You’ll Feel Lighter Than Air With These 50 Guitar Puns

Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 6th, 2023

Check out this line-up of 50 guitar puns, instrumental in making you laugh out loud.

We all love those rock songs with guitar solos, while we play an invisible guitar. Even adults turn into big kids when strutting their stuff and playing air guitar.

There are many jokes and laughs to be had with guitars. In films like School of Rock, Jack Black’s funny antics teach rock guitar and music to a class of kids. They learn about the joy of music and to be themselves, childlike.

So amp up your joke know-how with these guitar puns and rock out!!!

  1. Why was the guitarist great at massage? He was strumming my pain with his fingers.
  2. I picked up a guitar and it was love at strum-sight.
  3. Playing guitar is the key to my heart.
  4. Stop fretting over your guitar solo!
  5. Why are guitarists such bullies? They’re always picking on me.
  6. I had a gig the other day, but it was too hard to strike a chord with the audience.
  7. Which Beatle is the meanest? George, as he made his guitar gently weep.
  8. Why don’t you want the guitar to help you? There are always strings attached.
  9. I’m an amp-lified pun master, ready to take the stage.
  10. Why is that guitar so popular? It’s electric.
  11. Why was the guitar trusted completely? It was just the way it was wired.
  12. What is strung, plays music, and wears capes? Guitar Heroes
  13. Did you hear about that famous chicken guitarist? Yes, his name was Hen-drix.
  14. What’s a popular name for Gibson guitars? Mel.
  15. How was guitar charged with a crime against music? He picked from a line-up.
  16. Where do guitars love to play? On slides.
  17. What happened when the guitar was left outside in the yard? It became funky. 
  18. I was playing my guitar and my friend asked me, “Do you strum it all day?” I said, “Nah, I just pick at it.”
  19. You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish.
  20. The musician wasn’t very popular as he was a real pit-picker.
  21. What guitar is yellow and comes from Asia? A ban-jo.
  22. Why did the guitarist bring a ladder to the concert? To get to the high notes.
  23. Hendrix played the guitar with his mouth because he was tongue and groovie.
  24. Why did the guitar player go to the bank? He wanted to pick up a loan.
  25. What did the guitar player do for a living? He was a chord-cutter.
  26. If you can play the guitar, you’ll never be fretting about a career.
  27. All it takes to learn the guitar is a little pick-me-up.
  28. I just got a new guitar, and I’m already playing it like a pro. It’s definitely a great pick.
  29. What did the guitar say to the other guitar? Let’s pick a tune.
  30. My guitar’s favorite type of music is bass-ically anything.
  31. Why did the guitar player get so angry? He got strung along.
  32. There were many guitars in the room. To improve the acoustics.
  33. When the musicians are really good, they can really hit all the right notes.
  34. What did the guitar player say when asked to play a classic rock song? I’m going to string it along.
  35. Where do guitars go to have fun? On slides.
  36. What fish likes to play instruments? The bass.
  37. Why did the guitarist go to the beach? To find the C.
  38. What clothes do guitars like? Chord-uroys.
  39. He was a real guitar maestro, he was a string strummer extraordinaire.
  40. She’s a real re-chord-breaker.
  41. Being a guitarist is really a pick-y situation.
  42. When I’m playing the blues I really let it rain.
  43. How did the guitarist get to the gig so quickly? He got there by fret.
  44. The guitarist goes to the gym. He frets his muscles.
  45. He was a real guitar-naut – he strummed and picked his way through space and time.
  46. He was a real guitar-ologist – he could diagnose any problem with an instrument.
  47. The guitarist was so good at playing he was “picked” as the best in town.
  48. Looks like I’m in a bit of a riff-ic situation with these guitar puns.
  49. When guitars fight they have a riff.
  50. He can play the guitar so well that it sounds like a twango.
Natalie Grant (with child sleeping)
Written by Natalie Grant Updated on October 6th, 2023