Best Toys & Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys (a VERY picky list)

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on November 23rd, 2023

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As parents and nerds, we’ve rounded up a selection of the very best gifts and toys for 8-year-old boys. We are confident that each item on the list will challenge him in a way that’s super-fun; some play to his competitive edge, both physically and mentally, whilst others nurture his thirst for learning about the world around him.

What to expect from your 8 year old boy

8-year-olds are becoming more aware of themselves, their place in the world and their own likes and dislikes. It’s a good time to take up hobbies as he forms interests and passions.

Watch for these milestones during these transformative 12 months (Source):

Body, hand and finger skills

  • Refined motor skills mean that fluid graceful movement is possible;
  • Often abilities can be misjudged leading to broken bones!  

Emotional development

  • There is now a big variation among boys of this age. Some may be cheerful, whilst others are demanding and sullen;
  • Shows increased curiosity about what others are doing;
  • Learning to be a better loser;
  • May talk back to adults and generally be a bit snappy;
  • Developing strong interests and hobbies

Cognitive development

  • Can be very expressive and communicative;
  • Often loves to talk but lacks the sensitivity to filter what he’s saying;
  • Enjoys using long words;
  • Reading and writing becoming more advanced;
  • Attempts to write neatly;
  • Enjoys to read silently;
  • Mathematical knowledge expanding to basic multiplication and fractions

Our top picks of gift ideas for 8 Year Old Boys


Our opinion

Dash is a real robot with sophisticated artificial intelligence that is perfect for 8-year-old boys. It doesn’t require batteries and is ready to go straight out of the box – bonus!

This award-winning Dash Robot (check price on Amazon) with a free app that enables your child to dive into exciting coding adventures. These develop problem-solving abilities and teach basic programming. Soon your child will have Dash dancing, moving, navigating obstacle courses, and playing games. Dash also reacts to voice commands and can record and playback your kid’s voice.

At a glance
  • The easy-to-follow projects make programming fun to learn


Our opinion

A great gift for any Star Wars fan, this set comes with six LEGO action figures, including Hans Solo, Finn, and Rey. The LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon (check price on Amazon)   is a truly epic project that consists of 1,329 pieces, so it’ll keep your boy occupied for some time.

Those fine motor and direction-following skills will get a great workout with this toy. Plus, if you are struggling with gift ideas for an 8-year-old boy, no one ever went wrong with Lego. (You can quote me on that!)

At a glance
  • Although putting it together is sure to be half the fun, it’s sturdy enough to become a part of make-believe games once it’s completed


Our opinion

A great choice for the beginner pilot, the Force1 U45WF  (check price on Amazonis an easy to handle drone which features several safety mechanisms such as one-touch takeoff and landing, headless mode, altitude hold, and low battery alarm. This gives peace of mind and makes learning to fly enjoyable and intuitive for younger children.

At a glance
  • He’ll be able to record his flight and playback the video later


Our opinion

This peddle-powered go-cart is the perfect way to take Nerf Blasters to the next level. The seat is ergonomic and a handbrake makes handling safe and controlled.

Be warned that it will require a parent to help assemble it, and the Nerf Blaster guns do not come included. That said, if he is a Nerf fanatic, then this Nerf Battle Racer (check price on Amazon) will be the ultimate addition to his collection.

At a glance
  • Not only will he have his own vehicle, he’ll be able to use his beloved Nerf Blasters while he drives


Our opinion

Your little hacker will love this pint-sized Raspberry Pi Kano Computer Kit (check price on Amazon). They can use the miniature computer to partake in over 100 coding challenges. It comes with programmable LED lights, a DIY case, and a wireless keyboard. It offers creative, game-based, and musical challenges.

At a glance
  • This hackable Raspberry Pi is perfect for budding Mr. Robots as it offers over 100 coding challenges and can be synced with 100 additional apps


Our opinion

Robotic toys that are powered by code aren’t just fun, they also encourage kids to use critical thinking and cause and effect while mastering a new skill. The Sphero BOLT (check price on Amazon) is a programmable robot ball that’d driven by their coded input. It’s just the right size for small hands – – about the size of a baseball — and it features attractive aesthetic features like an LED data display and illumination.

