The 7 Best Plus Size Baby Carriers of 2021

A good carrier is a total game changer, giving parents the power to safely tote our kiddos while also freeing up our hands for multi-tasking. Not all carriers are equal when it comes to size, however – it’s a struggle that plus size parents know all too well. Carriers that aren’t stretchy and have minimal capacity for adjustment can make baby wearing uncomfortable.

Fortunately for parents, there are some really great baby carriers out there that have features which make them friendly to all body types.

We took a look at what makes the best baby carrier for plus size wearers and which offerings have the features parents want, so read on to learn more.

 Plus Size Baby CarriersAwardOur Rating
1Ergobaby Omni 360
Our rating: 4.8
Our Top Pick 4.8
2Maya Wrap Ring Sling
Our rating: 4.5
Best Ring Sling Carrier 4.5
3Bable Baby Carrier
Our rating: 4.7
Best Budget Buy 4.7
4Tula Explore Baby Carrier
Our rating: 4.6
Best for Multi Position 4.6
5Cutie Carry Baby Wrap
Our rating: 4.5
Most Adjustable 4.5
6Infantino Sash Wrap
Our rating: 4.4
Most Comfortable 4.4
7Diggold All-position Carrier
Our rating: 4
Best Carrier With Hip Seat 4

What types of carriers are best for plus-size wearers?

In order for baby-wearing to be a successful and joyful experience, parent and baby should both be comfortable and safe.1Anisfeld, E., Casper, V., Nozyce, M., & Cunningham, N. (1990). Does infant carrying promote attachment? An experimental study of the effects of increased physical contact on the development of attachment.Child development, 61(5), 1617-1627.

A good carrier for a plus-size wearer should accommodate both parent and baby in a way that’s snug and secure without cutting off circulation or causing pain to the parent. Thankfully, companies are waking up to the fact that parents come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter what kind of carrier you prefer, you’re likely to be able to find a pick that works for a bigger frame. Wondering what qualities make a carrier plus-size friendly?

  • Stretchy fabric
    An old favorite, stretchy wraps are simple to use once parents master them and they’re incredibly easy to share between wearers of any size. They’re also one of the less expensive carrier picks. Avoid inexpensive knockoffs, however, which are often made with synthetic fabrics that are less durable and easy to clean than trusted name brands.
  • Adjustable straps
    Look for carriers that use their adjustability as a selling point, and read weight ranges and measurements carefully. Some carriers call themselves adjustable, but the differences are fractional in use. Helpful YouTube videos that show how different carrier picks can be adjusted and worn can save you a trip to the store and give you a glimpse of just how much they really adjust.
  • Lumbar support
    Some picks stand firm on the platform of lumbar support, while others shrug it off. Back pain is one of the most common complaints of new moms, and plus size parents may find themselves struggling to get comfortable. A carrier that shifts baby’s weight distribution in a way that’s friendly to your body can drastically improve your baby-wearing experience.

Editor’s note: you want to have a solid center of gravity, the baby should be close to your torso and high enough that you can kiss their head. Always make sure their nose and face are visible, so no airways get blocked while babywearing.2The T.I.C.K.S Rule for Safe Babywearing

What are some tips for remaining comfortable while wearing baby?

Even with a good carrier, wearing baby for long periods can occasionally be uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are some precautions that parents can take to make sure their experience is a comfy one. Of course, a good experience starts with a carrier that’s designed for comfort and adjusts easily. Wondering what else you can do to improve your baby-wearing experience?

  • Wear cool, breathable clothing
    During Summer or on particularly warm days, wearing baby can sometimes feel like there’s an adorable space heater strapped to your chest. It can be a sweaty experience for you both, but when you choose breathable clothing or athletic wear with moisture-wicking capabilities, you and your baby will both cool down and stay a bit drier.
  • Avoid bulky clothes under the straps or wrap
    When it gets a bit colder outside, concern naturally shifts from staying cool to staying warm. Bulky sweaters or sweatshirts can be uncomfortable when worn under the carrier, making it feel excessively snug. Instead, when wearing baby in a front-carry position, opt for a light jacket or shrug once baby is secured.

