Boba 4G vs Ergo Baby Carrier

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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Boba and Ergobaby are two of the most trusted brands in the baby carrier game, and two of their most popular models have some very similar features — leaving parents wondering whether to choose the Boba 4G or the Ergo Original Carrier for their families.

If you’re trying to decide between the two, I’ve taken a closer look at how they both compare.

Side by side comparison

Boba 4G CarrierErgobaby Original Carrier
Price:Check priceCheck price
Our Rating:4.754.25
Weight Limit:7 - 45 lbs7 - 45 lbs
Color Options:76
Carrying Positions:Front inward carry, back carryFront inward carry, hip carry, back carry
Material:100% Cotton100% Cotton
Hip Healthy:
Washing Instructions:Machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle with mild detergent and hang to drySecure all buckles and machine wash in cold water on delicate cycle with mild detergent, dry on delicate setting removing when seams are still wet
Manufactured In:USAChina, Vietnam and India
Size Options:11
Privacy and Sleep Hood:
Storage Pocket(s):
Infant Insert Included:χ

Boba 4G Carrier: a quick overview

The Boba 4G (check price on Amazonis a carrier moms love because it adjusts easily, fits a wide variety of wearers, is comfortable, and has features that make life a lot more convenient.

The supportive waistband gives lumbar support that’s essential when carrying your baby for long periods of time, and a privacy hood that makes it easier for your baby to breastfeed and sleep without being disturbed.

Not shying away from storage, the 4G not only has multiple storage pockets but a strap that holds your purse or small bag. Babies from 7 – 45 lbs. can fit snuggly into this carrier, and you’ll love that an insert is included — without the need of a separate purchase.

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  • Infant insert included, saving you money and potential hassle
  • Multiple pockets and purse strap make it easy to carry all your essentials, plus any extras, safely
  • Waistband gives great back support, essential during long periods of baby wearing
  • You can breastfeed easily with this carrier
  • Privacy hood allows baby to breastfeed and sleep discreetly, while offering protection from harmful sun rays


  • This carrier may be less comfortable for petite wearers, who may encounter difficulty adjusting it in a way that feels fully secure
  • The soft cotton material can collect fuzz and lint, so keep a lint roller on hand
  • This carrier can be warm on hot days, so your baby should be dressed accordingly to avoid overheating

Selected features

  • Infant insert included: Where many carriers require you to purchase a separate insert to accommodate newborn babies, the Boba 4G offers it up to parents with their original purchase. It snaps in easily, allowing little riders to sit comfortably and safely, and can be removed once they’re 12 – 14 lbs. It’s important to be extra careful when wearing newborn babies in particular, and essential to ensure that their airways are clear at all times. Always follow the TICKS checklist to make sure that you’re wearing your baby safely.
  • Multiple pockets and purse strap: Pockets are invaluable on a carrier, and the 4G doesn’t just have one, but several. A zippered pocket on the waistband is particularly handy for securing important items like keys, cards, and cell phones where they won’t be disturbed. It can sometimes be difficult to carry a purse while babywearing, so it’s even more helpful that the 4G offers a strap that can accommodate a small purse or bag.
  • Waistband gives great back support: One thing to look for in a wearable carrier is a solid, wide waistband. This helps to ensure that your baby’s weight is distributed evenly, avoiding back strain and making baby wearing a comfortable experience. The Boba 4G’s waistband checks all these boxes, while offering lumbar support that makes long periods of wearing baby a breeze. Carriers that don’t offer ergonomic support to wearers can cause long term back problems, so it’s best to always choose a carrier that’s comfortable and supportive.
  • Carrier makes breastfeeding easy, hood makes it discreet: The construction of the Boba 4G allows you to breastfeed your baby easily and discreetly, while the attached privacy and sleep hood keeps baby undisturbed and your experience private. The cozy hood is good for protecting your baby’s delicate skin on a sunny or rainy day, and lets them sleep a little more soundly during nap time.

What makes the Boba 4G Carrier better than the Ergobaby Original Carrier?