Sphero uses advanced tech including a gyroscope, light sensor, and accelerometer to perform according to the code it’s given, but it’s still great for beginners. There’s more than one way to input code, so beginners can start by drawing diagrams or using drag and drop Scratch blocks and more advanced coders can use Javascript or Apple’s Swift language.

Sphero Bolt uses Bluetooth Smart to connect to the Sphero Edu app, which is available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Kindle, and Chrome, so a wide range of devices can be used to operate the toy.

At a glance
  • It’s a robot that he can program on his own, and the learning curve leaves plenty of room for beginners


Our opinion

While most kids and parents alike are familiar with the Nintendo brand, we’re used to seeing their sleek video game consoles, accessories, and figures rather than hands-on craft projects. The Nintendo Labo Video Kit (check price on Amazon) contains everything that they’ll need to build cardboard creations called “toy-con”, which act as controllers that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch by working with existing joy-cons, or, controllers.

He’ll quickly discover how each toy-con will work as he assembles it, and detailed, thorough, kid-friendly instructions make sure the process includes critical thinking but isn’t frustrating. The kit comes with a physical copy of the Nintendo Labo software, which provides a virtual environment for them to test the physics and function of their new pedal, wheel, joystick and other inputs. The builds are now also compatible with some other switch games, including Mario Kart 8, and players can expect to see future compatibility in games down the line.

At a glance
  • It puts a fun new twist on game time by offering a hands-on functional project that may be useful with his existing games


Our opinion

With this toy, you have a fun way to get your kiddo outdoors. He can launch the air rockets by simply stepping on the “launch” pad (check price on Amazon). The harder he steps, the higher the missile will fly.

Unfortunately, after repeated use, the toy is likely to deteriorate due to all the stomping. Before that happens, though, it’s an excellent way to demonstrate some fun science concepts.

At a glance
  • Your kiddo can compete against his own score or grab some friends for a game to see who can launch the rocket the highest


Our opinion

3D printers are a pretty amazing technology to behold, but programming them is well beyond us, let alone the average eight-year-old. 3D printing pens (check price on Amazon), like this pick from Dikale, offer kids an opportunity to interact with 3D printing that’s easy and budget-friendly. Colorful filaments, included in this set, are used to fuel their multi-dimensional creations – two of the colors even glow in the dark! The plastics included here are non-toxic and safe for kids to use, and the pen is designed for frustration-free performance without clogging.

At a glance
  • Dikale makes very cool toys for 8-year-old boys and this one is a unique opportunity to bring their designs to life and see how 3D printing works first-hand


Our opinion

As parents, we all love to see our kids active, outdoors, and having fun. The Flybar pogo stick (check price on Amazonis a sure way that any eight-year-old will be able to enjoy hours of healthy frolics. If you are worried about safety, the grips and the frame are covered in foam to protect them, while the foot grips are designed to be non-slip, so they will have a safe experience, even while trying to show tricks to their friends.

At a glance
  • This pogo stick is a modern build which can get some serious height once he’s practiced a bit


Our opinion

The incredible Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System Starter Kit (check price on Amazon) is like old-school slot cars with video game effects. It comes with 20 pieces of flat track that can be assembled in 40 different arrangements. It also boasts two smart cars and two dynamic gaming controllers. The cars whip around at incredible speeds while using artificial intelligence to stay within boundaries and dodge virtual hazards. This kit offers endless fun for the whole family.

It’s a no-brainer really; race tracks have always been fun toys for 8 year olds. Your little guy will love dodging oil spills and tire blowouts to become the top dog. He can also take his time to develop challenging new race tracks before enjoying a run. He may even opt to use small cars like regular remote control vehicles.

At a glance
  • With so many cool track combos and the video game effects, who wouldn't love this toy?!


Our opinion

What eight-year-old boy doesn’t yearn for a scooter? Skip the run-of-the-mill scrap metal models and opt for this pro-inspired sidewalk beast. The FUZION PRO X-3 Scooter (check price on Amazon) is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and high-tensile steel. Even the wheels are made with quality materials, including 100-millimeter cast PU and metalized ABS composite cores.

The scooter also has a super grippy standing pad, a noiseless-rear brake, and an IHC compression system with sealed bearings. It’s easy to assemble. Not to mention, it comes in eight custom colors.

At a glance
  • Opt for a model in your child’s favorite color and toss a few cool stickers on for some extra street cred and your 8-year-old will love cruising around the neighborhood on their new two-wheeler.


