Ergobaby Original vs. 360 (Is the upgrade worth it?)

Ergobaby products have a reputation for quality, and their original and 360 carriers are both in high demand. While there are a lot of similarities between the two, knowing the differences is what will make the right option for you clear.

I’ve investigated the differences between the Ergobaby Original and the Ergobaby 360 to see how the two stack up and help you make your choice.

Side By Side Comparison

 Ergobaby OriginalErgobaby 360
PriceCheck priceCheck price
Our Rating4.254.75
Weight limit7-45 lbs, 7-12 lb babies require infant insert7-33 lbs, 7-12 lb babies require infant insert
Color options814, 4 of which feature cool air mesh
Washing instructionSecure buckles, machine wash cold, dry on delicate cycle, remove when seams are still wetSecure buckles, machine wash cold, dry on delicate cycle, remove when seams are still wet
Material100% cotton100% cotton with Oeko-Tex certified Cool Air Mesh on selected models
Hip healthyYesYes
Carrying PositionsFront (inward facing), BackFront (inward facing), Front (outward facing), Back

Ergobaby Original(A Quick Overview)

Key Features

  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Privacy and weather hood for baby
  • Lumbar support in all carry positions
  • Extra large storage pocket
  • Supports children from birth to age 4 (infant insert needed from 7-12 lbs)
  • Check parent reviews on Amazon

Taking A Closer Look

  • Comfortable Padded Shoulder Straps
    The soft padding on the straps of the Ergobaby Original make sure you stay comfortable, even when wearing the carrier for a long period of time. They don’t dig into your skin or leave unsightly marks, and no matter which carry position you’re using, they’re still small enough not to be bulky. They don’t interfere with breastfeeding, which is a huge plus.
  • Privacy and Weather Hood for Baby
    When your baby is breastfeeding or sleeping, being able to cover up with a privacy hood will give you both more comfort. It’s also useful on very sunny days – little heads need to be protected from those harmful rays, and the hood’s baby friendly fabric has a UPF of 50+.
  • Lumbar Support in All Carry Positions
    The Ergobaby Original offers three carrying positions – front inward facing, rear and hip – with lumbar support in all positions. This prevents back and shoulder strain, allowing you to stay comfortable and active while carrying your baby. Lumbar support is especially important if your body is recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, both of which can cause lasting back pain.
  • Extra Large Storage Pocket
    Stashing necessities for both you and baby is easy with an extra large storage pocket that zips for security. It’s the perfect place to put the car keys during a stroll in the park, stash some extra snacks or even a pack of wipes. Extra storage is always handy, especially when it keeps your hands free as a part of your carrier.
  • Supports Children From Birth to Age 4
    The age range on the Ergobaby Original distinguishes it from other similar carriers, which typically don’t accommodate children past age 2 or 3. It’s pretty sturdy, and good for growing with your kids. It should be noted that 7-12 lb babies will require an infant insert, which is sold separately.

ErgoBaby Original in Action

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Ergobaby 360(A Quick Overview)

Key Features

  • Padded shoulder straps, lumbar support and privacy hood as featured on the original model
  • Offers Cool Air Mesh on some models
  • Offers front facing carry option
  • Adjusts easily to fit a variety of body types
  • Wide wraparound waistband offers comfortable wear after a c-section
  • Check parent reviews on Amazon
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Taking A Closer Look

  • Cool Air Mesh
    Keeping your baby happy on a hot day can be difficult, but the cool air mesh on some models of the Ergobaby 360 is great for keeping baby cool and comfortable. The ventilated carrier makes sure heat isn’t trapped against baby’s delicate skin, causing discomfort, overheating and rashes.
  • Offers Front Facing Carry Option
    Unlike the Ergobaby Original, the 360 lives up to its name and allows you to perform front, front outward facing, hip and back carries. The Original doesn’t feature front outward facing, which is something to consider if that’s one of your preferred carrying methods.
  • Adjusts Easily to Fit a Variety of Body Types
    Being able to share a wearable carrier makes life at home a lot easier, and the 360 allows just that – it’s adjustable, and the range is significant. The waistband can be adjusted from 26′ to 52″, and the shoulder straps adjust from 28 3/4″ to 46 3/4″. That means it’s great for larger and smaller carriers, making it perfect for sharing between mom and dad.
  • Wide Waistband for Post C-Section Comfort
    Recovering from a c-section is painful and takes time, and it’s essential that moms choose baby gear that will work for them during their recovery period. The Ergobaby 360 has a wide comfort waistband that’s perfect for post c-section moms, who may still be experiencing soreness or other discomfort at their incision site. The wideness of the band prevents it from digging in or riding up and causing pain.

ErgoBaby 360 in Action

Which Carrier is Right For You?

After taking a deeper look at both the Ergobaby Original and the Ergobaby 360, you should be closer to knowing which one would fit better with your lifestyle. I chose the Ergobaby 360 (check price on Amazon), because the wide waistband, adjustability range and front forward facing carry option make it the better choice for me. Although these two carriers have a lot in common, they’re not exactly the same, and knowing the facts is the first step to buying the right one for you.

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