Editor’s note: if you get comfortable with the carrier and wear accessible clothes you can breastfeed your little one while wearing your baby.3Reynolds-Miller, R. L. (2016).Potential therapeutic benefits of babywearing. Creative nursing, 22(1), 17-23.
Or for when you’re home ditch the shirt and have some “kangaroo” bonding time to promote attachment and boost milk supply.4Kangaroo care

Our Top Picks

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#1 Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360

Editor's Choice

Age range: 0 – 48 months
Weight limit: 7 – 45lbs
Materials: Mesh
Color and pattern options: Oxford Blue
Machine washable: Yes
Carry positions: Front, hip, back

The Ergobaby Omni 360 (check price on Amazon allows parents to carry baby with ease. Ergobaby delivers here with their lightweight & breathable mesh that’s soft for baby, yet durable, keeping it cooler in warm weather.It has an easy breastfeeding access & UPF 50+ tuckaway baby hood for sun & wind protection. Fits multiple wearers from petite to larger body types (waistbelt adjusts 26-52″, shoulder straps 28 ¾” – 48 ¾”) & easy to reach buckles to make adjustments. Ergobaby true to their name is ergonomic for the carrying parents and the baby’s hips.

What They’ll Love:  It accommodates a wide range of wearers, features extra padding for comfort, and has a big storage pocket and baby weather hood that are very convenient

Watch For:  Adjusting the carrier to your comfort level might take time, so practice at home with help before you take it out on the go

Check Price on Amazon

#2 Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

Best Ring Sling Carrier

Age range: Newborn – 3 years
Weight limit: 8 – 35 lbs
Materials: Cotton
Color and pattern options: Bright stripes
Machine washable: Yes
Carry positions: Front, hip

Ring slings are an ideal pick for plus-size wearers, because they’re very adjustable and comfortable. The Maya Wrap Ring Sling (check price on Amazon is made from breathable 100% cotton and features a lightly padded shoulder that only adds comfort to baby-wearing, no extra bulk. Ring slings are one of the easiest styles to learn, as there’s no complex tying, and this pick has the added bonus of a zippered pocket for on-the-go storage. The wrap’s tail is great for breastfeeding, too, as it can be draped up over mom and baby for extra discretion.

What They’ll Love:  It’s breathable, supportive and easy to learn, moms can breastfeed discreetly, and the zippered pocket offers a bit of storage that makes life easier

Watch For:  Moms with larger busts may need to do a bit of extra adjusting and practicing to find a comfortable ring position

Check Price on Amazon
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#3 Bable Baby Carrier

Best Budget Buy

Age range: Newborn – 1 year
Weight limit: 8 – 20 lbs
Materials: Cotton, polyester
Color and pattern options: Grey/black
Machine washable: Yes
Carry positions: Front, back

Parents looking for a breathable, comfortable carrier for baby’s first year will dig this pick from Bable. The Bable Baby Carrier (check price on Amazon combines heat-friendly fabric with intelligent construction, allowing wearers to roll down the front panel when it’s hot and roll it back up if things cool down. It’s ergonomic for baby, and is certified hip-healthy in all three of the carrying positions it allows. Extra padding around the leg openings protects baby’s thighs from chafing or discomfort, and the economical carrier opens at the sides, so it’s easy to remove your sleeping baby without a commotion.

What They’ll Love:  It offers all-season comfort for parents and baby at a budget price

Watch For:  Long periods of baby-wearing can cause shoulder discomfort with this carrier

Check Price on Amazon

#4 Baby Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Best for Multi Position

Age range: Newborn – 4 years
Weight limit: 7 – 45 lbs
Materials: Cotton
Color and pattern options: Bloom, Discover, Everblue, French Marigold, Mint Chip, Sleepy Dust
Machine washable: Yes
Carry positions: Front, back

It’s not hard to see why this super-adjustable carrier from Tula (check price on Amazonis a favorite among parents. Not only is it exceptional at accommodating wearers of all sizes, it’s great for newborns without an insert and is usable all the way up to age four. The trusted pick is good for the skeletal health of everyone involved, keeping baby in a healthy M position and offering padded neck and shoulder support for the wearer. The carrier panel has no extra bulk, so it’s easy to stay cool in this multi-position favorite.