Our opinion

The Gizmo Remote Control Monster Truck (check price on Amazon) is fun for rapid races both inside and outside. This brutish vehicle lets you stand as a far as 200 feet away. It features a working front bumper to protect it against collisions and bumps.

This RC truck boasts bumper-to-bumper protection. As such, it can handle turnovers and collisions at high speeds. When you zap its battery, just pop in a USB charger for a Tesla-like recharge.

While the remote is super simple, the vehicle is surprisingly fast and agile. Kids get around 15 minutes of run time, which is just enough to satisfy the short attention span of an 8-year-old boy.

At a glance
  • Your kid will love utilizing this vehicle's large grippy tires to make minced meat out of any obstacle in his way


Our opinion

There’s plenty of learning apps available on iPad, but they’re simply no substitute for hands-on play and learning which can improve motor skills and critical thinking ability. By combining digital functionality with skill-building tools, the Osmo Genius Ki(check price on Amazon) looks to get the most out of this touchscreen tech.

The kit comes with a secure stand that will hold the iPad up as he plays, as well as tangram puzzle pieces, letter tiles, number tiles, and storage containers that will keep each piece type safe and sorted when he isn’t playing. Five games are included in the Genius app, including Numbers, Words, Masterpiece, Tangram, and Newton. All of the games focus on a different skill area, and provide him with challenges that increase as skills develop. It’s a well rounded STEAM toy, prompting kids to engage with science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

At a glance
  • It’s a fun step up from other educational apps for iPad, as it includes hands-on learning in a physical space as well as touchscreen tech


Our opinion

Shooting hoops is a lot more fun than doing laundry, but combining the two just might be a slam dunk for your eight-year-old.

Wham-O Hamper Hoops (check price on Amazon) offers kids a way to stay organized and keep their room clean that adds an element of fun. The hoop mounts easily over any standard door and features a baseboard, net, and large-size laundry bag.

There’s no need to take the device down to unload, either – a zipper at the bottom of the bag lets them unload their laundry into a basket.

At a glance
  • He’s already trying to score points by tossing his socks and undies into the basket, but this makes his fabric free-throws a little more legit


Our opinion

At this age, kids are curious to learn how things really work. They want to know the science behind the scenes. No longer will vague hand-waving explanations from parents cut it. For budding scientists and beginners alike, the world of microscopy is bound to any eight-year-old inspired.

The National Geographic LED Microscope (check price on Amazon) comes with over 50 accessories including premade slides that he can look at under 20x and 50x magnification as well as blank slides, tweezers, and an eye dropper to create his own samples.

At a glance
  • This model comes with a complete brine shrimp experiment that your kid can complete to explore the life of an aquatic creature and see how they grow and evolve


Our opinion

“Bridges & Skyscrapers” by Thames & Kosmos (check price on Amazon) is much more than a building set. It’s a fun system to learn about structural engineering. Your child will build lots of different structures and then perform tests on each. By doing so they will learn first-hand how force, load, compression, and tension work, and how to make the strongest structures.

At a glance
  • He’ll be able to test the strength of his various bridges, loading them up to see how much weight they can carry


Our opinion

Who said you have to wait until Halloween to put on a costume? This robe comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, and provides the perfect finishing touch for that Jedi get-up.

Although some parents found the material to be a little on the thin side, this Hooded Jedi Robe (check price on Amazon) is an officially licensed product.

At a glance
  • Whether he’s looking for the perfect costume to collect candy in or wants to indulge in some fun role-playing games, this robe is the perfect accessory for a Jedi outfit, and it will make a great present for an 8 year old boy


Our opinion

Your little guy will be thrilled by the endless possibilities of the Gravitrax Starter Kit (check price on Amazon) . This incredible race track/science experiment offers a fun way to explore gravity, magnetism, and kinetics. It comes with 122 geometric building elements and nine ready-to-go track designs.

Gravitrax enables young children to entertain themselves without a screen or batteries. It fosters quintessential STEM skills while promoting creativity and play. This product was even featured on the program Live with Kelly and Ryan.