  • Multiple storage pockets to keep essentials handy, plus a purse strap that can hold a small bag or purse, (the Ergobaby contains only one pocket)
  • Infant insert is included with the 4G, while the Ergobaby requires you to purchase the insert separately
  • Easy for users to adjust by themselves during wear, an area where the Ergobaby Original struggles
  • Check parent reviews on Amazon

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Ergobaby Original : a quick overview

Parents look to the Ergobaby Original (check price on Amazonfor its trusted name and quality features, and this carrier doesn’t disappoint.

It features an ergonomic M-shaped seat — ideal for a baby’s skeletal development — and adjusts easily to accommodate wearers of various sizes.

This keeps everybody comfortable and allows this carrier to be shared with ease between family members.

It has a zippered storage pocket and a privacy hood for your baby’s convenience while breastfeeding, which this carrier easily facilitates. It allows your baby to be carried in front-inward, hip, and back carry positions.

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  • Ergonomic M-shaped seat is beneficial for your baby’s ongoing healthy skeletal development
  • Adjusts easily to accommodate wearers of various sizes, making it easy to share the carrier between family members
  • Zippered pocket and privacy hood for your convenience allow you to store essentials and let baby feed and sleep with privacy and ease
  • Soft, padded shoulder straps to make extended carrying more comfortable
  • Allows hip-carry position, favored by many parents and babies


  • Although it adjusts easily when you’re not wearing it, most wearers need assistance making adjustments while it’s on
  • The infant insert can be too bulky for some babies, while larger ones may find the carrier uncomfortable
  • Adjustments can be made for a wide variety of sizes, but petite wearers may feel less secure when wearing this carrier
  • The carrier can sometimes feel a bit bulky because of the extra strap padding and waistband structure

Selected features

  • Ergonomic M-shaped seat: Choosing baby gear that supports your child’s ongoing skeletal development is essential – and failing to do so can lead to lasting issues and problems like hip dysplasia. The ergonomic M-shaped seat of the Ergobaby Original is designed to keep baby in a hip healthy position. Carrier is certified Hip Healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, (as is the Boba, and other reputable wearable carriers.)
  • Adjusts easily to accommodate many wearers: Being able to share a carrier is great as it allows dad and other caregivers to wear baby This is where the Ergobaby Original really shines. It adjusts easily to fit a wide variety of wearers. Very small wearers should take care to make sure the carrier fits snugly, while most average and larger wearers will find it easy and comfortable.
  • Soft padded shoulder straps: Shoulder straps that dig in and leave marks can be extremely uncomfortable. The Ergobaby avoids this by providing thick, padded straps to make wearing comfortable, even for long periods. The straps are pretty thick and bulky, but sturdy enough to distribute baby’s weight evenly without placing any strain on your shoulders or hurting your skin.
  • Allows hip-carry position: Once your baby gets a little bigger, the hip-carry position can make things easy for both of you. It’s not possible with every carrier, but the Ergobaby offers it where the Boba doesn’t, making it a stand-out feature in this comparison. The hip-carry position is one of the healthiest ways to carry your baby, evenly distributing your baby’s weight so that you experience as little strain as possible.

What makes the Ergobaby Original Carrier better than the Boba 4G Carrier?

  • The Ergonomic’s M-shaped seat is especially good for your baby’s skeletal development; a feature unique to the Ergobaby
  • The Ergobaby has wider, more padded shoulder straps to help improve weight distribution and comfortable wear
  • The Boba 4G doesn’t allow for the hip-carry position — a favorite with some parents, and one of the healthiest ergonomic carrying positions, while the Ergobaby Original does

Check parent reviews on Amazon

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Which carrier is right for you?

Both the Boba 4G and the Ergobaby Original have features that set them apart from others in their class. The 4G includes an infant insert, and the storage space is unbeatable, while the Ergobaby Original offers extra ergonomic support to your baby and padded shoulder straps for you.

When it comes down to it, the right pick for you is always going to be the one that works best for you and your baby.

Between these two, my personal choice would be the Boba 4G (check price on Amazon). The added infant insert is a lifesaver, the multitude of pockets make safeguarding important items easy, and the privacy hood and great lumbar support certainly don’t hurt.

Now you have the rundown, go ahead and make the choice you can feel confident about!

Neve Spicer
Written by Neve Spicer Updated on April 19th, 2023

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