Hear We Go With 50 Ear Puns

Written by Neve Updated on September 27th, 2023

Listen up! These 50 ear puns will make your ears ring with laughter.

Ears (or the two funny bits on the side of our head) are used by animals and humans to hear sound. They receive sound waves and turn them into something our brain can understand.

When you think of sound you think of music—playing our favorite instrument and listening out for the right tone. Songs such as ‘Dance Monkey’ that once we hear the rhythm, can’t stop dancing or tapping our feet.

So give these jokes a try and you’ll be sure to make waves and impress your friends.

  1. I was so happy when I heard the news that I almost had ear-to-ear grins.
  2. My ears make me feel earresistible.
  3. What does one ear say when it’s angry with the other ear? Listen up, sister!
  4. A phone for the ear sounds like Ea-Ring Ea-Ring!
  5. The ear doctor said my hearing was off-key. 
  6. I’ve ear-marked that song to listen to later.
  7. My face was so busy that I didn’t have time to lend an ear.
  8. Why were my ears angry? I was deaf to their requests!
  9. I’m always willing to hear new ideas – it’s an ear-opener.
  10. The ear was upset. He heard the whispers about him.
  11. My ears got a job as a radio host. They give sound advice.
  12. The ear is an ear-ly riser.
  13. No need to shout – I’m all ears!
  14. Ears don’t like Disney movies, especially A-loud-din.
  15. I heard you like to listen to music – well, you’re in for an earful.
  16. I heard a joke about ears, but it was too corny.
  17. When ears get stressed they ear-wig out.
  18. I’m an ear-thority on puns!
  19. My ear works as a loan shark. He lends an ear.
  20. I lobe to tell corny ear jokes.
  21. My ears favorite songs from Beyonce are listen and put an ear-ring on it.
  22. My ear got bitten and is now a ear-wolf.
  23. Ears are good at karate. They wax on and wax off.
  24. I couldn’t see or hear anything in the thick fog. It was ear-rie.
  25. Why was the ears banned from the pool? The kept making waves.
  26. What does Southern ears like to eat? Cornbread.
  27. I have a lot of puns in my ear-senal.
  28. How do ears back up their data? On an audio file.
  29. Ears are great at diving. They use a soundboard.
  30. Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the “P” is silent.
  31. How can ears stop water from getting in? Put earplugs on.
  32. Ears communicate with each other by eardrumming.
  33. I was so annoyed by my tinnitus, I told it to “shut the bell up”!
  34. What happened to my ears when we got lost in the desert? De-heard-ration.
  35. I’m tone deaf, I make sound judgements.
  36. I was so upset when I heard the news – it was an ear-wrenching experience. 
  37. Why don’t ears like going to San Francisco? There are too many ear-akes.
  38. What did Noah build for the two ears? A Hark.
  39. What is ears’ favorite chocolate bar? Hear-sheys. 
  40. When ears have a cold they blow use trumpets. 
  41. I haven’t talked to my ears but I’ve heard good things.
  42. If B’s had ears they would be grizzly.
  43. I heard ears are very popular in China. They love Chinese whispers.
  44. Why do ears love meditation? To find inner ear-ce.
  45. What did the earbud say to the ear? I’m outta ear!
  46. The ear repeated some gossip. He heard it through the grapevine!
  47. Why were the ears angry with the brain? It kept coming in between them.
  48. What did the ear say to the other ear when it heard a compliment? That’s music to my ears.
  49. If puns were music, these would be ear candy!
  50. Coffee is good for my hearing. It really perks up my ears.
Written by Neve Updated on September 27th, 2023