At a glance
  • This kit promotes spacial reasoning and planning skill and enables your eight-year-old to experiment with profound scientific concepts


Our opinion

Christmas toys for 8 year olds? This game has you covered. Don’t let the name deter you from this fabulous party-sized card game. Exploding Kittens (check price on Amazon) offers crowd-sized entertainment. All the cards boast original artwork from The Oatmeal, a popular comic by Matthew Inman. The game’s silly characters and obscene scenarios will make your kiddo laugh out loud.

This game is like a Russian roulette with felines that violently fly apart. Have you been living in a cave?

At a glance
  • This expanded pack offers enough cards for your kiddo and their closest comrades and there may even be a few catnip sandwiches and belly rubs in the game


Our opinion

Your 8-year-old will love the eye-opening results they conjure from this 20-piece kit. The Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kids (check price on Amazon) present mind-expanding STEM experiences. This kit is recommended for children 6 years and older. Most 8-year-olds can enjoy science tools without a lot of adult supervision.

Projects include a recipe for jiggly crystals and an underwater volcano. The kit even comes with food dye, ensuring your little guy’s experiments come every color under the sun.

At a glance
  • These engaging experiments provoke inquisitive thinking and bring about inspiring results


Our opinion

Astronomy is a science that many kids are eager to be introduced to, as it’s fun and fascinating to take a closer look at faraway stars and planets, but they need a good entry-level telescope they can handle. The Orion StarBlast Astro Reflector Telescope (check price on Amazon) is compact and ready to go, arriving fully assembled; that means there’s no wait time once the package arrives, and there’s no frustration for parents who may not be the engineering type.

There’s no need to fiddle with a cumbersome stand, as the telescope’s stable base sits on a tabletop and offers smooth motion which makes manual tracking easy. In fact, the lack of setup time and minimal maintenance required make the StarBlast a popular pick even among experienced amateurs who’d rather not struggle with bulky gear. An added bonus: Starry Night astronomy software is included with the telescope, which can help them gain a better understanding of what they’re seeing in the night sky.

At a glance
  • It’s a high-quality telescope that offers a beautiful glimpse at distant celestial bodies, but setup and maintenance are minimal


Our opinion

Old-school ceramic piggy banks are cute, but they’re often breakable, and they’re most certainly less secure than the Husan Electronic Piggy Bank (check price on Amazon). Kids will feel grown-up while stashing their cash in this miniature digital “safe”, which features a real number pad for code entry and a turning dial for opening.

The bank is legitimately password protected, and it won’t open without entry of the correct code, but there’s a fail-safe in place if they forget the code they chose; simply removing the 3 AA batteries that power the bank for 10 minutes will reset it to its default code of ‘0000’. The bank can hold up to 600 coins or 100 bills, and uses a real “absorbing” mechanism to take in their money as well as lights, sound effects, and voice response that make the bank even more fun to use.

At a glance
  • It’s a more modern and secure way for him to stash his allowance, birthday money, or any other cash, plus it has lights and sound effects


Our opinion

Hands-on learning with electrical circuits encourages the use of critical thinking and cause and effect skills, but it’s not usually suitable for an eight-year-old. With Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. (check price on Amazon), however, circuit assembly is done in a totally safe way, and no tools are required. All he has to do is snap together the set’s 30+ pieces with his hands to create more than 100 different circuitry projects, including a flashing light, siren with adjustable volume, and others.

The instructions that are included are kid friendly and age appropriate, so there’s no struggle or frustration, just a growing mastery as he complete increasingly complex projects. Once he’s tackled everything suggested by the manual, they can try out their own circuit-powered builds, and the stem toy can also be boosted with the addition of other Snap Circuits sets which offer new projects for him to take on.

At a glance
  • It allows him to experience the thrill of creating a real working electrical circuit, but no tools are required and it’s completely safe


Our opinion

Projects that encourage kids to create a model of our solar system provide a great way for them to understand how planetary orbit really works. This Solar System Planetarium (check price on Amazon) model kit from 4M comes with pre-sized planets, all the necessary shades of glow-in-the-dark paint, as well as stencils to help them achieve an accurate design when painting each planet.

The kit’s hardware assembly allows for each planet to rotate around the sun as well as on its individual axis, but the model isn’t battery powered, so each must be manually positioned. A decorative, fact-packed wall chart is also included, acting as a helpful reference that looks great hung on the wall behind that brand new solar system model.

