, these rings will not hurt your little girl’s fingers when she lands a catch.


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If your tween girl is interested in science, she’ll love this dynamic Crystal Growing Kit (check price on Walmart). The box set includes enough materials to perform seven different crystal growing experiments. The kit even comes with a display case. The mesmerizing results will enrich your child’s imagination.

Why she’ll love it: The 4M Crystal Growing Science Experimental Kit is the perfect blend of science and art. Your girl will enjoy watching her crystals sprout and be thrilled to share the results.


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Instax photos are the perfect addition to a memory book or bulletin board. The handy Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-2 Mobile Printers (check price on Walmartenables your girl to print instant photos using a smartphone or tablet and Instax’s free SHARE app.

The finished photos have high-definition resolutions. The rich details and vivid colors will help your tween create memories that last a lifetime.

Why she’ll love it: While social networking offers a host of ways for your tween to share pictures, there’s nothing that quite compares to physical photos. This nifty little printer will enable your little one to share precious moments with her friends.


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Young girls love their lip balms. However, those little tubes have a miraculous habit of disappearing into thin air. This jumbo pack of All-Natural Beeswax Lip Balm (check price on eBay) will keep your tween from running out of stock. Flavors include “Vanilla Luxury,” Peppermint Frost,” and “Pomegranate Passion.” The all-natural ingredients include beneficial botanicals, including aloe vera, vitamin E, coconut oil, and beeswax.

Why she’ll love it: Any girl can appreciate a bulk haul of all-natural lip balm. These sticks get bonus points for being environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and taste delicious!


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Inspire your budding feminists to appreciate the contributions of female scientists. This lovely hardcover book Women In Science (check price on Targe) pays homage to 50 fearless female pioneers. This New York Times best-seller is filled with charming illustrations and eye-opening text. Your kiddo will be invigorated by the real stories surrounding 50 intuitive and hard-working ladies.

Why she’ll love it: Your tween will want to change the world after reading this incredible non-fiction book. It highlights the achievements of 50 notable female scientists. Don’t wait to light the spark in your little feminist!

What to expect from your 11-year-old girl

Sometimes you look at your little girl and it’s hard to remember that she’s still a child. She has, after all, reached that age where she’s forming her own opinions of the world and beginning to develop a more abstract thinking style.

It’s vital to encourage her independent thinking, while also reminding her that home is always the safest place to land. On the cusp of puberty, if not already in it, she’s going through plenty of physical and emotional changes.

Here are some developments you’ll be seeing:

Body, hand and finger skills

  • Balance and coordination continue to develop;
  • Eyes begin to reach peak maturity;
  • Small muscle coordination grows.

Emotional development

  • Can be argumentative;
  • More willing to engage with strangers;
  • Very loyal to friends;
  • Questions authority;
  • Enjoys group activities.

Cognitive development

  • Begins choosing friends based on shared interests;
  • A shift in feelings about school;
  • Refining of decision-making abilities;
  • Increasing attention span.

Wrapping up

There will surely be days when it seems like your little girl is more interested in her friends and social status than in parental figures and family. And on some (okay, many!) days that might be true.

But that doesn’t mean you should ever underestimate your importance in her life; young ladies need stable adults to give them a solid foundation on which to grow.

The best gift ideas for 11-year-old girls are those that can be enjoyed in a group. While creative outlets will be a huge hit, so also will items that inspire teamwork and physical activity.

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 18th, 2023

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