What They’ll Love:  It’s great for a range of wearers and accommodates baby up to age four with no extra purchases needed

Watch For:  It’s a carrier that takes practice to put on alone, and you may need help the first few times

Check Price on Amazon

#5 Cutie Carry Baby Wrap

Most Adjustable

Age range: Newborn – 1 year
Weight limit: 8 – 20 lbs
Materials: Cotton, polyester
Color and pattern options: Grey/black
Machine washable: Yes
Carry positions: Front, back

Stretchy wraps are great for creating a personalized wearing experience. They offer tons of comfort when performing front and hip carries, and when tied properly, they’re one of the easiest carriers to securely and discreetly breastfeed in. The Cutie Carry cotton-blend wrap (check price on Amazonhas just the right amount of stretch, and it’s extra soft, so there’s lots of comfort to be had here for parents and baby. It’s an ideal carrier for their first year, because it’s easy to wash, transport and share, all of which make life easier when learning to care for a newborn. It also offers frequent touch and skin to skin contact, which are important for baby’s healthy, happy development.

What They’ll Love:  It’s soft, stretchy and fits almost every wearer easily

Watch For:  Tied wraps have a learning curve, so be prepared to spend some time getting used to how it works

Check Price on Amazon

#6 Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

Most comfortable

Age range: Newborn – 3 years
Weight limit: 8 – 36 lbs
Materials: Cotton, polyester
Color and pattern options: Black/grey, Ikat
Machine washable: Yes
Carry positions: Front, hip, back

Finding a way to combine the structure of a carrier with the comfort of a wrap is remarkable, so it’s not hard to see why the Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie carrier (check price on Amazonis so well-loved. It’s great for front, hip and back carries, and instead of a bulky waistband, it fastens with an adjustable sash for optimum lumbar support. The front, structured portion of the carrier features a detachable hood that’s great for protecting baby from sun, wind, and rain. The comfortable shoulder straps feature extra padding, so they won’t dig in and cause discomfort during baby-wearing.

What They’ll Love:  It combines the structure, security, and ease of a carrier with the comfort and support of a wrap

Watch For:  The sashes are long to allow for wearers of many sizes, but this means they can drag if you’re not careful

Check Price on Amazon

#7 Diggold’s All Carry Positions Carrier

Best Carrier With Hip Seat

Age range: 4 months – 4 years
Weight limit: 11 – 55 lbs
Materials: Cotton, Polyester
Color and pattern options: Blue, red
Machine washable: Yes
Carry positions: Front, back

Carriers that are hip healthy for baby are essential, as they help to prevent painful, life-altering problems like hip dysplasia. The Diggold all-position carrier (check price on Amazon features a structured bucket seat that helps to ensure that no matter what carrying position parents choose, baby stays in the ergonomic M position that’s essential to their ongoing skeletal health. It offers comfort and easy adjustment to wearers as well, and a back panel which can be rolled up or down is great for offering head support and warmth.

What They’ll Love:  It’s designed to support baby’s skeletal health, plus it’s comfortable and breathable in all positions for wearers

Watch For:  The straps may require significant adjustment for comfort when the wrap is shared between two or more people, which can be time consuming

Check Price on Amazon

And the winner is…

Ergobaby Multi-Position Baby Carrier (check price on Amazon) is our top pick. It’s comfortable, adjustable, washable and not too bulky, the Sash Wrap and Tie carrier is a crowd-pleaser. It’s great for wearers from petite to plus-size, and it packs the sturdy dependability and ease of traditional carriers with the versatility of wraps. It’s based off of a long-favored method Eastern method of babywearing called Mei Tai, and we can certainly see why it’s stood the test of time – it’s exceptionally comfortable and secure for both parent and baby.

Babywearing is a wonderful experience, keeps your baby close and secure.



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