At a glance
  • Putting together and painting this stem toy is fun, and it makes a cool glow-in-the-dark display in his bedroom or playroom


Our opinion

Parents look to Melissa & Doug’s screen-free toys to deliver hands-on play experiences that encourage the use of kids’ active imaginations and critical thinking skills, avoiding excessive prompting and over-relying on tech to entertain. Kits that give kids the tools to perform fun illusions, like the Melissa & Doug Magic Set (check price on Amazon), encourage both social play and logical development.

With the supplies in this kit, he’ll be able to perform some classic tricks, some of which he may have seen done by his favorite illusionists. Ten tricks are included; he’ll be able to predict a “magic number”, practice nifty disappearing acts, and master some basic slight of hand illusions.

At a glance
  • He'll love impressing his friends with the magic tricks he can learn this set


Our opinion

A sturdy rotating globe makes a great tool for teaching kids about world geography; this pick levels up the concept, acting as an astronomy teaching tool as well. The USA Toyz LED Illuminated Globe (check price on eBay) allows parents and kids to switch back and forth between globe and constellation modes, letting them experience and explore content interchangeably. When viewing the device in globe mode, he’ll be able to see latitude and longitude, learn about continents and countries, and see the oceans, seas, rivers, deserts, and reefs which cover our planet’s surface.

When he switches to astronomy mode, he’ll be able to see the elliptical path of earth, as well as our location in relation to other planets. He’ll also be able to take a closer look at 88 constellations, including the zodiac signs. The globe also makes a great night light when it’s in astronomy mode, emitting a soft, unobtrusive glow.

At a glance
  • It serves dual purpose, letting him examine and learn about both the earth and astronomy


Our opinion

Friendly competition is second nature to eight-year-old boys, who will enjoy building and painting a mini catapult either on their own or with a team in order to compete in a head-to-head battle. Build Your Own Catapult Wars (check price on eBay) is a science-powered lesson that helps kids grasp basic physics concepts. The kit includes enough pre-cut wooden pieces to assemble two catapults, as well as all the other fixtures needed to make them operate — simple, safe materials like rubber bands, dowels, and twine power these creations, and mini sandbags are included for ammunition.

The instruction book for this kit is thorough, spaced out to make reading easy, and features big, colorful images that assure him he’s on the right track during the construction process. Colorful decals are also included, so each player or team can customize their catapult after assembly.

At a glance
  • Not only will he get to build a cool catapult, he’ll get to compete with a friend or on a team to see which build wins(and learn a bit about physics in the process)


Our opinion

The LEGO franchise’s take on the beloved Star Wars film franchise introduced the movies to a new generation, meaning there’s plenty of little Jedis and Siths who would love to wake up to this cool Darth Vader Alarm Clock (check price on eBay), as interpreted in the LEGO universe style.

The digital LCD clock has a large display that’s easy to read at a distance, and which includes both the current time and the time of his scheduled alarm as well as an alert icon so that he can be sure it’s set. The display featured a red back light, which fits Darth Vader’s iconic aesthetic and lets your 8-year-old view the time easily even in the dark. The clock is powered by 2 AAA batteries, and features movable wrists, legs, arms, and head so that the clock figure can be posed just as he likes.

At a glance
  • It’s a lot more fun than a regular alarm clock, and he’ll love that the arms, legs, wrists, and head move so it can be posed


Our opinion

Remote controlled toys offer a hand-eye coordination boost; though many of them are cars, some picks think far outside the box, like this realistic r/c tarantula (check price on Amazon). The toy has a black body with variegated orange markings, just like a real tarantula, and at eight inches, it’s even on par with the arachnid’s real size. It also moves silently, using four channel motion to achieve a creepy crawl that’s eerily similar to an actual spider.

The toy’s eyes also have a green glow, adding a bit of extra spookiness. He’ll have a ton of fun with this tarantula, but arachnophobic parents should surely prepare for pranks!

At a glance
  • He’ll have fun freaking out his friends and siblings with this realistic moving spider


Our opinion

If shooting hoops is one of your 8-year-old boy’s favorite pastimes, this easy-to-hang indoor hoop will be a great gift pick. No tools are required to install the Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop (check price on Walmart);everything you need to assemble the toy is included in the box. Parents will also like that this hardware goes over the door rather than using a screw or nail to penetrate the door or wall, so there won’t be any holes left behind if the toy gets moved.

The hoop features a nine inch breakaway steel rim, a padded polycarbonate backboard, and a five inch Spalding mini basketball to practice their shots. The hoop holds up to repeated uses, but he should dunk gently — it’s not regulation size, so it can’t hold body weight.

At a glance
  • It’s a nice little gift idea for an 8 year old boy who likes sports; he’ll be able to practice his free throws inside, offering something fun to do on a rainy day

What do 8 year olds do for fun?

At age eight, boys are becoming more independent. They’re discovering their personal likes and dislikes, which set them apart from others, but still have a strong desire to be social and be liked by others. They enjoy spending time with both friends and family, including parents (most of the time!), and most won’t be shy about asking others to play with them. Many 8-year-old boys find competitive play fun. They’re also receptive to learning projects, and are curious about science and the world around them. Finally, plenty of outdoor physical play is something most 8-year-old boys thrive on, giving them an excuse to hang out with their friends and play their favorite sports.

Does play improve academic outcomes?

Periods of independent free play have been shown to correlate with skill development relative to academic outcome. Cognitive development is encouraged by free play, which can increase neural structures and assist kids in learning. A positive relationship has also been shown between play and learning ability — some researchers have concluded that mechanisms which support kids’ learning ability are gained through social interaction that’s encouraged by free play. Social play also encourages language development, as children listen to and mimic one another, learning new vocabulary.

Is he really old enough to begin coding?

While 8-year-old boys may not be advanced enough to sit down and code the next million-dollar website, coding toys intended for kids his age are fairly straightforward and simple. They generally scale to skill level, starting with very basic drag-and-drop style interfaces that are easy to understand. Most code used by these toys relies on a set of basic commands that’s fairly easy to grasp once mastered, and learning about it can prepare him with some fundamentals that can be very useful down the road.

How can STEM or STEAM learning be incorporated in play?

For the uninitiated, STEAM is an abbreviation which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

The best toys package these concepts in a way that just feels like fun. A science kit can introduce experiments in a way that’s safe but engaging. Coding robots bring their learning to life, offering an exciting inspiration to bolster their coding skills. Construction sets inspire their imagination while also delivering lessons on physics concepts and engineering. Art and design sets inspire their creative side, and math-based puzzles and games encourage problem-solving and use of logic in a fun social setting. By simply prioritizing these types of toys over excessive screen time, kids can reap skill boosts from playtime.

What types of toys do 8 year old boys like?

  • Construction: The use of construction toys or a building kit can inspire imagination, problem solving, and the use of logic. It’s also an opportunity for him to learn about some simple physics concepts while engaging his desire to create and use his hands.
  • Robotics: A coding robot or similar electronic toys offer a new, exciting challenge to meet and engage him in skills and concepts that can be quite beneficial down the line. He’ll find it thrilling to succeed at mastering new tricks and coding elements.
  • Board and card games: Classics for a reason, these games inspire friendly competition and time spent socially with friends and family. Depending on the content, board and card games may also be educational, rely on their critical thinking skills or quick recollection abilities to encourage skill-building during play.
  • Art and design sets: Whether or not they’re natural artists, quality art and design sets can give them a chance to express their creative vision and experiment with new mediums.
  • Magic and prank toys: Practically perfect for 8-year-old boys, who are likely to enjoy impressing others by showing off his skills, a natural part of social and emotional development. Mastering the successful use of magic tricks and prank toys also rely on logic and critical thinking.
  • Radio-controlled vehicles: Zipping around with a cool R/C car or another remote-controlled toy encourages outdoor free/physical play and socialization while boosting his hand-eye coordination.
  • Outdoor and sports toys: He’s still at the age where developing healthy habits by encouraging frequent physical play is important, and he’s likely to love running and playing outside with pals, especially when his favorite sports equipment and outdoor games are involved.
  • Science kits and educational toys: Kids are naturally excited about fun science concepts, as they’re eager to explore their world and learn new things. A science kit or educational toy will let him learn new things in a safe way and encourage him to get excited about learning and scientific exploration.

Wrapping up

Your eight-year-old boy is becoming more independent and is developing his sense of self. We’ve carefully chosen toys that will challenge his growing mental and physical skills in a way that is both fun and encourages learning.

Let us know how he gets on with them!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on November 23rd, 2023

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